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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Black Family Series: Fatherless Daughters

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    This podcast discusses the symptoms of fatherless daughters during adulthood and provides tips on how to overcome many of the obstacles they face.

    The title of the book referenced in this episode is "Whatever Happened to Daddy's Little Girl?: The Impact of Fatherlessness on Black Women" by Jonetta Rose Barras.

    Episode correction:  Next live show will be airing September 14th at 8am Pacific and 11am Eastern.

    Below is the private investigation company I used to find my father.  I provided them minimal information but they found him and provided lots of contact info on him:



    1 (888) 949-6996 ext. 217


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    Innovative Black Men - Does Family Matter?

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    Tune in to the Innovative Black Men show as we take a closer look at the family structure in the twenty first century. 

    The conversation starts at 7PM (CST) 8PM (EST) 

    Call/listen (347) 324-5327

    #TaylorKennedieMedia #VibrationRadio 

    "Your Radio Your Conversation" 

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    THE HONEY SUITE "Deconstruction Of The Black Family"

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    When we are young, we were taught that Mom and Dad live together with their children live happily ever after, Right? Well if this is the case, why are so many of our Black families separated? What is keeping them from reuniting as one? The answer might actually surprise you.

    Join Phone Fantasy Radio on January 27th @ 9:00pm EST in "The Locker Room" for a roundtable discussion of the "Deconstruction of the Black Family". We will feature a panel of intelligent individuals who will share their opinion on why the Black Family remains divided. Call in to offer your opinion to 805-830-8320 or log into our virtual live chatroom atwww.phonefantasyradio.com. Click on the LIVE tab and submit your comments via internet. We hope to see you there!

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    The Black Family

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    Welcome to ABM (All Black Meditation) Radio. On this episode we discuss the black family in the context of racism. How did we reach the statistics that label the black family, the lack of community and the stereotyped social stigmas of today? What this means and how we can improve. We discuss this and more.

    According to an article on YourBlackWorld.net based statistics provided by the Urban Institute, the state of the African-American family is worse today than it was in the 1960′s. Furthermore the article states that in 1950, 17 percent of African-American children lived in a home with their mother, but not their father. By 2010 that had increased to 50 percent. In 1965, only eight percent of childbirths in the Black community occurred out-of-wedlock. In 2010 that figure was 41 percent; and today, the out-of-wedlock childbirth in the Black community sits at an astonishing 72 percent. The number of African-American women married and living with their spouse was recorded as 53 percent in 1950. By 2010, it had dropped to 25 percent.

    On BlackDemographics.com In 2010 48.8% of black men are “never married” compared to 45.2% of black women which is up from 44% in 2008 and 42,7% in 2005. Black men marry white women at twice the rate of Black women only 8.5% of married Black men had White spouses in 2010 up from 6.6% in 2005. 10.8 percent of African American men married outside their race in 2010 also up from 8.4% in 2005. Black women were the least likely to marry outside their race at only 4.6% in 2010.

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    Straight Black Pride 2015 - The Resurrection of the Black Family

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    After decades of trying to rebound from the Black exploitation period, the crack cocaine era, the gansta rap era, the explosion of lesbianism, the explosion of "homosexuality", the explosion of miscegenation (interracial dating/marriage/sex), we are finally at the stage of creating an international movement for Afrikan people. 

    Black people have been crying out for a movement that was open to Black people from every walk of life for decades.  In fact, not since the time of Marcus Mosiah Garvey have we had an opportunity to create an international platform for Black unity and self-improvement that crossed all religions, languages, political ideologies, etc . . .  Also, not since the Garvey Movement have we had an international platform that was open to Black people; but closed to non-Black people. 

    And never before have we had a platform that was closed to Black integrationists and sexual perverts.

    The Straight Black Pride Movement (SBPM) is the most promising socio-political/economic platform in modern history.  It is a platform that can capture the imagination of Afrikan people worldwide.  This is a program you want to listen to. 

    Get ready.  In 2015, things are going to change.  We are going to have a platform that Black people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds can embrace.  And with this platform, we will move mountains!

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    Join the Holland Family architect - Clever Black

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    Clever Black is an awesome author and the designer and creator of the Holland Family Saga.

    Tanya Weinberger had always chosen to do the wrong thing in life. Several run-ins with the law by the age of eighteen earns her a brief stay behind bars in Iowa’s Mitchellville Women’s Correctional Facility, where she befriends another teenager named Bonita Bender. 

