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    Bill Cosby and the Public lynching of Black Men in America

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    Bill has been rather vocal related to Black people in america and what ails us, he has been held up by white america for the things he has said, denigrating and putting down the people who supported him to the place he sits. Still He is a Black man, does he not deserve our support?

    Why suddenly the witch hunt, why has white america chosen THIS time to bring this forward, is it Distraction from the Mike Brown case??

    How about the OJs and Bill Cosbys that have seemingly abandon their own once they sat at the table of whites, do these people still deserve our support or do we let them get chewed up by the master they snuggled beneath?

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    Ferguson Decision: Police, Gun Violence & Black America

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    Hope & Healing: A journey to Wholeness (TALK RADIO) Listen or speak to host: (323) 784-9638

    J R Thicklin HOST.....Jay Discusses The Ferguson Decision and how it may affect America, violence and The Family.

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    Black America Created To Do The Impossible

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    Dr.Nebkheperure Speaks

    "Black America Created To Do The Impossible"

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    How to Raise a Black Son in America

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    I'm sure most of you saw the video of the woman in Baltimore disciplining her son who thought he was going to riot with his friends. I'm sure more of you remember the Adrian Peterson case of yesteryear. I'm sure even more of you are either a black man, a sibling of a black man, or a parent of a black man. In what ways have you seen parents of black men go right and wrong? Are Adrian Peterson and the woman in Baltimore out of line or does it take ruthless, tough love to adequately prepare a man for a ruthless, tough world?

    Join me and father, youth worker Maurice King this week for.. "How to Raise a Black Son in America" on The Erik Terrell Show.

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    The Affect Of White Privilege On Black America

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    This installment of The Forbidden Fruit will look at the subtle affect of white privilege on Black America. With the current social unrest moving throughout the country, the opinions are racially divided. Some people are quick to address the riots as an isolated incidents and not the by-product of a much bigger and more complex problem. How can you ask Black America to forget the past, suck it up and move on? The past is the past, so leave it there..right? Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. Subtle White Privilege can be more dangerous than in your face racism. We all need to get along, but at the same time, we have to understand our differences. It's politically correct to say that you don't see color, but is that healthy? Let's address this issue head-on and not just let it fester. There has been a lot of hurt that has been swept under the rug. That rug is getting awfully bumpy.

    What white america is asking black america to do, is like an angry mob breaking into your house, rapping the women, beating the men, stealing all the valuables in the house, then setting it on fire, and then a week later showing up and asking you to just don't ever mention it again and suck it up and move on. Yes, you can suck it up and move on, but some very important steps are missing. The attacker never owned up to it, nor did he apologize, nor did he offer to make it right economically. He just expected you to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, when you didn't have any boots to start with. I think we need this talk here on The Fruit. 


    Calll in number is 347-202-0492

    Our show email address is AppleBrain@Live.com

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    We will be talking about sex in the black community.  what is it? Taboo sex? are black people as freaky as other races? And safe sex.  call in and chat it up live and give your opinion.  

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    "State Of The Black Youth: The Shuns & Failures By Black America"

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    In addition to the endless whispers, under-the-table talk and front page news disasters about the tragic state of our Black youth, Our youth have been projected as worthless inanimate objects that are openly used for target practice, classified as thugs, animals, monsters, criminals, and everything that detaches them from innocence or humanity. While absolutely nothing can compare to the deplorable criminal acts and injustice served to address these acts of crime against our youth by White America, the moral negligence, finger-pointing and degradation suffered by our youth in Black America remove our youth's chances of fighting back and putting the lies to death. Join us tonight at 10:30 pm EST by calling 347-327-9967

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    KB AND THE REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS hit the airwaves with a NAT TURNER lick. globally BLACK PEOPLE are the most persecuted,prosecuted, exploited, disjointed group of people there are. While we wait for others to come and save us from the beast our suffering gets greater and greater. Its time for a new movement of motivated, unified, determined brothers and sisters who wont take no for an answer. Join us this week for a special edition of Chocolate Sity as we form an alliance with the RBG MOVEMENT!!!! What is this movement all about? Why should BLACK PEOPLE invest in this movement? Its time to set our own agenda..........A BLACK AGENDA!!!!!



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    Escaping the Black America Matrix.

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    Hello brothers and sisters,you friend Kalagenesis is back with another exciting episode of the Sunday Night Sermon..Reverend Kalagenesis will be preaching the gospel of Land Infrastructure and Nationhood as commanded by God almighty.Tonight I will discuss the falsification of Christianity and the sins of the Black church.I will also talk about the Pan African and Black liberation heritage of the African church in America.Tonight we will talk about the Black Matrix.The bubble we choose to live in because of deception and the illusion of inclusion.Hopefully some of my BAIO brothers will stop by as we stomp,praise and shout the glory of the coming of a new world order..........A nation of our own...........

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    Let's let's dig deeper on this debate on are black women unappreciated in america with co host Wendywen & Lisalove

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    "State Of The Black Youth: The Role Of Self Esteem and Black America" PT. 3

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    Continuing our discussion on the state of the youth in Black America and the roles we play in it...
    Universally, the unpopular teen will engage in behavior or activities that may seem uncharacteristic to the teen or outrageous to society. For Black youths, the universal standards of popularity are doubled, as just being Black is projected as a disgusting quality, and the horrors they endure because of their race is being divided up between being denied that it exists by Whites who are too uncomfortable thinking that anyone in their community are racists, and Blacks who are too afraid to "rock the boat" in White America. Throw in the generational changes made in the Black community village, and you are left with a volatile group of individuals facing big issues with small aresenals and no experienced leaders to guide them through the process. SInce it's clear that one half of the world has no interest in their betterment, how much of a role does the shunning and inaction of Black AMerica play in the creation of poor self-esteem in its own youth?