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    16Bit Assassins: Ep 97 Why yes, I am wearing Batman Underoos

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    Ladies and gentlemen it's a last minute scheduling here with the 16Bit Assassins, we're back for episode 97 and on this episode well, we're talking about broken games, Toaster's not happy with Unity, hackers aren't happy with Blizzard, and Hot Topic is happy with Underoos, also on episode 97, Bioware has released the list of possible Inquisition romances, we found out what a TI-83 and Smash Brothers have to do with each other, The Internet Archive has released the time waster to end all time wasters, something amazing happened in Arrow this week, (SPOILERS) Xbox Price cuts, Rosetta ridiculousness and the usual nonsensicial banter, on Episode 97, why yes, I am wearing batman underoos

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 96: Episode XCVI The Nonsense Awakens

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    Ladies and gentlemen, it's Friday night, and your two favorite geeks with no lives are back on episode 96 Toaster and Dunny talk about everything, because a lot has happened in 2 weeks. On this excercise in the riduclousness the Assassins talk about Call of Duty and the non sharing, non downloading issues encounted by fans, Toaster talks some Gotham and Arrow happenings, and we have some Star Wars news for fans, because what's a 16Bit Assassins show with out a Star Wars reference, Bioware comes up with a new holiday that Toaster and Dunny can get behind, Bethesda hoaxes, CD Projekt Red's nod to fans, all this and the usual bamboozeling all on Episode 96: The Nonsense awakens

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    16Bit Assassins: Episode 95 Schmamer Hate

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    Wow it's been a long time, but we're back after an extended hiatus and we've got some things that need to be said, On episode 95, the Assassins talk about the stupidity that is gamergate, and it's impact on the gaming community, and while we understand not everyone wants to hear about it, it needs to be talked about, but this episode is not all about hate, Toaster also talks some Evil Within, as well as Alien Isolation. Bioware launches new trailers for Dargon Age Inquiistion. PS4 goes all sharing is caring on the 28th. In television news the assassins talk some Gotham, Flash, and the Arrow, as well up NBC''s Constantine, All of this and the 16Bit Assassins take on the age of Ultron trailer, all this and more on episode 95, Schmamer Hate

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    16Bit Assassins Ep 90: Stuck with a dog that hates me

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, it's Friday night, and you know what that means, another amazing episode of the 16Bit Assasins podcast, on this episode we find out if Toaster survived his drive to Florida, and we check in with Dunny who has been left to his own devices in Massachusetts, Also on episode 90 we talk about Blizzard's epic reveal of a....launch date, also the 16Bit Assassins come to grips with Casey Hudson leaving Bioware, Hideo Kojima, and Guillermo Del Toro, reveal a new Silent HIll, Microsoft tries to fight back against PS4's 10 million units sold, Ubisoft reveals micro transactions for Unity all this and the usual Star Wars/comic book references, and more, all on episode 90, Stuck with a dog that hates me. 

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    16Bit Assassins Ep 88: Game-a-thon!!!

    in Video Games

    Ladies and gents, it's another Friday, and another 16Bit Assassins show, on this episode we're joined by Matt from the Game-A-Thoners, you may remember them from a few episodes back, but Matt didn't get the chance to join, and is making up for that now. So what do we have on this episode? Well, San Diego Comic Con is in full swing, which means we'll get small pictures of Batfleck, to keep you jones for 2016, also on this episode, good news for Destiny fans, as you don't need a code to play anymore, we find politics and war are hitting some game studios pretty hard, and talk about Bioware's upcoming teased project. Dragon Age gets pushed back, Mordor gets pushed up, all this and more on Episode 88 Game-A-Thon!!!

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 81: That's No Moon.

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    Okay, okay it's been almost a month, you aren't the only one that felt it, Dunny had withdrawal symptoms, I think Toaster started twitching, but ladies and gents we are back and on episode 81 we have some fun stuff to talk about, Ray360 is back with their newest educational piece,a magazine called Gamer Girls, and it obviously must be about educating the gaming world about the women in gaming, and definitely not sexualizing any of their interviewees in anyway. Microsoft goes Kinectless, So much Halo, Bioware publishes most popular names for Mass Effect, E3's list of games to be revealed is looking impressive, Blizzard confirms Diablo 3 on Xbox one with some goodies, Unedited Star Wars release? Gender swapping in games? Batfleck? All this and more on episode 81..That's no moon. 

