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    We'll discuss one of the most taboo subjects within the LGBTQ-AIP community with the individuals themselves. We're going to expose various facets of bisexuality and how it's NOT all the same.

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    Tune in 9/12 at Noon(pacific) 3:00(eastern) When Shanda(Queen) and Co-Host SCHOLAR will be discussing bisexuality. Is it greed?, confusion, is it real?? Can you love both sexes? do you enjoy one more than the other? let's talk about it

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    The Curiosity of Women-Bisexuality in Heterosexual Relationships

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    Hi Bedroom Playmates!

    This show we will discuss sexual curiosity in heterosexual women. Do you know that there are many women in heterosexual relationships who have the desire or want to sleep with another woman? Are you one of those women? Do you desire the company of a woman but haven't been able to explore? If so, what is stopping you from exploring? Are you worried about society's view, your husband/boyfriend's view, or is it a moral thing? Is there a safe way to explore your sexuality without shame? 

    Are you a woman and your boyfriend/husband "allows" you to interact with women? Do you have rules to it? How do you explore it? How did you approach the conversation with your spouse? Has it harmed or actually enhanced your relationship?

    Are you in a lesbian relationship but have desires to sleep with a male every now and again? 

    We want to talk about this! Join us on Monday, Sept 29th at 10pm so we can talk. 


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    This week on CWCW we discuss bisexuality and how it has evolved over the years. Today more and more people consider themselves bisexual. Are they really gay and won't fully commit to the gay lifestyle? Or are they just in love with both sexes? These questions and more will be answered by a few special guests. Tune in, log in, join in the conversation with Cocktails With C. Wade!

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    Sexual Sin Series: Understanding Bisexuality and Homosexuality Part 2

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    The topic is bisexuality and homosexuality part 2 of our sexual sin series; in what ways has lesbianism affected men and gay men affect women? We ask this as our focus tonight because many believe that homosexuality and bisexuality affects no one. But how can this affect relationships and society? Will will also ask these same questions when we talk on fornication. So what affected 1. With God 2. With our families 3. With those they are in intimate relationships with. 

    Share our show and like our page on fb Taboo Talkshttps://www.facebook.com/TTEIB?ref=bookmarks 

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    Sashaa & Rain - Bisexuality

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    Sashaa  & Rain - 

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    Bisexuality: Do We See the "B" in LGBTQ with Anna DeShawn & the QCrew

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    Anna DeShawn & the QCrew (Queer Crew) bring authentically-edgy conversation on current topics affecting queer people of color around the country. They bring dynamic guests, engaging conversation, and the hottest independent music. You can tune-in every Thursday at 9p.m. CT/ 7pm PT/ 10pm ET.

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    Coming up on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, July 25, 3 pm EST and July 26, 9 pm EST, we're dealing in sexuality--bisexuality, that is. We'll devote the hour to discussing a sexual orientation that's often presented as a myth, a fiction, or a "confusion," bisexuality, the worst kept secret. We'll be joined by bisexual activist, author and speaker Robyn Ochs; by Frank Mastronuzzi, founder of dating site OneGoodLove and nationally recognized LGBT dating expert; by Mikaya Heart, lesbian activist, life-coach and author; and by Silvia M. Dutchevici, president and founder of the Critical Therapy Center created in recognition of the need to expand psychoanalytic praxis to include and be mindful of the ways race, class and gender interact with intrapsychic conflicts. The show promises to be eye-opening and boundary-pushing--join us, won't you? The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is always Talk Radio for Fine Minds!

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    Understanding Bisexuality and Homosexuality. Sexual Sin Series !

    in Spirituality

    If your human, im sure youve noticed the drastic changes concerning sexuality in the last 10 years. Is it ok for 2 women to hook up and not acceotable if its 2 men? How did this become so glamorous? Does The Most High warn us to refraion from sexual perversion for a good reason? Or is he just selfish and doesnt want us to have fun? Are people really born that way? Is it not a big deal? Would you teach your kids to be open about who or what theyre attracted to during the Sex Talk? Would you be concerned if you caught your boy kissing another boy more than catching him kissing a girl? Why are the "powers that be" pushing this in our faces so aggresively? These are questions I get often. Join us as we unravel the mystery behind why evil has introduced something considered an abomination by Yaweh. Ill also share my own testimony. Dont miss this one; Im sure it'll be a bang. Airing live at 10pm central, call will be taken during the show.

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    Graphic Policy Radio: Politics and Comics of the Multiverses

    in Pop Culture

    This Monday night Graphic Policy returns with a brand new episode mixing comics and politics. Listen in as we talk live about some of the latest comic news.

    On this episode, we're discussing:

    All-New X-Men made waves this past week when founding X-Man Bobby Drake aka Iceman was revealed to be gay. The writing though was controversial concerning statements around bisexuality. We talk about what happened, what we like vs what is still really troubling.
    DC Comics revealed that Frank Miller will be penning Dark Knight III: The Master Race. Miller will be joined by Brian Azzarello on writing duties. We discuss the unfortunate name for the new series.
    DC Comics' Convergence is wrapping up its first month this week. The two month event consists of a main series and a bunch of tie-in series. We discuss what we think so far. and what we hope to see in the second month.

    We'll discuss all of that and more! We want to hear what you think too! Tweet us your thoughts @graphicpolicy or call in to let us know what you think.

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    Snake Oil Radio/Icky Sexuality

    in Spirituality

    Host Jim Ventura (professional Navigational consultant - Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Animal cards etc...) is the author of two metaphysical books, YouTube videos and does local and Skype seminars and classes on many different metaphysical subjects. Snake Oil is Jim's monthly blog column. Snake Oil radio is a forum for discussion of a wide range of metaphysical subjects with a primary focus on how everyone can learn to fine tune their unique intuitive abilities and skills. Callers may call in toward the end of Jim’s show with questions or comments and some shows include 5 minute free mini navigational consultations (today's show will not get to live calls).
    Todays Show live Column read: Icky Sexuality

    “...From both a practical and spiritual perspective there have and will always be four primary variations for human sexual expression. The same categories also apply to most animal species. People are either heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, or asexual. For the most part sexual orientation is chosen at a Higher Self level before birth. Inevitably in our reincarnation cycles we will experience all of the variations in different lifetimes as part of our evolution and innate desire to experience the gifts and challenges each variation offers. Heterosexuality and bisexuality are the most common sexual expressions overall. 

    While bisexuality and homosexuality seems to be growing more commonplace in society, it only seems this way because it is becoming more socially acceptable to express oneself in either category...”

    People are often uncomfortable with things they cannot understand. Human sexuality itself is actually not a moral or life choice decision, it is part of our wirin. The struggle with gay marriage, new religious protection laws and many other complicated current issues has more to do with our tendency as human beings to lack empathy for those who are different.