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    Demonic Activity Causes Division Among Cultures (i.e. blacks and whites)

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    Every time there is a killing of a black male the devil (our adversary) is behind it.  He has been trying since the slavery days to cause blacks and whites to fight among themselves.  It is time for Christians to step forward and take the lead in warring for love and peace in our communities.  This would make the devil extremely unhappy.  The devil is using the police department to do his dirty work.  He enjoys killings, race riots, confusion, strife, and any other negative reactions.  Remember that the devil comes to Kill, Steal, and Destroy John 10:10. I Love you.  Reverend Diane

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    God Made Blacks to be Slaves/Servants of Whites?

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    A New Day with Nebkhperure....

    Dr. Nebkheperure pricks the consciousness of Blacks and Africans...


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    A year later.......Reflecting on last year's police killings of unarmed blacks.

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    As we have reached the one year anniversary of Eric Garner, and Michael Brown's killings/deaths, and are embarking on a year of many other killings of unarmed blacks, by police, I would like to know what your thoughts are about the killings. What are you doing differently? How has the exposure of the killings impacted you? Do you see positive change coming since the killings? Do you have solutions for what can be done about the killings? Any thoughts you have about the killings of unarmed people, and policing, feel free to weigh-in.

    Darryel's Daily Dialogue "where positive words, manifest positive action."

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    Blacks and Whites vs Niggas and Crackers...The real racial problem

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    Since that Jackass shot up the church in Charleston, everybody is wanting to place blame on the Confederate flag, right wing politics, black/white relationships in America and racism as the causes.  You have the race pimps loving the attention because it is keeping them relevant of being important. People are shocked that the President used the N word like he is the only president to have said it.  There is not a problem with Americans of different colors, races, and creeds getting along with each other.  There are small segments of the population that don't get along but based on their skin color the majority are lumped into the same category as the minority.  We will have the discussion about race nobody is willing to acknowledge because they don't want to be politically incorrect or labeled a racist (even though the term racist has been overused).  If you are going to be sensitive about the content, check out one of these liberal shows that want to talk about the problem but don't want to talk about the problem. The Supreme Court have decided that the federal government can pay subsidies to the states that have not set up an exchange even though the way the law is written subsidies should be paid. 

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    EBT Cards – Police Killing Whites?

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    EBT Cards – Police Killing Whites? – Fallacy Of Black On Black Crime?

    The Earl Hall Show – Show Notes

    EBT Cards And SNAP

    There are some things that I am just unsure of when it comes to welfare and EBT card benefits in general. I know that with any system you have people that will abuse it. That is going to happen no matter what kind of stipulations you put into place.

    I do often wonder about how people actually feel about being on government assistance. Most of what we hear in the media is in regards to the abusers. We rarely hear about the folks that actually need it and use it appropriately.

    I feel that this is simply another propaganda tool that many use to make people believe that everyone on government assistance is just lazy. I do not for one second believe this. People that are using EBT cards or SNAP because of job loss due to the bad economy surely find it offensive the way many talk about people in their situation. They are not the problem.

    However many of us have been in the grocery store and witnessed people selling food stamps for cash. At least here in Milwaukee it is seen everyday. These types of misuses of our tax dollars enrage us all.

    Police Killing Whites

    I’m trying to remember any hoopla over a police officer killing a white man and people saying there was something wrong with that. Of course this does not sell news papers or get on FOX. The sexy and provocative thing seemingly is a white cop killing a black man. The fact of the matter is (according to an article from politifact.com) Police kill more whites than blacks.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeps data on fatal injuries from 1999 to 2011 and one category is homicides by legal intervention. The term “legal intervention” covers any situation when a person dies at the hands of anyone authorized to use deadly force in the line of duty.

    Over the span of more than a decade, 2,151 whites died by being shot by police compared to 1,130 blacks. In that respe

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    Racist "terrorist" hits Charleston! Blacks and whites call for peace.

