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    Black America Unmasked

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    Black America Unmasked is about spreading the truth to Black America.


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    Black Urban America focus on Black Engineers

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    On October 6, 2015 Black Urban America has its first evening show. Starting at 8pm Great show planned with Mr. Maurice Patterson from the society of Black Engineers is our special guest. Join us at 8pm. Live call in (347)989-0180. We can change the way we think with information, knowledge, wisdom and understanding!

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    The Comprehensive Plan For Black America

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    Black Americans have been through a lot in this nation. We are seeing movements gaining ground but the one thing they are lacking is a plan. This plan must be something we can get behind. Complaining isn't going to fix our issues at all. Something tangible that we can get behind to change laws is the way to go.

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    BLACK Urban America with Kenneth Jones

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    BLACK URBAN AMERICA  the show that brings a male perspective of what are the issues and solutions in the inner cities. Hosted by Kenneth Jonese. Weekly show broadcast every Tuesday at 10AM. Eastern Standard time. 

    call in 3479890180

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    BLACK Urban America

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    Join us Tuesday at 10 am,  Call 3479890180

    This week on BLACK Urban America there are two discussions planned.  The first is about the word "nigger".  Are you for using it or against using it.

    The second half of the show we will discuss how to get more Black Men involved in Urban America development .

    Tuesdays @ 10am Eastern Standard time

    Hosted by Kenneth R. Jones,MSW 

    This week's Guest Carlton Snead, a Urban Social Worker 

  • BLACK Urban America

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    Queenmother4real media is proud to introduce our new show starting Tuesday, July 28, @ 10:00am. Our new show featuring Kenneth R. Jones, MSW as the host. The show is called Black Urban America.
    Black Urban America will address issues concerning Black Urban communities in the United States. The show will not only discuss concerns, but will explore solutions. Most of the guests will be community leaders, educators and local political leaders. Join us Tuesday, July 28, @ 10:00am and every Tuesday at 10:00am after that!
    This Tuesday discussion is with Mr Tykeen Robinson a social worker for the past 25 years. He currently supervises a school program for youth in a urban high school.
    What do Black Men think about Black Women?

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    NAACP and Black Lives Matter: The Enemy of Black America

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    Join the Ron and Don Show tonight as we welcome Mr. Jim Clingman a long time watchdog of his local and national NAACP to discuss with us the background behind Federal Judge Susan J. Dlott , who has subpoenaed the National NAACP President Cornell William Brooks and the National NAACP Legal Counsel. This will be a wake up call for black America. 

    We also cover the tragic shooting of two reporters and talk about the motivation behind this event. Then we talk about Minnesota's version of Black Lives Matter and much more. The phone lines will be open. Don't miss this program. 

  • Black America- Decaying From Within

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    Today too many Black American communities have transformed “hand-out/hand-up programs” into a pathologic syndrome intertwined with an Entitlement Mentality, often coupled with ignorance, laziness, and arrogance. “Entitlement” in today’s context is a government program guaranteeing access to benefits by members of a specific group and based on established legislation.  A "right" or entitlement associated with a moral or social principle provisioned in accordance with a legal framework of society based in concepts of social equality. In the United States, an entitlement program is a type of "government program that provides individuals with personal financial benefits, goods and services to which an indefinite number of potential beneficiaries meet eligibility conditions that are specified by the standing law that authorizes the program.

    These programs include Social Security and Medicare and most Veterans’ Administration programs, federal employee and military retirement plans, unemployment compensation, food stamps and agricultural price support programs. A major debated difference is that the “food stamps and agricultural subsidy” programs are not programs in which the recipient contributed anything to receive. In recent years, benefits, like those of the food stamps program which people become eligible to receive without paying into a system are under “fire” and appear to be a contributing factor to Black American inertia.

    I am aware of those who choose a low socio-economic existence as a lifestyle choice where the government takes care of them and tell them what to do and thereby submit willingly to an “enslaved” existence. To maintain a belief that you are owed something and entitled to things when you are doing nothing to help yourself is absurd.

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    "Being a Black Man in White America"

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    Whether it’s being targeted by overzealous, racist police officers, discriminatory supervisors in the workplace, ignorant "niggas" looking to rob/kill us in the streets, white women clutching their purses when passing by, or our ancestors being kidnapped, lynched and enslaved…Historically, black men have always had to work twice as hard to get just as far as other races. To hear a rebroadcast of our special on ""Being a BLACK Man in WHITE America", tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST by calling 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com. “Real Radio that Matters”.

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    Bill Cosby and the Public lynching of Black Men in America

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    Bill has been rather vocal related to Black people in america and what ails us, he has been held up by white america for the things he has said, denigrating and putting down the people who supported him to the place he sits. Still He is a Black man, does he not deserve our support?

    Why suddenly the witch hunt, why has white america chosen THIS time to bring this forward, is it Distraction from the Mike Brown case??

    How about the OJs and Bill Cosbys that have seemingly abandon their own once they sat at the table of whites, do these people still deserve our support or do we let them get chewed up by the master they snuggled beneath?