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    The DG Show- It's Not All About Intimacy, Male/Female Relationships

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    Social media has this society communicating more than ever. But for some reason men and women are not communicating very well with each other. There is a disconnect between the sexes, what we want from each other, how we talk to each other, what we have to offer each other has been lost in translation! Join us as we discuss male/female relationships beyond the bedroom.
    And of course we start the show off with The Post of The Week from the FB group Visual Thoughts!

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    The Female Entrepreneur Radio Janice Montgomery Alboaki-Strauser

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    The Female Entrepreneur focuses on personal and business development of female entrepreneurs under the umbrella of having fun in business, motivation and building our perseverance.

    With diverse topics ranging from developing business tools to staying focused on your vision, this weekly show is devoted to working through and beyond obstacles and hurdles that women entrepreneurs deal with every day. Whether you are challenged by money, time, fear or lack of support, Thr Female Entrepreneur is committed to providing  solutions while having fun.

    WOMEN DO BUSINESS DIFFERENTLY THAN MEN: As women, we tend to juggle more than most men in business. Learning to balance our lives, feel fulfilled, make money and keep everything around us working can be quite a challenge.

    Show host and creator, Janice Montgomery Albokai-Strauser, described as a tenacious, passionate, radio show host, professional and entrepreneur has worked with the small business community, since 1993.

    Janice has coached and mentored more than 10,000 small business owners & professionals nationwide.

    Her career in ministry & business is driven with a desire to assist small business owners on their journey with a ‘Road Map and Keys to Success in Life & Business.

    (214) 548-2584 (817) 676-6074




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    MMSRS #22 - Hiring Fairs and the Male MilSpouse

    in Military

    Host Dave Etter and random call-in guests will talk about hiring fairs, resumes, business attire, etc., with some govt shutdown thrown in and a touch of pay table stuff. Get your questions answered here - and maybe get the right answer!


    Weekly 2-hour web-based radio show, hosted by Dave Etter, focusing on the needs of men married to serving military members, both men and women. Male Military Spouses are a small niche of military spouses, comprising of only 7%-8% of all military spouses. We feel left out, usually, at support functions - especially those designed with the spouses being identified as "wives"! We get cajoled at playgrounds where our kids play, from the mommies who think we don't belong. We are proud SAHDs, who gave up our careers to follow our spouses as they dedicate thier lives to defend our country! Here, on this show, we come together and share beer recipes, diaper changing techniques, financial discoveries - manly things, for men! Fridays at Noon CT, rated R for the cussing that may occur, and available for download (podcast) immediately following each show.

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    The Troubles, Trials, & Tribulations of the Black Male Athlete...

    in Family

    Wednesday 8pm CST on 'The Rundown with Renee' via 'Yo Momma Black Radio' welcomes a special guest. We will have Brotha Charles in the house who is a sports writer for a MAJOR network. This Brotha covers EVERYTHING from Major League baseball, to Mixed Martial Arts, & ALL in between! He will help breakdown the mentality,plight & exploitation of the Black male athlete in American sports. There is MUCH happening currently in this arena, which makes the conversation that much more exciting & necessary! We will examine the following topics: 

    - The Adrian Peterson allegations & past tragic incident..

    - What next in the Ray Rice situation...

    - Michael Sam / Homosexuality among Blacks in sports & the MAJOR push of the LGBT agenda..

    - Floyd Mayweather's illteracy / persona.. 

    - The wearing of pink by the NFL to support breast cancer awareness...  

    - Money, Women, & the misguided athlete...

    - Race + Sports, $40 million dollar Slaves??? 

    & much, much MORE! To get in on the panel conversation,>>> Listen/Comment/Question @ (929) 477-3763 or click the link! 

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    The Status of Black Male Programs with Phillip Jackson, The Black Star Project

    in Education

    In follow-up support of “The Case for Black Male Achievement: A National Conversation on How America Can Elevate Its Prominence by Investing in Black Men and Boys” program that aired on WVON1690 The Voice of the Nation on Thanksgiving Day 2014, NCEBCTalkRadio welcomes Mr. Phillip Jackson, Founder and Executive Director of the Black Star Project.