    Willameena ‘Willie’ Slack can best be described as a Pimpstress-in-the-making. Unrivaled man-manipulation and sex for high dollar amounts is her game. 

    Brenda Marshall is a budding criminal mastermind. Having been raised by outlaw parents who were violent by nature. Shady drug deals and armed robbery is her hustle. 

    Zelda and Vivian King are fraternal twins and arguably are the worst out of the bunch. The disappearance of their mother is a riddle the twins have no answer to and they’re basically fending for themselves, alternating back and forth between Willie’s business and Brenda’s hustle. 

    A lick set up by Brenda against rival dealers inside the Saint Bernard project goes wrong and the girls soon find themselves enthralled in a game of wits to eliminate witnesses and avoid retaliatory acts for the crime they’d committed. 

    Follow the Outlaw Chics and see just how well they execute their Gangster on the unforgiving streets of New Orleans, Louisiana and hold on…Because this is only the beginning. 


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    Black Family; WE NEED TO WAKE THE HELL UP!!!

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    Introduction to a new sound, a new vibration from the Black Community that promotes EYE opening discussion about real life/True Life situations our community is facing today as well as how the past has impacted our today. Four powerful leaders, who were all once Christian leaders, who through time and desire for TRUTH, discovered their true identity and culture, will come together to not only talk about these issues, but will interject real solutions with viable tangible ideas to create a new paradigm for the so-called Black Family in and out of the diaspora. Our goal is to not only return to our TRUE way of life but also to promote self-sufficiency.

    Far too long we, as a people, have held certain subjects as taboo and have kept many secrets in our families that plaque us to this day. We must look at these subjects that divide us as a Nation that keep us blind, death and dumb, (voiceless).  We must also challenge every mainstream ideal up to this point because something is seriously wrong. Truth is our weapon and if we are going to stand a chance against the continual advances of our enemies we must utilize the most powerful weapon ever created, TRUTH!!!

    If you can't deal with the reality of what is really happening to this so called black man/woman, this platform will make your head spin around!!! Join these leaders as they share their experiences and how liberation and freedom feels and see how you can also be part of this new paradigm. We cannot rise if we are afraid to be REAL and HONEST!!!


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    A BlackTop Conversation: The Black Mafia Family w/ Author Danny "Dog Man" Jones

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    Tonight, we launch our first monthly series "A Black Top Conversation" - where we get serious on some of the most biggest trends or headlines in or about the urban community. This particular conversation is about the life and times of Danny "Dog Man" Jones in the Black Mafia Family: St. Louis. He tells all about the risks, dangers, rewards, and lifestyle of being a part of this movement. He, also, let's us know about the moment that became reality for him to turn away from that lifestyle and details on where to find his book/biography "BMF: St. Louis - The Untold Story."

    The "Host Who Do The Most" conducts and guides you through this 3-hour extravaganza alongside the beautiful spark of energy, Diamond B. Frazier. Entertaining and informal segments throughout the show include:

    - Miss Blog God brings you "The Gabulous Life Update" brought to you by thegabulouslife.com

    - Jay Fancy aka The Red Lipstick Vixen brings her real and raw rant known as "The Redlipstick Report."

    - Pretty Locs lets us know her opinion on the trending celebrity hip-hop gossip of the week with "What's Gossip."

    - Diamond B. Frazier brings you her twist on historical moments in sports with "On This Day in Sports History"

    - Have a thought for us? Topic? Call us up and let us know what's on your mind inside of our "Random Thoughts" segment between 10:25 & 10:50 pm ET!

    Follow us on Twitter: @DaBlackTopRadio

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    DC RealTalk w/Kelsi, David & Tony - TOPIC: "THE BLACK SHEEP OF THE FAMILY"

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    DC REAL TALK LIVE RADIO SHOW – TUESDAY NIGHT, JANUARY 27, 2015 FROM 10:00PM TO 12:00AM. (EST) – Have you ever wondered why your family treats your brothers or sisters better than they treat you? It hurts doesn’t it? They talk to your other siblings more often than they do you. They’re always in on the information and you’re always the last to know. When you ask them to do something they give you an excuse, but always make a way out of no way for your other brothers and sisters. While this shouldn’t happen in families, it happens all the time and it hurts. Join us on Tuesday evening with Kelsi M Arceneaux, David Massey Sr., Tony L BWord, and others as we discuss this topic. You’re more than welcome to call in and share your specific situation with us. You can listen to our show by phone at (646) 721-9565 or anywhere in the world by internet.

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