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    Black Fathers Rock!!

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    We'll be talking about some of the efforts going on around Father's Day, including an event that I will be hosting, Black Fathers Rock!! Vol. II: A Hip-Hop/Spoken Word Tribute to Fatherhood on Fri., June 17th. Join us. If you know of any events coming up, spread the word to our listeners.

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    Black Fathers Radio-Reconnecting

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    Please join us as we discuss all that is involved with fathers reconnecting with their children. What are the best ways to start the process? What do men need to know before they even begin? What are the barriers involved in the process?


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    Is America Destroying The Power of Fathers? Tim Black At Night Show 12/12/2015

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    With all focus on society at the macro level being Presidents, Governors, Mayors and outside influences such as Gangs, Drugs and Peers what about the home?  Tonight we're talking Dads. Is America Destroying The Power of Fathers and if so what can we do about it? 

    Call in 323-870-4064 Tim Black At Night Show airs everyday 9P Est. Lets talk about it here on Tim Black At Night (323) 870-4064 Tune In! http://www.TimBlackTV.com

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    Black Fathers Radio (The Fathers Day Show)

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    Come join us, as we honor the man that makes it possible DAD! We are asking for everyone to call in. We would LOVE to hear from anyone who like to shout out or give thanks to a father, grandfather, father figure in their lives. We would especially LOVE to hear from the female listeners/members and the children.

    Our special guest including yourselves will be:

    NY OIL
    "E" the poet emcee
    Kennenth Braswell (Fathers Incorporated)
    Bomani Armah


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    Black Fathers Radio (Standing In The Gap: Fathers and Mentors.)

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    Special Guests:

    Teddy Coates of Black Professional Men Inc.
    Lorenzo Steele former NYC Correction Officer

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    Birthing While Black 12 - Black Fathers Speak on Pregnancy & Birth!

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    Birthing While Black Continues with Fathers! Please join producer/host Denise Bolds with special guests: Shaam Jones, LaGuardia Cross and Danny The Babywearing Dad as these three dads discuss pregnancy, birth and parenting from a black father’s perspective!

    Shaam Jones is a husband, father and natural birth advocate. He promotes Black Love and he is also a radio show producer/host.  LaGuardia Cross is the developer and producer of the successful video series: New Father Chronicles on You Tube. Danny The Babywearing Dad is a father, blogger and supporter of natural birth.

    The presence of men/fathers in the birth room is vital. Too often they are marginalized or devalued. These three black fathers will engage in a candid, blunt conversation of birthing while black.

    Reach Shaam Jones: https://www.facebook.com/thesdotfiles

    Reach Danny The Babywearing Dad:@Dannythebabywearingdad

    Reach La Guardia Cross: http://www.LaGuardiaCross.com

    Denise Bolds MSW: Certified birth doula (BOLD DOULA), owner of Bold Selah, LLC she is Bold Doula. Reach Denise Bolds: 845-797-4177 http://www,BoldDoula.com


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    Black Fathers Radio- Virtuosos Of The Scribe

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    This episode Black Fathers is celebrating black fathers who are also authors. Please join us as we talk with our guests authors and devoted fathers:

    Mr. Derrick Barnes
    Mr. De'Norval Parks

    Mr. Derrick Barnes is the author of:
    RUBY AND THE BOOKER BOYS as well as the highly anticipated middle grade novel WE COULD BE BROTHERS. He is also known for writing best selling copies for various Hallmark card lines and is the 1st African American male staff writer for Hallmark.

    Mr. De'Norval Parks is the author of:

    Have you ever wondered what goes on in the "sheltered system"?
    Well now your questions will be answered.

    After gaining custody of his 3 sons in 1999, Mr Parks began his journey and learned the hard way just what it takes to raise his children alone. Life took an unfortunate turn that forced Mr. Parks and his 3 sons into the city's family shelter. With aggression from his female counterparts, gang members, and stressed individuals. He (Mr. Parks) struggled to find a way out of the atmosphere of self misery and anger that lingers in the shelter world.


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    Black Fathers Radio-Safe Surfing

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    Peace family.
    Please join us for another episode of Black Fathers Radio, as we talk about protecting our children from all of the problems and predators out there these days, that can harm our children as the surf, sext, and so much more.

    We will be joined by Korbid Thompson of King James Express for Kidz. Mr. Thompson will join us to talk about a new online tool that parents can use to protect their children from predators, bullies and other undesired individuals and behaviors, KidZafe (http://bit.ly/KJE4Kidz).

    Please join us for the conversation as we not only discuss this product, but other ways that parents can protect children, and children can protect themselves.

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    Black Fathers Radio-The Accountability Show

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    Peace family. On this past Sunday we celebrated the traditional Father's Day, and the National Day of Amnesty for Dads, which was a call for dads and moms to work to help reconnect dads to their children. We'll talk about the aftermath of this call, and talk about what factors keep fathers from being involved with their children. We'll also talk about what needs to be done to hold those responsible for fathers not being there accountable for their actions, all across the board.

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    Black Fathers Radio-School's In Session

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    School's started or soon will be. We want to hear from the
    fathers about what they are doing now and have been doing
    with and for their school-aged children. We would like to
    get guests who are both fathers and educators. You know
    who you are. We want to hear from you.

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    Black Fathers Radio-Young Voices

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    We really want to hear from the children about their fathers,
    those who have fathers in their lives and those who don't, we
    want to hear from you. Even adult children who want to
    speak about their fathers are welcome.