    The Case for Black Male Achievement (a two-part national conversation with nationally acclaimed champions for Black men and boys including elected officials, foundation presidents, school superintendents, educators, business leaders and faith leaders) featured discussions on:

    Black Male Achievement

    Teaching Black Males to Survive in America

    Teaching America How to Teach Black Boys

    Show host Dr. Adelaide Sanford and Mr. Kamau Jywanza inquire of insight gained from the event:

    What are the common threads (pros/cons) among Black Male programs?

    What is The Black Male Achievement Movement? How do the elements of “Black History and Culture, Family Development and Fatherhood, Education and Learning, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development” combine in a recipe for success?

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    There is an attack on the Black male and Black Female -the Manhood and Womanhood of our culture is under severe pressure. We will discuss what it takes to build up black manhood and womanhood in todays society. How we can change the images that are presented to our people  and what it takes to separate ourselves from the growing trend of homosexuality and lesbianism.  

    Is it Natural. Did African people Practice this behaviour before the making of the whiteman and woman?

    Why is there more right being given to the gay/lesbian community than black community?

    It is counter revolutionary to be homosexual or Lesbian?


    Also the National Chairman of the new Black Panther Party Hashim Nzinga addresses the International situation of Isreali Aggression against the Palestinian people and what the real land question is concerning African people the world over.


    Black Power radio is on air 646 478 4447 call in via skype or phone

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    in Spirituality

    COMMUNICATION IN MALE-FEMALE RELATIONSHIPS...Join us for an interesting  discussion about improving communication in  male-female relationships. with our beloved Sister Dorothy J Muhammad Tune In...In Peace As-Salaam Alaikum

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    Hardships in Romantic Relationships

    in Romance

    A panel of five college students discuss the hardships that couples tend to encounter during romantic relationships through an interpersonal approach.

  • FEMALE SEX DRIVE V. MALE SEX DRIVE part two (live)

    in Lifestyle

    debi takes an in-depth look at an amazing study done by David Buss, at the University of Texas on sex drive....

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    How can we build a communitywith bad male/female relationships?

    in Social Networking

    Every Friday is all about relationship issues with Greensoul Azalea and Garfield A Reid. How can we build a community/Nation when our male /female relationships are on the rocks.Today's topics include Are women really in charge in relationships subconsciously? Plus how to make your mate happy all the time. If you can't catch the show live all shows are archived you can listen anytime. Join us from 6pm to 8pm eastern time on "Its Realtalk Live" on Blogtalk Radio. Join us for the best variety talk show on Radio. Call in at 347-826-9457 to listen and press #1 if you want to speak to the Host. Plus business opportunities and every day life topics in general...You can Join us at blogtalkradio.com/itsrealtalklive or Call (347) 826-9457 So come join us today at 6pm

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    Angry Deva's Radio Show: Hygiene, Health and Wealth Black Female Bodily Autonomy

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    Sign up for our class: http://www.angrydevas.com/practical-dark-wisdom-101.html

    The entire world thrives on our ignorance and hatred of self. If Black Women remembered who we are, the entire global system of Black Female Hatred would come to a screeching halt. This entire system is built on the enforced ignorance and fraudulent inferior position of Black Wombnhood. Absent our perpetual willingness to die on our knees vs living on our feet, there would be no white or male supremacy. 

    Black Matriarchal Herstory lessons are a must, if black Wombn are going to not only survive but thrive and completely transform our lives in this system. Remembering who we are is possible only via study of our Origins and our Spirituality. Join us for the Angry Deva's "Dark Goddess 101: Practical Dark Wisdom" course where we introduce the Dark Divine Feminine, what is Darkness, Black Wombn's Herstory 101 and the Inherent Biological Superiority of the Black Womb.

    Our story has not been told, it has been willfully omitted from us by white male patriarchs, and black male patriarchs alike. The divinity of Motherhood, the Sovereignty of the Maiden and the authority of the Crone are innate components of who we are. 

    Click for more info! 


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