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    Kia's 31st Birthday Celebration

    in Christianity

    It's My 31st Birthday!!!!!!!

    It is a blessing to see another year! I am grateful to God who has given me another year to live for HIM!! Just knowing that I'm still here, lets me know that HE still has a purpose for me!!

    We also have some BIG BIG BIG BIG news to share with all of you!! Don't miss out on what's in store!

    If you would like to wish some birthday love, you are more than welcome to call in!!


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    Happy Birthday Justin Bieber

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    Justin Bieber's Birthday was March 2, we give his #Beliebers a chance to be heard and to call in and wish him a Happy Birthday for our #JB21 Project. In light of his birthday Fancalls is spreading awareness of The Childrens Hospital Los Angeles and we ask #Beliebers to donate to their cause (helping children with medical conditions), If you can not donate to chla.org we ask that you donate a tweet to help us spread awareness. Thank you!

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    Birthday Bash

    in Entertainment

    It's my fucking birthday!

  • Happy Birthday Justin Bieber

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    Happy Birthday Justin Bieber! We are celebrating Justin Bieber's Birthday by recording your birthday messages to him LIVE on our show. We would like Beliebers all over the world to participate. Please call in state your name and where you're from and leave your message for Justin. We will send/tweet this recording to Justin. This is your chance to be heard Beleibers. In light of Justin's birthday we want to build awareness about Children's Hospital of Los Angeles chla.org. Please donate if you can, if not help us build awareness by donating a tweet. Thank you in advance. We look forward to recording your messages for Jusitn today. Happy Birthday JUSTIN

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    Countdown to my Birthday weekend

    in Radio

    Trying to think of what to wrtie about for the description of tonight's show. Valentine's Day is over and I'm looking for a part time job to fill up some time and save up some extra cash before I head to school. Trying to think about what else is happening or exciting. It's my birthday in a few days but I haven't planned on doing anything. I don't remember the last time I did anything for my birthday really. Mostly just working and hanging out around the house right now. Getting ready to play you some lovely music at the end of the evening.

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    What up, 30JK Nation!!! Join me; Jason Kelly, as I hit the BIG 4-0 for BIRTHDAY WEEK 2015!!! It may BE my party, but YOU get all the gifts! Like Snoop and Dre say -- "ain't no fuuuunnn... if the homies can't haaave none" ;) HAHAHAHA!!!

    Number to call in and join in -- 347-857-2310; again, 347-857-2310 or please... go online at blogtalkradio.com/JKFX4LIFE. We got a spot waiting JUST FOR YOU!

    HORNZ UP -- HEAD UP -- CHIN UP!!! All night, all day... ALWAYS!!! And in case you've forgotten who this is... THIS IS PROJECT JKFX... COME ON!!!

    JAAAAAAAAAASSSSOOOOOOOOONNNN KELLY!!! That's Right, ch'yeaaahhh!!! COME ON... uh-hunh; uh-hunh, uh-hunh... LET'S GOOOOOOOO!!!

    And always remember -- IT'S A "JK" THANG... SISSYYYYYYYYEEEE!!! ;)

    Of course... the party starts the second YOU get here!

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    calms birthday extravaganza

    in Music

    Come and listen in as we celebrate calm's birthday. Great music and good times!

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    Birthday week-clips and commentary plus open phones

    in Politics

    It's birthday week for yours truly this week.I celebrate my birthday all week long.Tonight we'll do listner suggestions and email topics.Israel's BiBi Netanyahu is claiming victory in a race too close to call.A vote for Netanyahu,is a vote for war against Iran and his plans are to bring America in to fight for Israel.Sadly most Americans do not realize they are being pimped.

    On Jesse Peterson's show today,"Jesse asked,why do Black's hate strong men".Strong men don't cry like bitches asking you to help them fight their enemies.Israel can stand alone.Have you noticed with the looming confrontation with Russia over the Ukraine,BiBi has never even mentioned being allied with America.His election is based off standing up to America,and backing off a 2 state solution with Palestine,and taking more occupied land from these people.So the Night Shift starts at 9:00 pm cst so you need to clock in and join us. 

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    Birthday Week-Friday night shift conversation

    in Politics

    The Netherlands has denied reports that the Malaysia Airlines plane was downed by a Buk missile, killing all 298 passengers and crew last July.

    The Dutch Safety Board (DSB), which is investigating the cause of the crash, responded to reports released earlier by Netherlands broadcaster RTL alleging that the flight MH17 was downed by the Buk anti-aircraft missile system.I spoke on this tragic event many times and I believe,that airliner was shot down by a Ukrain fighter jet.The Ukrainian government has already lied numerous times about the events in this civil war.

    And my concern is this is a flash point for a WWIII type confortation,which could cost massive lost of lives and permanent damage to the enviroment.Tonight we'll give you the latest update,plus the news of the day.

    On another note,my birthday is March 21,2015 Staurday and I am looking forward to enjoying the years Yaw has given me,and ask forgiveness for my mistakes and sins.Thought it all I have come to realize that the longer I live the more I am blessed.So,clock in folks and join the conversation on the "Night Shift".

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    Happy Birthday on the Voice of Joy

    in Spirituality

    Oh yeah, it is my birthday celebration and I want to shout like a santified grown, overcome, victory right har, yes har and now full grown woman pastor  annointed, appointed all wrapped up in the gift of God. .  It is my party and you are invited to share.  If you care you will share.  If you share you will call me today.   Candels cannot handel this cake.It would burn the house down.  So  just  let the your hearts burn, let it burn, let it burn with the Holy Ghost and Fire from above.  I need as many caller as I am old.  If you really love the lord, I mean really love the lord  make this the best birthday i have ever had.  Meet me here on the Voice of Joy, pastor Yolanda and let the celebration begin. 

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