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    Straight HIPHOP Talk

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    Wednesday August 5th, 2015 at 6:30pm EST  we will be talking about Aliens, Alien Abductions and Experiences. Experiences that I have had, others have had and you have had. We are going to open the phone lines and let you share some of your experiences with us and our audience at Blog Talk Radio.

    We will talk about red balls, encounters of the third kind-CONTACT and other experiences!  Hypnosis and how it may reveal experiences.

    Co-Host Terrye Lynn Newcomb, Hailey Dunn Searcher.


    2 new eBOOKS up at AMAZON.COM:  MOLLY BISH DISAPPEARANCE PROFILE and WHERE IS CORRIE ANDERSON? We will be having a show about Corrie Anderson October 28, 2015, the 7 year missing anniversary date.

    Updates October 15, 2015 we will be investigating ELLIOT SMITH'S DEATH on SUPERNATURAL RADIO with Corrine de Winter


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    "Up Close & Personal" with Smooth Jazz Saxophonist/Vocalist Paula Atherton

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    Paula Atherton – Ear Candy


    Here she is once again dancing the funk right off everyone’s dancing shoes: saxtress Paula Atherton. The lady has a new label (Maurice White’s Kalimba Music), some slammin’ contributions from one of the coolest guitarist around, Nick Colionne, lovely trumpeter Cindy Bradley, and the wonderfully talented, equally lovely keyboardist Gail Jhonson. Couple that with that same seductive, crystal clear vocal style that has brought her this far and an album of all new, all original material – Ear Candy — and I think we can look for a chart topper here.

    Kicking it off with the funky “Pocket Full of Funk,” this party wastes no time getting into full swing. Others follow like “Bee to A Flower” (truly one to get those feet excited and certainly one of my faves) and “Breakdown.” Of course, this wouldn’t be a Paula Atherton CD without some of that saucy, seductive, R&Bish slow jam groove found here on tracks like “Without You” and “Someone’s Gonna Break My Heart” (the latter has a little pop flavor to it, as well). She also tosses in a little touch of Brazil and some great flute work on the rhythmic, up-tempo “Carnivale.”

    This release marks her fourth, and each just seems to take the listener a little bit farther into the fascinating sound-rich world of this now so well-defined saxtress. That her fortunes are blossoming so well (new label, notable luminaries signing on to contribute) only further proves her to be more than ready to share the upper rungs of that wonderful C-jazz ladder. It is also evident that her style and material are irresistibly charming. Ear Candy …mmm, mmm good. –Ronald Jackson

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    NFL Draft Fantasy Sports Warehouse 3 hour show

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    Its time for the NFL draft and Fantasy Sports Warehouse’s on air personalities will be around for 3 hours on FSW2 for all the coverage. We are covering the 1st round of a very exciting NFL draft. We will be bringing you pick by pick analysis of the NFL Draft which is in Chicago, Il for the first time. From talking about Jaemis Winston to Marcus Mariota. The Tampa Bay Bucs have the #1 overall pick and look to pick Jamesis, but you never know for sure. QB’s, RB’s, TE’s, WR’s, Offensive Line, Special Teams, Defensive Fronts, Linebackers and Secondary’s. This will be one of the most interesting NFL drafts in a very long time. Don't miss out on all the fun with our NFL Experts - Preston Bailey , John Corrie ,Mike Bish ,Nick Ficorelli, Brandon Pemberton ,Brandon Medeiros and Ryan Palencer !

    8:00 pm EST to 11:00 pm EST



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    SB Barber Morning Show -Bish W.Bolden, Townsends, Mobleys, Davidsons, Stranges

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    SB Barber Morning Show - Christmas Day show!
    Business of Thursday Health.Well.Fit. #BoTHWF - Returning are Bishop Willie Bolden to further discuss his new book "KING to KING" sharing wisdom on 'Life of the Marriage along with Mr. (Elder) Christopher (Chris) & Mrs. (Elder) Yolanda Townsend's rich nuggets; couples - Mr. Brezwinn & Joy Mobley, Mr. Jason & Deirdre Devona Peeples-Strange, Mr. Micheal A. & Shawny Wright Davidson. Not on today - Our contributing host Kimberly Brown - 'Home for the Holiday' Recording concert was success, plus watch her on Dr. Oz Show Jan 5

    Visit website: www.bishopwilliebolden.com
    Song: "CELEBRATE" - artist Tonia Hughes
    (produced by her husband Brian Kendrick/written by her son Cameron Wright)

    Send us your questions/comments & #‎GMSbuzz™ before, during, after the broadcast. Join us on twitter, -- or facebook.com --or youtube.com or Instagram@GMNLiveTv -- SB Barber Morning Show with Apostle Shena SB Barber is produced by ShenaBarber.com and presented by GRACE Media Network.

