• FAITH & FAME Pt. 1: Church Politics

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    Politics is the process of balancing competing interests in a social system.  According to John PaulienI's article, Politics In the Church (August 2011), as with politics, there are competing interests in any religious organization. Theological differences can create competing interests. as well as theological discussions which can favor the interests of one side or the other.

    Does God express His will through the outcome of political debates in the church or does political discussion make it harder for people to hear the voice of God? Is it possible to balance competing interests in the church without conflict? Is politics in the church always a bad thing?

    Join Truth Talk with special guest, co-host, Reverend Julian Mercer, Eastern Shore, VA for this discussion.


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    The Black Church... Has it Helped or Harmed Our Community?

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    This Wednesday August 13th at 8pm CST, 'The Rundown with Renee' on Yo Momma Black Radio, tackles the MAJOR issue of the Black Church! We will break down the historical reference, all the way to today's "Christian"reality shows, scandals, political affiliations, financial aspects, & other related issues & changes. You will NOT want to miss this. I will have some special guests giving the Christian aspect as well. As ALWAYS, I will bring it to you straight-up, no holds barred! To get in on the action, Click the link, or Listen/ Comment/ Question @ (929) 477-3763... 

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    What Has The Black Church Really Done For Black People? Part 2

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    On this weeks 'The Rundown with Renee', we'll be taking a deep look at the Black church, & dismantling fact from fiction. We will cover it's historical reference, all the way up to today. Has the church been a help or hinderance? Feel free to help us decide, click the link below, or Listen/Question/Comment @ (929) 477-3763...

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    The Black Church: A Modern Day Whore? - The LanceScurv Show

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    Point Blank: The Black Church is NOT what it used to be, nor is it where it's supposed to be.

    I don't think anyone will deny that fact.

    But what really intrigues me is that many church members are afraid to death to speak out on how they really feel about this issue.

    Going to most churches today is like going to your favorite restaurant only to find that your beloved dish has no flavor to it.

    In the Black Church today there is a tension that thrives just below the radar undetected to most that looms over any free expression of the spirit because it's not really about the Holy Ghost.

    We all know the in house Jezebels who work their witchery as well as the abundance of Man-whores there who operate under the hetero, homo, bi and down-low umbrella and all of the hierarchies of sexual deviance that thrives to the beat of that joyous sounding heavy bass Gospel music.

    Secret Societies? Yes, it's a given in the Black Church and one has to wonder with all of the secrecy and strange pagan ceremonies that go on with those groups that it's a wonder why anyone wouldn't ask them if Jesus would move in secrecy like they do.

    Heck, where would most truly transformed Christians be if the Lord never shared the good news and salvation with them but only to a chosen few who knew the handshake or the catchphrases to ascertain that they are in the inner circle.

    With so many hidden agendas and secret motivations infiltrating the modern day Black Church, one has to marvel at the fact that it's still hanging on with a pulse.

    The internal health of the original function is all but rotted out and replaced by a Sunday morning nightclub replacement chock full of all of the amenities that you could ever hope to find in a nightclub and beyond!

    The Black Church a Modern Day Whore?

    You can bet that pseudo saved sanctified seducing Jezebel's cleavage that it is!

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    RTR: Tithing, The Black Church And The Black Community

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    Some estimates say that more than $12.5 billion a year is taken in by the black church each year, but how much of that money actually goes back into the community from where it came?   How many times have you seen a very nice church in a run down community?   The church collects tithes and offerings from it's members, but do the members have access to those same funds when they may need them?  Handing out school supplies, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are great, but what about the everyday needs of the people in the community in which the church resides?  We applaud those churches that have soup kitchens, food pantries and a benevolance fund and don't require folks to jump through hoops to receive financial assistance every once and a while, but many churches do no such thing.  How has tithing and giving money to the church effected the economic well being of the black community at large.  We are not talking about any individual church here, but the black church as a whole. Join RTR this and every Sunday at 10am est, as we talk about this and more.  You can also listen live by calling 661.449.9951   


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    The Tamika Series: Is Church Mr. Wrong For Black Women?

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    Today on Church Folk Revolution Radio we will discuss the Love - Hate relationship that exist between Black women and the Urban church. Why does church look down on single mother – yet they rely on donations from Black Women? The Black church is made up of 2/3 women - yet there are zero resources for women when it comes to health care, scholarships, financial support, and employment opportunities. Why do Black Women still have so much faith in the Black church - but would never tolerate a spouse who could not contribute to their lives. Only on PimpPreacher.com

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    Single Women in the Black Church

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                      The Single Woman in the Black Church

    Black females have long been considered the backbone of the  Black community and the cornerstone of their families and churches.  But what is the price Black women have paid to wear this crown of fool’s gold.

    An examination of any congregation of average Black church shows that single Black females fill the pews.  Results of a recent study “ African Americans and Religion” by the PEW Research Center’s Forum on Religion and Public Life found that “African Americans are markedly more religious on a variety measures than  the U. S.  population as a whole.”

    Almost 90% of  Black Americans express “absolutely certain belief in God” compared to just over 70% of the total U.S.  population,  Two other important statistics gleaned from this survey:  (1) 80% of Black Americans report that religion

    Is their lives as compared to 57% of the general U.S. population;  and 55% of Black Americans report that  they  “interpret scripture literally”  as compared to 32% of the general U.S. population.

    The PEW study also reported that “Men are significantly more likely than women to claim no religious affiliation,  Nearly one-in-five men say they have no formal religious affiliation, compared with roughly 13% of women.”

    Barbara Billingsley, Tara Billingsley, Erica George, Lydia Davis and Nycole Johnson discuss the topic.


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    Origin of Black politics and Abortion

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    Tonight will be one of those more educational shows about the origin of black politics and this new ammendment 1 law that was voted in last night. Now they will start regulating when and how women can get an abortion . Will the women put up with this or just let this fly ?? Tune in tonight from 7pm to 9pm central time I know the ladies on my show will have something to say

  • The Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics

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    Kimberley Irvin and Julie Driscoll are the Mad Women of Smoking Hot Politics - a politically liberal show with no holds barred and all callers welcome.

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    Black Church White Church: Why Has Dr. King Dream Skipped Over Church?

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    Today on Church Folk Revolution Radio we are asking the question - What part of "I have a Dream" is alive in your church life today? Are you a child from the 50's? If so - how has your life been enhanced since 1963? We will also talk about church segregation and why Sunday is still the most segregated day of the week? Only on PimpPreacher.com

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    Black Women in Black History: Co-opted and Written Out of History Pt. 3

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    This is part three of a four part series.

    The third show will discuss how women start, support, and fund these movements. We will discuss how black women have been co-opted out of history and have been pushed to the side by power hungry black men and whites, in some cases.

    The #BlackLivesMatter is the Millennial movement and not the Civil Rights vanguard who have done nothing but fatten their pockets and stomachs since MLK.

    You can dial into the show 310-982-4273 and press 1 to speak with the hosts. You can Skype into the show.

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