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    The Local Church - Why the need for Bishops or Apostles?

    in Religion

    Why all the brothers and sisters chasing after the title of bishop and apostle, why do we need them?  What use are they to the local assembly?  Can a church just have a congregational church polity and be fine?

    Should a congregation be independent or INTERdependent?

    Why do we need bishops?

    Can you vote the founder out of a church (congregation) he started?

    We are going to cover this and more.

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    Deepertruth: Torture Is A Moral Issue Part II Catholic Bishops Guidelines

    in Religion

    The United States Catholic Bishops have given guidelines on how Prisoners of War should be humanely treated.  Recently there have been wide division on a small amount of considered gray areas.  Tonight we are looking deeper into the guidelines to see if there is any clearification for all concerned.

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    Episcopacy 201 - Why do every bishops have fellowships

    in Religion

    Today on  Blogtalkradio, we will be dealing with all of these fellowships and why do every bishop need a fellowship?

    We are going to change the paradigm... Bishops needs dioceses not fellowships.

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    GREAT CONTROVERSY/GREAT CONCERN: "Bishops, Elders & Overseers in The Church"-1

    in Religion

    During this *Special Edition* of ARC Studies Live! I will be addressing issues related to the relationship between God and man, God and woman, man and woman and woman in The Church as God intended. "What is The Role of Women in The Church?" "Has Chauvinism & Feminism Impacted How God's Word is Viewed & Taught?" "Who is Authorized By God to Preach The Word of God?" "What are Bishops, Elders & Overseers?" "Are they Spiritual Gifts?" "Can women hold these positions?"  Join me as we immerse ourselves in the depth of understanding that The Word of God provides concerning these teachings with a view of separating DOGMA from DOCTRINE, freeing CHRISTIANITY from the errors of CHURCHIANITY, and untethering those seeking true Christian REVOLUTION from those who relish the ambiguity of REBELLION. I'll also be taking your questions and/or comments live on air at (646)652-2905. Any questions and/or comments off air should be directed to (614)388-8838 or e-mailed to ryoung@arcstudies.org. All questions received up to 30 minutes before show time will be addressed on air. See you there!!!

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    Episcopacy 201 - Bishops, Dioceses and Fellowships

    in Religion

    Church government is called church polity.  Polity is where we get the word politics from.  Episcopal government involves a certain type of church structure.  Congregational autonomy is opposed to episcopal polity.

    The Fellowship model is about associating and not about being submitted.  You come and go as you please. You do what you want.  If this one make you mad you leave and start your own with its own protocol.

    A diocese by definition is a local church made up of multiple congregations  It is pastored by the Bishop.  Each parish or campus church is submitted to the bishop as their senior pastor and each campus church is not the local church but an expression of the local church 

    You can buy our 2014 Syllabus for $25 in PDF or WORD format from the website.  www.coaab.org

  • Live, Love, Laugh presents "Bishops In The Flow" with Bishop Cecil Reid

    in Motivation

    Live, Love, Laugh presents "Bishops In The Flow" during the month of July. Bishops will be showcased and will have an opportunity to discuss their ministry and organizations with the listeners.

    Bishop Reid is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. Accepting Jesus Christ in his third year of high school, he continued his education at North Carolina A & T State University. He is married to Evangelist Rhetta S. Reid and is the father of six children, three step-children, and fifteen grand children. Bishop Reid has served in the ranks as a Deacon, Lay Pastor, Senior Pastor, Teacher, Junior Bishop, General Overseer of the Church of God Apostolic, Inc., church builder, evangelist, foreign missionary, editor, printer, child care administrator, youth camp director, puppeteer, board member of the Greensboro Violent Crime Task Force, volunteer to the courts, member of Priest Pilot Association, co-founder of Christian Airman Fellowship (An associa-tion of pilots for domestic and global mission), and conference speaker. A successful commercial art business man, Author of Reclaiming Your Children, Why Be A Part Of An Organized Church Or Organization, Penny Wise-Head and 

    Tails, Gone, Women in Ministry, and oth-ers; and he holds a Certified Pilot cer-tificate. Bishop Reid, with his built-in charisma, brings a vision for souls and unity in the body of Christ. His favorite saying: "I am great, and I work with great people." His favorite scripture is Hebrew 13:8; "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever." His favorite theme is “Beyond.” 