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    One of the most stylish and creative lead bassists of this wonderful time in C-jazz is the rising star Julian Vaughn whose fluid bass runs and compositions always seem to hit that special nerve in you that’s reserved for the smooth groove. Here on his latest released,Limitless, he continues to serve it up in abundance.

    Bringing in a few luminaries from his Trippin N Rhythm/Cutmore Records family (saxmen Lebron and Darren Rahn, keyboardist Nicholas Cole, and flutist Althea Rene) along with saxmen Marcus Anderson and Elan Trotman, the bassist loads up with heavy grooves and romantic seductions.

    The up-tempo but easy ridin’ lead track “Ride Along” firmly complements tracks like the energetic “Initiate” and calls a cool timeout for the fluid entrance of the more laid back romance-laden offering “All to Myself” and the mid-tempo R&Bish “Ecstacy.”

    Vaughn’s wonderful tribute to the late great Wayman Tisdale shows how much of an impact the jovial and greatly talented Tisdale had on Vaughan.
    We all love a great up-tempo jam, and Vaughn certainly offers his share here, but his skill with crafting slow- to mid-tempo tracks with tons of melody like the previously mentioned “All to Myself,” “I Will,” and “Say Yes” is equally as powerful and full of charm.

    Here is a bassist who is doing it the right way…feeling the genre and the groove and how it moves him and his music to always strive for excellence. As the album title could imply, his potential is truly Limitless. – Ronald Jackson, The Smooth Jazz Ride.

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    yasssss BISH

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    Lots to talk about with this crew YUNG MAC, FLO AND MANIAC From Washington to New York these guys got all the bases covered PSYCHOTIC FLOWS IN THIS BISH!!!! These guys are always live n direct and funny as hell. The single "I AINT EVEN WORRIED" has been in rotation every week since our debut show along with "Your Girl".......all i can say is YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE......AND it WILL be an EPISODE!! as always the phone lines are open! 

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    SkoolBoy Surfs Up from Memphis TN will be interviewed by DJ91

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    2MuchRadio has finally caught up with Memphis TN native Skoolboy Surfs Up. He has been traveling setting evey city on fire with his explosive music he been putting out. It's a provildge to catch up with him to see what he has going and coming up. You might have heard his hit single that had buzzed the south then and still buzzing with his single "Be Her Man". Then he came back strong with "I Wanna Feat. CMG Own Zed Zill."  It didn't stop there he came back with "This What I Do feat Future". Then his most recent new hot banger "Freaky Bish". SkoolBoy definitely no rookie to the game, he been putting on for Memphis TN. He his Memphis TN in the New Era. 

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    Tissue In The Tape Podcast: Ep. 49: The Gold Standard, How Many Mics???

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    Check out Episode 49 of the Tissue In The Tape Podcast. 
    Tonight your friendly neighborhood Heat Holderz wax poetic on the overlooked, forgotten,

    underrated, disrespected and straight snubbed albums that we believe are Hip-Hop Classics.

    We'll see if our new track of the week can overtake our reigning Champion Flip ft. Elzhi & Phat Kat - Without Warning

    We will also nominate another Album Cut for the Tissue In The Tape Hall of Fame Ya Bish!

    #WRSPN #HipHop365 #RepsectHeatHoldz

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    CELEBRITY SERIES: The First Lady of the Organ-Diane Bish

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    "The First Lady of the Organ" world renowned concert organist Diane Bish drops in on Patrick D. McCoy to discuss her career and the 30th anniversary of her hit show "The Joy fo Music" which has reached millions around the world.
    Diane Bish is the most visible and influential classical organist performing today. Concert and recording artist, composer, conductor, and international television personality, Diane Bish displays her dazzling virtuosity and unique showmanship the world over to international acclaim. Her organ performances are hailed as “stunning, virtuoso, fiery, and astonishing.”
    Miss Bish’s unparalleled achievements as a young performer gave her the credibility and determination to launch The Joy of Music international television series in 1982 as a platform for awareness and appreciation of “the king of instruments.” Broadcast to over 300 million people around the world each week, The Joy of Music combines exhilarating organ and ensemble performances with an informative, inspirational narrative and exciting world travel. The Joy of Music boasts over 500 episodes featuring famous cathedrals, concert halls, churches and organs. This tremendous outreach to the general public on behalf of the organ and Diane Bish’s longevity as a leading recitalist distinguishes her in the world of music.