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    Frank Johnson of WPBNetworks.com LIVE from Miami, 5.23.14

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    Frank Johnson, the retired music exec with Def Jam, started his own shop: www.WPBNetworks.com. He and his wife, April, have created the Creative Hub, home of the multimedia network, that now helps empower dozens of radio and TV hosts in the DMV. His station is heard around the world, as they have a little something something for everybody. The Johnson Duo aim to provide quality providing to help satisfy people with a more discriminating taste vs. what's often played on mainstream.

    Tune-in to an interview that provides insight into the media industry by a Baltimore success story, Mr. Frank Johnson. 

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    STOP THE CLOWN SHOW: The Beginning of the End

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    STOP THE CLOWN SHOW: The Beginning of the End

    JOIN The LIONS as WE Discuss the POWER of a New Mind and New Leadership. WE need to get a handle on the NEXT MOVE and the BEST MOVE! What do WE need to do to get OUR minds RIGHT to make the PROGRESS that WE need? Time to put up or shut up! Stop the CONFUSION! The Teacchings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad the Nation of Islam is the ONLY program for OUR people now lets go make that KNOWN!


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    Not So Mad Science

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    Harold Muhammad

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    Black History

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    Call in to 713-955-0708 and share with us how you feel about Black History and who your most admired historian in Black History is. In Love&Service

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    Gay, Lesbian and BLACK

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    On this episode we will discuss being African Ameirican  and Gay and Lesbian.

    While the America we live in today is more tolerant and accepting than decades and centuries past, we still have a long and arduous road ahead. Despite false claims that we live in a "post-racial" society, African Americans still face prejudice and systemic racism regularly. Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people still combat discrimination and are denied access to basic protections. When you exist at these intersectional identities, simply trying to provide for yourself and your family becomes a battlefield.
    At the National Black Justice Coalition, we have been fighting for over a decade to help LGBT African Americans live fully empowered, authentic lives. We know that Black LGBT people can struggle to find acceptance not only in mainstream America, but also within their own LGBT and African American communities. Now we have the figures to back up what we witness firsthand daily.

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    Political Prisoners in the U.S. - "Let My People Go"

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    Thank you for joining this segment of The Struggle Continues.  This week we talk with our first time guest, Orie Lumumba, about Political Prisoners.  Yes, we expose yet another dirty little secret of the U.S.!

    Lumumba has worked extensively with many of our people whose terms of incarceration and protracted detainments are, however neatly and mysteriously packaged and presented to the public, politically motivated!  Come learn with us as we define the classification of prisoners, e.g. social, political, death-row etc.  Join our exploration and analysis of, what this program coins as, the "Recidivism Racketeer:" who gets released; why are they released; how long before their expected reincarceration; and, the silver bullet, how does this impact and effect others who should be released.

    Let's support and join forces with Lumumba as he instructs us on how we can help to hasten the release of all Political Prisoners and enusre that their basic human needs are met in the interim.

    Here are some resources:











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    Black in America: education and the Black Male

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    Bruce and Monika talk about the latest installment of Black in America

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    Breaking the Chains.....Single Moms Getting it Done

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    I have a dream...Celebrating Out 50 Years of Jubilee!

    Our forefathers and mothers planted trees from which we gather fruit, and dug wells from which we quench our thirst. Cilvil Rights Activist marched for us, died for us and pleaded for our equality.

    So what are we leaving behind for our communities today? What are we fostering in the minds of our Black children? How will we strengthen our famillies and our communities?

    Join me today with my special Guest, Dr. Sabrina Jackson, Author of "He is NOT a Statistic: 12 Laws for Single Mothers Raising Black Males" as she shares with us how we can still empower our children, especially our sons to succeed in their endeavors and have a vision for their lives.

    Dr. Sabrina Jackson is the CEO of Sabrina Jackson Enterprises, LLC a training/consulting firm. This anointed woman of God uses her gift to make her audiences feel at ease. The can be found training corporate executives, recovering substance abusers, educators, gospel artists, and Christian women but the light of Christ is evident with all. 

    Our goal is to empower the mothers throughout the month of May to remind us as women how powerful we are, because we actually shape our future by how we raise the children. Whether a natural birth-mom or not, we as women can Mother our Community by sharing our stories with one another so we are inspired to be the best influencers we can be, so our children live their best lives. 

    Our ancesters from Africa knew the power of connection to the Divine, and honoring the human-ness in each other. I invite you to remember the greatness of our people, and let's have conversations that inspires us all to take action to "Heal what's hurting our Black Community."

    We are powerful, and we rise!

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    Malcolm X & his 89th Birthday, Doshon Farad of YourBlackWorld.net & Dr. Welsing

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    Listen to The African History Network Show Thurs. May 22nd, 8pm-11pm EST with guest Doshon Farad, Staff Writer for YourBlackWorld.net.  We’ll discuss the 89th birthday of Malcolm X.  We’ll also re-air our interview with Dr. Frances Cress Welsing of “Hidden Colors”.  Call in by phone LIVE at (914) 338-1375.  Call in with your questions.


    We’ll re-air our interview with Dr. Frances Cress Welsing who is a Psychiatrist and the author of “The Isis Papers: The Keys To The Colors”.  We’ll discuss “Donald Sterling, SCANDAL & a Culture of European White Supremacy”.  She’ll also talk about her upcoming lecture in Detroit at African Liberation Day, May 23rd, 6pm-9pm at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History.  For more information on her lecture please visit www.AfricanHistoryNetwork.com.

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    The Hunger Games, DIY Meesha, Red Lobster

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    Tamisha Glashen

    Man accused of writing 'N*****' on receipt given to black Red Lobster waitress sues restaurant and waitress after handwriting experts finds he DIDN'T write the racial slur


    Son of Hunger Games assistant director stabbed three roommates to death before shooting dead three random students after posting embittered murder manifesto because he was 'still a virgin'



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    After Hours

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    After Hours