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    Food News Friday

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    It's the first installment of Food News Friday! I cover all current news from the food world and of course exactly how I feel about it. Part  "just the facts" and part colorful opinion, I'm excited to introduce this new format. Call in a let's talk about the epicurean buzz of the day. 

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    Join us tonight March 17th as H.J. Morgan tells you he won’t” BITE MY TONGUE FOR NO ONE!!”  It has been said at times if you have nothing nice to say, not to say anything at all. How about those moments when the TRUTH needs to be stated and we all have the thought but are not willing to put it out there to be heard. Well tonight is that night and be tuned in for this hot topic. Ladies and Gents it’s time to get into the conversation about it and get the solutions needed. All of this and of course our weekly discussion on, Sports, Entertainment, and Politics. Tuesday Night, Real Talk All The Time, 100% Unpolished, Unrehearsed, And Unapologetic!!!   Real Talk for Real People. The call in is 347-637-3010. www.realtalkallthetime.com. Every Tuesday Night @7:30 PM.

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    Countdown to Spring Cooking

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    The first day of Spring is March 20th, less than 20 days away. That means new products at the market, new options in your cooking. We're going to talk about making the transition from Winter cooking to Spring cooking, and how to prepare your pantry for the change. 

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    African Americans: Dirty Laundry on the Line

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    There are several issues facing African Americans. Just to name a few, there is racism, high unemployment, poor educational systems, judicial injustices, poorly maintained urban neighborhoods and economic inequalities. There are many variables that factor into these issues. But, what is often missing in the conversation is the accountability, responsibility and power African Americans have to effect change in our communities. We are going to air out our dirty laundry, tell some truths and discuss solutions to bring about the changes we need to reinvent, rebuild and rejuvenate our communities. Join the conversation…we want to hear your thoughts and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! Call in or listen in at 646-716-5470.

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    Bite Me, Etc

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    Nora Roberts told her fans to bite her this week. I was really amused.

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    Image of a Black Woman: Hollywood Style

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    Black women are either portrayed as the sex vixen, the bitch, the mouthy one, or the golddigger. What's up with that ? Mo' nique (who is now blackballed in Hollywood) won an Oscar for portraying an abusive pedophile mother, Halle won in a role getting her back blown out by Billy Bob, on reality shows black women are loud & boisterous, Olivia Pope, Mary Jane and Annalise Keating are all mistresses...and Cookie...well...Cookie is just Cookie. Lol! Let's dig into it...join us and Don't Bite Your Tongue. 6pm 646-716-5470.

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    Ferguson: The DOJ Report & Beyond

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    The Department of Justice revealed to the world a fact that any person of color who has driven through Ferguson already knows…driving while black will cost you.  The fallout has resulted in a few resignations, changes in nearby jurisdictions, resurgence of protests, revived conversations about race in this country, and the shooting of two police officers. We will talk about the implications of the DOJ’s report for not only Ferguson but for the country as a whole. What real conversations should we be having now that the covers have been pulled back on the practice of “citation without representation”?  Let’s talk about this…we want to hear your thoughts and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! Call in or listen in at 646-716-5470.

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    Intimate Desires: A Conversation with Nikeema Lee

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    Intimacy, love and sex are individually defined by life experiences, both good and bad. The manifestation of intimacy, love or sex is an outward expressions of our internal state of being. These three human experiences build upon and connect to one another. A disconnect or lack of understanding in one of these areas can lead to damaging and unfulfilled relationships not only with others but with ourselves. We will talk to author, editor in chief of Upscale Desires Magazine and Intimate Relationship Coach, Nikeema Lee about achieving true intimacy with ourselves and with others.  Join the conversation and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! Call in 646-716-5470.

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    St. Louis Showcase: Part 1

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    St. Louis is a city filled with talented people! We have music artists, business owners, movie producers, authors…they all started with dreams and turned them into goals. We will talk to them to discuss their journeys, their future plans and get their advise on pursuing dreams, St. Louis Style! Join in the conversation and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!! Call in 646-716-5470.

    Show Case Participants

    Quansa- www.exclusivefitz.com Online shoe retailer

    Keya Harris- www.goodfamilycleaning.com, Twitter: @goodfamilyclean, Instagram: goodfamilycleaning Facebook: Good Family Cleaning, 314-236-1853 Residential & Commercial Cleaning & Auto Detailing company

    Candi Sharie- Facebook: Sweet Events by Ms. Candi Sharie-Event Planning Company

    Matthew Bailey- baileyloss@gmail.com Twitter & Youtube: @royalstl –Movie director & producer

    Chris Renee-Author - http://www.amazon.com/Chris-Renee/e/B007KQ5AF2/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1425847371&sr=1-2-ent

    KiKi- www.sisterskeeper.biz – All natural skin & hair products

    Cash Zone Ent- Facebook: Cash Zone Ent, https://soundcloud.com/4sideordie

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    Mindfulness over Matter

    in Lifestyle

    Join me Connie Rogers with my guest,  Michael McPherson

    What do you live for?   What keeps you getting up every morning? What makes your heart take flight? Questions like these are what drive my existence. 

    "I realized that I am not my thoughts, not my feelings and not my pain but rather the experiencer of them, that I caught a glimpse of what it means to be truly free. Since that time it has been my life’s work to grow in conscious awareness and remain present to the ever present moment at hand. As a Naturopathic doctor I hope to expand upon the connection between the world within and the expression of that world without. There is great beauty and freedom in embracing our pain and choosing to "LOVE" in spite of it."  Michael McPherson-Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine https://www.facebook.com/michael.j.mcpherson2

    Connie Rogers is a Board Certified Integrative Holistic Health Coach, a fellow Radio show host on Life Coach Chat Channel, & International Coach Chat Channel, Published Author, Founder & Owner of Bite Size Pieces, a 37 year certified cosmetologist/ “skin health from within teacher” and a Reiki Master and a forever student of Mindfulness.  I coach men and women and support them in achieving their goals “one bite size step” at a time. You can connect with me at www.bitesizepieces.net  and  faces@vail.net


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    Strong Women: When is Strong Wrong?

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    Many women are proud of their strength and ability to be self sufficient. They chant “I am woman hear me roar”...loudly…and ALONE! Why? Is their strength being misinterpreted or are they misinterpreting what it means to be a strong woman? Can a woman be too strong? When does strength become a detriment to the woman who ascribes to having this quality? Is her strength a barrier to receiving the love and relationship that she desires? How do women balance the dichotomy of being both strong and vulnerable? We will discuss these questions and many more…call in or listen in at 646-716-5470 and DON’T BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!!

    Check out the video from Torahscents that sparked this show topic:


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