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    TRUNEWS 02/27/15: Pastor Paul Blair & Dr. Mark Christian

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    Rick begins today a four-day discussion of Islamic jihad in Western nations to topple Christian civilization. Rev. Paul Blair, pastor of Fairview Baptist Church and president of Reclaim America for Christ, is joined by Dr. Mark Christian (the alias for an Egyptian doctor who renounced Islam). Dr. Christian is the founder and president of the Global Faith Institute. Pastor Blair, Dr. Christian, and Rick discuss the many ways Muslims wage jihad against unsuspecting Westerners.

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    Picking up the trash

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    We need to start taking care of the world we live in, not just the animals and people but the environment.  We can all do our part by picking up the trash.  I understand there are about 300,000 pieces of trash circling our planet, let's find a way to clean it up.  How about picking up the trash everyday where you walk or travel - it takes just a little effort to pick up the trash and discourage people from continuing this very bad habit - there are recepticles everywhere and if not carry a bag with you and start picking up the stuff yourself.

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    State of the Union

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    It is becoming increasingly clear that many Americans are ignoring the many crisis(es) in the United States and World today.  We need to make a concerted effort to participate in the political arena and watch what is happening all over the globe.  Our news media is spoon feeding what they want us to know and that is not in our benefit.  We have access to many sources of the news and we need to educate ourselves as to what is going on and choose a course of action.  Inaction is not in our best interest.  If we don't like what is going on we must offer alternatives not just belly ache about the state of affairs.  Begin to go to public meetings, read up on what congress is doing.  Don't allow laws to be passed without our understanding what is going on.

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    New Music Inferno w/ Dennis Blair!!!!

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    Dennis Blair - Comedian/Actor/Singer..Toured with Rodney Dangerfield & George Carlin among many others...He was hand chosen by George Carlin to be his opener for 18 years...He will be headlining this entire week @ 8:30pm pst @ Sin City Theatre in Planet Hollywood as part of Sin City Comedy & Burlesque...Check out all his upcoming dates,info, merch & more @ www.dennisblair.com

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    From Flawed to Fantastic with Guest Cindy Blair

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    Cindy Blair suffered a mild brain injury in the summer of 2001 when she took a bad fall. Consequently, she has overcome depression and a cognitive thought delay. Cindy earned her Bachelors Degree in English from SUNY Brockport in 2011. She published a collection of her poetry in 2013 titled, “Whispers to My Heart: Emerging from the Depths with God.” Currently Cindy Blair works with Fantastic Frank to bring awareness of traumatic brain injuries to many.

    Learn more about Fantastic Frank [www.fantasticfrankjohnson.com]

    Sign up for Fantastic Frank's free newsletter [www.turndisabilitytoability.com]

    Book Fantastic Frank to speak at your next Meeting or Event - email: frank@fantasticfrankjohnson.com

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    The Ringing Stone Network presents Dr. Delbert Blair

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    Are we ready for the photon belt or the biblical second death. Dr. Blair shall speak on earth's position in space and it's upcoming effects

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    Blair Horner discusses NYS politics

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    Blair Horner from NYPIRG discusses NYS politics

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    Just Believe w/ Lisa Tarves & Susyn Blair-Hunt - Live Psychic Readings

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    Lisa Tarves, Metaphysician, author of the book, "Just Believe", Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and gifted angel intuitive, and psychic interviews experts in the area of metaphysics and spirituality each Sunday at 7 pm Eastern.

    Susyn Blair-Hunt

    As a metaphysical consultant for over 25 years, Susyn Blair-Hunt is internationally known for her astrological and psychic readings, channeling, metaphysical advice columns and articles, published books and radio appearances.

    Professionally, Susyn has been named one of the top psychic astrologers on the Internet by her peers, holds a Doctorate in Metaphysics, certification by The American Association of Professional Psychics as well as the American Tarot Association. 

    Susyn’s books include “Tarot Prediction and Divination”, a complete guide to learning the Tarot and “Spells and Rituals for Empowered Living. Her workshop H.E.L.P. (Heart Energy, Loving Partnerships) helps people who are in search of true love to transform their energy and attract in enduring and heart-centered relationships.

    As its proud new owner, Susyn will take us on a guided tour of the many offerings available at Kajama.com, including her daily horoscopes, spells and rituals for empowered living, gifted psychics, daily inspirational messages, weekly journal of spiritual articles and much more!

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    JFK "Secrecy & National Traditions"

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    President John Kennedy's April 27, 1961 speech directed to the press. (5min19sec) Includes:

    "We decided long ago that the dangers of excessive & unwarranted concealment of pertinent facts far outweigh the dangers which are cited to justify it."

    "...there is little value in insuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it."

    "And there is very grave danger that an announced need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning to the very limits of official censorship & concealment. That I do not intend to permit to the extent that it is in my control."

    "Government at all levels must meet its obligations to provide you with the fullest possible information, outside the narrowest limits of national security."

    Dr. J.M. Peebles via Summer Bacon, Jan. 2015: "This is going to be a year of reviving the understanding of what freedom means...There's going to be a change in the organization called your United States Government...due to the people in the country here who are going to unite, stating very clearly, very loudly...to be free of the pressure, the encumbering pressure that has come by so much regulation..."

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    Meltdown On The Hill aka Dumpster Fire U

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    @AwDarago & @LeeCrowe are back as always to take your calls and give their unfiltered opinions on all things UT Athletics.  Knoxville is involved in yet another coaching search, football #Bricks are getting arrested, Knoxville Sports Media is currently being run by the athletic department, football spring practice is 3 sessions deep, #TyndallPug is an internet sensation, Dontavius Blair is hot garbage.  All these things as well as Andrew's all out assault on #HomerMedia, and your calls!

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    Catharsis Interview with Dr. Delbert Blair

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    Dr. Delbert Blair - Master Metaphysician? for over 50 years.  Founder of The Meta-Center?  in Chicago, Illinois that was lay out since 1973. A college Professor, Engineer, Historian, Poet and Lecturer, Lecturing in over 200 cities. Dr, Blair is a Research Scientist in the fields of magnetics and Monatomics. Some of his subjects have been on UFO's, ELF(extra low frequency) Waves, Terrestrials, Inner Earth Beings and a list of other topics..


    Join us  this Sunday as we go IN and OUT with the Incredible Dr, Delbert Blair?!!!

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