    “BEYOUND” - Almost every Christian without exception knows better than to live at his present standard of spirituality. 

    Bishop Cecil Reid

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    Bishops of What?!?, part 2 - SYMBOLS

    in Christianity

    Join the Hitman as we further the discuss the popular Catholic/Episcopalian rank structure known as the "order of bishops" adopted by many non-catholic churches as their leadership structure. We will cover the many different symbols and ceremonies involved with the "enthronement" and installment of a bishop and all of the various accepted ranks of the clergy in detail. Are these symbols and ceremonies approved by Christ or are they anti-Christ? Tune in and find out.

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    Live, Love, Laugh presents "Bishops In The Flow" Bishop Ra'Shawn Flournoy

    in Motivation

    Live, Love, Laugh presents "Bishops In The Flow" during the month of July. Bishops will be showcased and will have an opportunity to discuss their ministry and organizations with the listeners.


    Bishop Ra’Shawn received his license to preach the gospel in September 2001 and was ordained in 2006. Over the years God has allowed him to connect with phenomenal men and women of God and assist with church planting across the country. God has truly favored his ministry and caused his name to be spread abroad. He is a highly sought after minister of the Gospel who has been boldly fighting for social justice and proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the power and demonstration in church services, news interviews and conferences across the United States. His unique style of preaching has reached beyond traditional barriers and touched the lives of many. Bishop strive to set the standard and be an example to the community and represent the Kingdom by demonstrating spiritual integrity, maturity, and excellence. Bishop Flournoy maintains a passion for education, particularly among adolescents and young adults, and seeks to address their sexuality issues, as well as create strategies that reduce the negative consequences of early or irresponsible sexual involvement and currently serves as the Program Director for The PowerHouse Project in Charlotte, North Carolina. He is also the Co-Founder of the Dream Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to provide an array of individual-level, group-level and community-level programs and services targeting youth and young adults in the community. Bishop Ra’Shawn is working on his first book entitled, “The Naked Truth”. Today his ecumenical messages have been heard on the far shores of South Africa and England.?

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    Janice Bishops-Carter SWOT Analysis Model to transform all relational conflicts!

    in Business

    Janice E Bishop Carter is the founder of Arm Communications Group, LLC, an Advocacy, Research and Marketing business with: Cooperative Economics, Corporate Responsibility and Community Inclusion the essence of her platform. www.armcommunications.com
    She is a twenty-nine year retiree of the criminal justice system. The former public servant for Public Safety, she managed the communications and telecommunications center, communicating with local, state and federal agencies. As a Telecommunications Professional, she dealt with diverse types of emergencies and conflict. She was one of the first women to be elected for the FBI Southern Region Policy Board.
    She has other first time leadership roles in here community. In 1998 she was the second female elected to hold office, as a three term six years President, of the Louisville Branch NAACP; the oldest civil rights organization in the nation. She has experienced many memorable moments; however, she’ll never forget what she was doing September 1, 2001 when all of America and public safety was under attack.
    ( She has developed The Phantom Family Model & SWOT Analysis Model)
    SWOT Analysis manages the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to a family’s unit and sustainability, as a business and its organizational structure.
    Master in Business Administration and Master’s in Conflict Management.; lives in Louisville Kentucky 

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    A Talk With The Bishops

    in Religion

    A Talk With The Bishops this morning will be with Excellencies: Bishop W.J. Strong, Sr. and Bishop O.T. Coleman, Sr. This discuss willl center on the need for Episcopal Training.

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    Can Women Be Bishops?

    in Christianity

    Join Dr. Michelle Harris and Bishop Michael Harris for concise biblical study. If you enjoy word study and intellectual dialogue, you will feel right at home.

    Topic: Can Women be a Bishops?

    Guest: Apostle Rita Stuart

    Join the discussion by calling (347) 327-9961