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    Making the Most of Your Summer

    in Education

    The semester will be over in a few weeks and at this point you have a very good idea of what you're doing this summer.  I'm guessing you are working an internship, conducting summer research, or taking classes.  Whether you are doing these things or something else, I'll provide a few tips on how to make the most of your summer.  

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    The Power of The First 100 Days

    in Business

    We've surpassed the first 100 days of the year. Indeed time is flying by, but it's time to stop and see just where you are. How you start the year sets the tone for it. So how did your year start? Did you set your goals? Is there a plan in place to carry them out? Are you committed to them? Maybe your year didn’t start off like that and if that’s the case, you started the year without any focus and without preparation. Honestly, that’s the way that about 92% of people started their year.

    If you didn't start the year with intention and focus, now is the time to refocus and get things on track. Let's get focused on laying the ground work for what you want. What are you goals and what steps do you have to take to see them come to fruition? More importantly, who do you have to be to make things happen and what obstacles are in your way?

    Join me live and tap into the power of the first 100 days.

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    Vacation Plans And Travels For This Summer

    in Christianity

    Summer is approching fast plans are made many times a year or more in advance and a family or individual may travel overseas to tour and sightsee. This year where would you like to vsit. Italy, France,Europe, or maybe some other place nice and warm. Check out the suggestions for planning a trip and sometimes without very much money. There are small areas near your city that you have never explored and you may have to only pay for a hotel because you have traspotation and a few dollars to pay for sights. You maybe able to camp out so you get to bring and cook food.

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    Ancient of Days / Higher Frequency

    in Current Events

    Ancient of Days, 6 p.m. Pacific, 9 p.m. Eastern, brings you 90 minutes of fascinating history, both ancient and modern. 

    This week we return to Isaiah, but first we take a look at the writings of John Keel, which have recently become available after a number of years in out-of-print limbo. 

    Higher Frequency, 7:30 p.m. Pacific, 10:30 p.m. Eastern, brings you another 90 minutes of live programming. 

    Join us this week on Higher Frequency Radio Show. We will discuss more of 'The Journey' and we want to hear from you! We will talk about what's going on behind the scenes on different levels and hear some very informative and enlightening clips! Come and join us in a Higher Frequency


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    Diva's 213th #Days Blogtalkradio Show!

    in Television

    Join the Diva of Days of our Lives and friends for our Blogtalkradio Show.  Topics this week include:  John tries to reconcile with Paul, Clyde has a guy whacked for Ben, Theresa is kidnapped by Clint for Kristen, Brady and Melanie try to find Brady's child, Daniel and Nicole try to reconcile, and Jennifer confronts Eve about her obsession with JJ.

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    World Events and Prophetic Days of Unleavened Bread 2015

    in Christianity

    Today’s schedule:

    1st hour is World Events and Prophetic Days  6:30-7:30 
    2nd hour Teaching Prophetic Days of Unleavened Bread 2015 Pt1a  7:30-8:30
    3rd hour Teaching Prophetic Days of Unleavened Bread 2015 Pt1b   8:30-9:30

    World Events and Prophetic Days of Unleavened Bread 2015 

    We will begin hour one with The Watchman and Tower going over major World Events and the Prophetic Days in which we live. We will also look at the Feasts as all these events come together. In all this we still find Israel in the middle of it all as the Lord has said he would "gather all nations around Jerusalem", he would bring them down there for judgment!

    Prophetic Days of Unleavened Bread is a further study of the spring feasts. This is a detailed, deep, intense, and Word filled study of the days of Unleavened bread, and touches on First fruits, timeline of crucifixion and resurrection, fulfillment of the feasts, and much more.

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    SEASON 2 EPISODE 11: Summer Movie Review

    in Entertainment

    On this awesome show, Dan, Ken and I will discuss all the big summer movies that we want to see. We will play the trailer and talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.  The movies we will be talking about will include, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Jurassic World, Maggie, Batman vs Superman, Ant-Man, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Amityville: The awakening, Fantastic Four, Mad Max: Fury Road, Terminator Genesis, Ted 2 and Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, just to name a few. Join us and share your thoughts and feeling about the big summer movies that you plan on seeing. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE.....

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    Ancient of Days special with guest Robert Guffey

    in Current Events

    This special edition of Ancient of Days will feature Robert Guffey, author of Cryptoscatology and Chameleo, discussing government surveillnce, mind conrol and more. Do not miss this show! Check out Guffey's books on Amazon. 

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    Episode 84 - Summer Blockbuster Movies

    in Entertainment

    This week we are going to be discussing the upcoming blockbuster summer movies.  The first one has already been released Furious 7. One of us has seen it can you guess which one? What movie or movies are you looking forward to seeing? We will also discuss J finishing his 4 food challenges in 4 weeks.  How many did he complete and how many didn't he? Like us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Call us at 646-929-0936.

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    Summer Movie Preview

    in Entertainment

    It's still April but it's time to talk summer movies. Marvel's The Avengers Age of Ultron is coming out on May 1st. I've already got my ticket. So we'll definitely be talking about that one. But Avengers isn't the only big movie due out this summer. Arnold is back in Terminator Genysis, Ted 2 #LegalizeTed, The Ant Man and many more. Tune in and we'll talk about the best way to spend your movie budget this summer.

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    Ancient of Days / Higher Frequency

    in Current Events

    This week on Ancient of Days, we return to our study of the book of Isaiah. The prophet said many things that are still relevant today. Tune in at 6 p.m. Pacific, 9 p.m. Eastern, for a look at the history that you never learned in school. We spend 90 minutes looking at yesterday, today and tomorrow.

    Then stay tuned for Higher Frequency with Becca Covin. 

    Tune in to Higher Frequency Radio Show again this Sunday night from 7:30-9:00pm PST with a new guest as we continue our discussion of 'The Journey'! 

    This week's guest speaker is Bruce Jensen who has some great information to share with us, including the story of his spontaneous awakening! Bruce is currently studying Transpersonal Psychology with a blended non-dual approach -- Body, Mind, and Spirit -- in an addictions counseling program at the University of Lethbridge in Canada. He is working on a recording project focused on the human experience, acknowledging that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience. I know it will be an exciting discussion!

    Come and join us in a Higher Frequency!