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    As the day following the killing of nine innocents in a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina I found myself (as well as many others) invisioning the response of the nation. As expected, the people most affected by the slaughter called for prayer, peace and reconciliation. With overwhelming sadness I also saw the onslaught of hate, racist comments, political posturing and attacks on the 2nd Amendment in the form of gun control. 

    Join me "In the Pickle Barrel" as we discuss these issues. The chat room will be open for comments and questions. All phone lines will be open to encourage a roundtable discussion. You can be part of this special program by calling 855-236-2486. 

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    Say It Loud! Capitalism's Destruction of Blacks in Amerikkka and Abroad!

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    Say It Loud! Capitalism's Destruction of Blacks in Amerikkka and Abroad!

    Join Us tonight on Str8Up RealTalk Radio for SAY IT LOUD! w/ Daphne, Dolla & Brotha Haroon! We know the WHAT (oppression) that has, and continues to, destroy the Black communities in the US and other countries, we even know WHO (US led imperial capitalist) ...yet We as a People continue to fall prey with the refusal to unite and resist... could it be because The People do not understand the WHY of Our oppression? 

    Tune in tonight with us to Knowledge Up on what affects your life daily no matter what, when or where!

    Log on to listen www.blogtalkradio.com/str8uprealtalk

    Dial in to speak with host or join the conversation 347-677-0917


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    black people dieing in the hands of whites.. and nothing being done about

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    hello every one,

    today discussion is about the senseless killing of black men and woman in the hand of law informent and what people around the world.Killing some one cause of race or color is nit right in any ones eyes in my book.....

    but i have notice there is a rise in the death of black people,in the hands of white people and law enforment.I will express my thought on this desease that has taken of here in the USA.

    It seem to me its ok for a white person to kill a black person for there sking " HELL NO IT NOT '. I have seen when all the evedince shows that the whitle race is wrong they still get a slap on the wriste and walk away.

    but if we do the same thing we ether die or get beat brutally by the hands who are suppose to protect us ( POLICE ).LETS TALK ANOUT THIS

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    Should Blacks Visit and Patronize a place where the KKK has history?

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    What's up with all the deep concerns y'all have about Singer Ciara taking her son around her new "friend" NFL QB Russell Wilson? LOL Why is this a big deal to you if she's just Rapper Future's latest "baby mama" anyway? Also should Blacks stop visiting & patronizing Stone Mountain Park? Do you know the history the KKK has with that place? Call our show and tell me and Renee Hall Carter how you feel about Stone Mountain today! Listen in at 12 noon by using this link here

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    Jobs Numbers Smacks of Institutional Racism: Whites 4.7% Latinos 6.6 Blacks 10.5

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    Government workers, elected, appointed or hired are to provide services to we the people. We the people of the United States of America in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common Defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Elected officials are Government workers who  come from amongst us.Their purpose seem to be only to get paychecks. They talk and act on the goods of Business owners while treading on the welfare and liberty of we the people. Over $3trillions in tax revenue for 2014 is more than enough for congress and senate to pass jobs to get America to a full workforce. America's 50million businesses, 10% of which are foreign owned, should hire 50 million people in 30days. Working class, be wise. Consider the ant! Unite. Speak as one. Jobless numbers 5.5% smacks of racism. Blacks-10.5%. Latinos 6.6%. Whites 4.7%. Asians 4.0%.

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    reparations, redemption societal historical issues that make blacks underdogs

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    Tthe leaders that we honour for bringing the idea of freedom and hope for  better world have been maligned and vilified during thier active lives. yet a manicured concept of the place they seeked to  take us to galvnised us was done in a way that is unreal..

    wealth, domination, technology has combined to produce automation in food production, tooling manufacture,  weapon manufacture  has destroyed human craft, the astute maintainance of mental computance and our health. these are the current areas that have transformed us into the dysfunctional mess of a societal chaos. we will discuss ideas and models that change this state of environmental abuse