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    News of the Bizzare and other asides

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    Join Ken and Beth this week for a stream-of-consciousness conversation about bizarre news stories, the vagaries of the English language, life's vicissitudes of fortune, fame, and love, and as much of it as we can pack in to the fastest half-hour on streaming audio. That's RADIO to you, buster! LOL!  There's no lack of strangeness in this old world and Ken and Beth are here to talk about it.  Why not join them?  They'd love to hear your opinions, comments, prognostications, and erudite aphorisms.  Join the discussion at 9:30PM PST by calling in on (347) 215-9971.  Join the teeming throngs in our online chat room or just languish in the audio stream whilst the dulcet tones of the hosts waft through the aethers like the droning of distant bees. LOL!  No, really, do join us!  We'd love to have you. :)

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    Travel and entertainment superstars: Frommer, Stallone, Schultz, Zimmern

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    With more than 200 songs to his credit and multiple film scores, Frank Stallone has distinguished himself from movie-star brother Sylvester.  His road as a musician was difficult despite his brother's fame but he found ways to stay relevant and reinvent himself.  Frank says that traveling has played an important role in his development as a person and an artist.

    Travel Channel's "Bizzare Foods" host Andrew Zimmern has traveled the world to experience some of the most unusual looking foods that many of the world's people depend on for their survival.  In spite of the entertainment value of eating things that appear grossly unappetizing, Andrew bridges culturals and displays a more serious side to his adventures.

    Travel writer Pauline Frommer, daughter of budget travel guru Arthur Frommer, is helping to build on the legacy that her father started in the 1950s.  She has developed her own line of travel guide books and continues to cohost the Frommer's Travel Show with her dad.  Pauline joins us to offer some valuable travel advise.

    Patricia Schultz is the author of the "1000 Places To See Before You Die" series.  She tells us how she selected the "must-see" places for her global and North American books and she also offers some sage travel advice.

    We will also shine a destination spotlight on the U.S. Virgin Islands and Turks and Caicos.

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    Dead Air

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    Dr. Sigmund Zoid returns to the internet airwaves to bring you all of the latest and greatest news and gossip from the Vortexx!  Rare celebrity interviews, news of the strange, a rundown of the Vortexx schedule for the week and much much more including your phone calls!  Now co-hosted by none other than "Dwight", the formerly unseen and seldom heard 3rd wheel of Alternative Realities!

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    It's ISIS you ISIL! Terrorists in the White House!

    in Politics Conservative

    Yes we have terrorists in the White House and I will explain why. I also introduce an "after the show show" where we kick back and talk off the cuff. Why do the French not learn from their mistakes? Why do we have idiots in DC among many other topics. Also, our "How Bizzare" segment and much more so dont miss it. 7-8:30 pm cst at the link below. 657-383-1908 To talk with us!

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    Soured debates + personal attacks + misquotes + political illiterate citizenry =

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    On Freaky Friday it seems obvious we should discuss the bizzare things taking place in this political season.  From the lists of candidates on both sides of the arena, the debate fiascos, divisions with the political parties, smart people making stupid comments, a voting age populace that really does not know what's going on, mainstream media directing the entire political season, to social media madness... what a mess.

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" to share your views on these and any other topic affecting our political system.

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    American By Design - Trump Bump, Ashley Madison, Anchor Babies and How Bizarre!

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    What is it about Donald Trump that us Americans find so interesting? Will he fizzle or burn out? 
    Ashley Madison and how some necks are going to be in a ringer including some government officials.
    Anchor Babies and why the conservative GOP has got the whole immigration reform act wrong in my opinion!

    Including our "How Bizzare" Segment! All on American By Design!

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    Americas Most Unwanted and The People Who Find Them

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    Our weekly look at the bail bond industry. In some ways it is a bizzare industry. There are elements of law enforcement that don't like it, there are politicians that hate it, there are DA's that would lose no sleep if it went away. And of course last but not lease there is the man or woman that needs it!

    Happiness however can be replaced by sadness in a heartbeat. Don't turn up for a court date, expect to have a grumpy Bail Bondsman knocking on your door.

    A question I am going to ask this week is how seriously threats of death or Bodily Damage taken? Sure, most are said in the heat of the moment, but some, are cold and calculated.

    I invite listeners to call in and join the conversation

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    LIVE Exclusive: " FAKE DIANA ROSS" The woman who attacked Sly Stones Lawyer

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    The woman Now known as Nichole Jackson age 46 of Los Angeles Ca aka. the "Fake Diana Ross", allegedly threw a punch at Stone's lawyer, leaving him with a cut to the face. She was quickly arrested by police and booked for misdemeanor battery
    Ms. Jackson has told us herself that it was the arresting officer who came up with the whole "Diana Ross" story and belittled her in jail telling her to sing songs made famous by the Motown legend. " They kept asking me to sing "Baby Love" and kept introducing me to other officers as Diana Ross. Funk Legend Sly Stone Had A Hearing Into His Ongoing Royalties Case Postponed  After His Lawyer Was Attacked Outside The Courthouse by longtime close friend who claimed she was Diana Ross REPORTED BY TMZ.The twist in this story is that Ms.Jackson is no other than Sly Stones long time friend of over 20 yrs. El DeBarge ( from the musicical group "DEBARGE") is the the one who introduced Sly to Nichole in the late 80's when she came to him as a victim of abuse.." she couldn't walk..., couldnt talk.." say's Sly Stone " we had to teach her how to live again, she had lost her memory.. So I healed her thru my music"...Said the Funk Legend.

    Now on to the Bizzare Diana Ross claims.....Once back in 1992 Ms. Jackson played the very small role of Diana Ross in the motion picture " DEATH BECOMES HER" starring Meryl Streep, Bruce Willis & Goldie Hawn, so maybe thats where she got it??? either way the lawyer knows her, Sly knows her ( and pays her) Gerry Goldstein knows her ( and pays her) and She has been accompanying Sly during these Royalty hearings for months now and is more than emotionally connected to Sly, this case and all the lawyers involved..SHE IS HERE LIVE TONIGHT!

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    Behind the Headlines Interview with Jon Ryman: Who is 'Jihadi John'?

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    This week on Behind the Headlines we're talking once again to Jon Ryman. Jon has published two video documentaries on the so-called terror masterminds Samantha Lewthwaite (aka White Widow) and Abdel Bary (aka at one point 'Jihadi John'). Egyptian born British rapper Bary was initially identified as 'Jihadi John', the black-clad figure in last year's spate of ISIS 'beheading' videos. One month ago however, the Washington Post claimed that Jihadi John was in fact Mohammed Emwazi, a Kuwait-born British man in his mid 20s from who grew up in West London.

    Most interesting in these cases is the fact that all three of these alleged 'high profile' terrorists were well-known to British and US intelligence services with their families also having extensive links to the British and US establishments. In the case of the 'official' (for now) Jihadi John - Mohammed Emwazi - this "kind and gentle" computer programmer from London was harrassed for several years by British security Services. Emwazi is the subject of Jon's latest video documentary.

    So what's really going on here. Are we witnessing a bizzare theatre constructed by Western governments, intelligence services with the mainstream media serving as stage hands? Join us this Sunday March 29th (2-4pm EST, 8-10pm CET) as we discuss the details from Behind the Headlines.

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    Wake up with 'The Baxman' & 'The Brain' as they bring you a hump day edition of the L2C, featuring the Fox Sports 1 sports wrap, hollywood update , and the mid week wrestling report .

    All the best stuff from the Last Call Cafe , only in a more bizzare and unpredictable 30 minute show ..so join us and tune in, turn on, and FREAK OUT !

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    Casino City Gang: Crimes, regulations and PokerStars edition

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    Casino City's Vin Narayanan, Aaron Todd and Dan Podheiser discuss Caesars changing course and joining with PokerStars to lobby for online gaming in the U.S., the strange resolution to a rare "successful" casino heist and bizzare laws and regulations regarding charity poker tournaments. And, as always, they close the show with their "Best Bets."