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    16Bit Assassins Episode 84: But what if I want to use the hot tub?

    in Video Games

    Ladies and Gentelmen have we got a show for you this evening, We know it's Sunday but hey, when Commander Shepard wants to do a show on a Sunday you do a show on a Sunday, that's right kids, the voice behind Shepard himself from Mass Effect, Mark Meer will be joing the 16Bit Assassins for an evening of discussion and talk. Also on this episode we talk about the Kickstarter for the VR control glove, compatiable with Occulus Rift, Do figher's really need to be 60 dollars? 16Bit Assassins E3 expectations, Joker to be in Dawn of Justice? Is arrow getting nightwing? All this, and Mark Meer, on episode 84, But what if I want to use the hottub.


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    16Bit Assassins Episode 76: Happy St. Fatty's day

    in Video Games

    Well everyone, if you missed us we're back, and back at an all new time slot. That's right, we're at 8pm now, so you can still have a social life after listening to us. So we've been off the air for a bit but we're back with a vegenance. On ep 76 we talk about the 5 second rule, how gamers really can change the world. Bandai Namco has created a gamer extinction event, Sony's looking to give some competition to the Occulus group, Toaster analyzes why the story of Noah is being told as an action flick, Bioware continues to show the nicer side of EA, worst indiegogo idea ever, this minght not be a good idea with Dunny all this and more on episode 76: Happy St. Fatty's day.

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    The 16Bit Assassins Episode 80: Side of Blazin!

    in Video Games

    Ladies and gentlemen, we are back and did we miss you, especially after two weeks, but we have a great show lined up for you this evening, tonight we're joined by Rob and Fab of the game-a-thoners, guys dedicated to helping charites by gaming once again proving gamers are good people, but that's not all, on episode 80 we talk some Mass Effect 4 rumors, PS4 get an editing video update, Goat Sim gets a box release, Last of Us has some DLC goodness, and we find out the Xbox One isn't selling as much as it should be, not only that, but a confirmed launch for Japan! Someone made a drowning sim and damn is is disturbing, Also on episode 80 we have some Dragon Age News, Batman Vs Superman lands another hero, Lord Marvel (Keith Feige) has some Avengers 2 fun, Disney has issues with Fett, Singer has issues with accusations. Marvel has plans for a fan favorite mutant, and the summer of Batman is set to kick off with a DC's variant covers. All this, and the usual tangets on Episode 80: Side of Blazin

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    #009-Interview with Nathan Moller

    in Video Games

    Nathan Moller has worked on some of your favorite games of all time: Mass Effect 1 & 2, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Dragon Age: Origins, Scribblenauts Unlimited, and Halo 4 to name a few. Originally wanting to be a film director, Moller found his way into the gaming industry in an unconventional way, and before he knew it, Moller was working with Bioware as a Cinematic Designer. 
    Moller has also been a Narrative and Level Designer for the AAA side of gaming. While he has had incredible success thus far, Moller wanted to take on a new challenge. Thus, enter Epoch: Return - a game centered around a husband/wife duo that have crash landed on a mysterious asteroid and must repair the ship before they can return home.
    Moller goes into detail regarding the goals he hopes to achieve in Epoch: Return, the origin of the word 'epoch' (and why the game is called 'Epoch: Return' to begin with), the importance of story and the humanization of characters, and so much more. It's a fasinating interview with a veteran of the industry, and it's one you will not want to miss!
    ***************************************************************** Game Academy Radio is the official weekly radio show from GameAcademy.com.
    Each week we feature insider game business tips spanning mobile, console and pc platforms while discuss the latest trends and gossip from the industry.
    Also look out for exclusive live interviews with industry leaders that you won't find anywhere else!
    Hosted by Dusty Wright and brought to you by GameAcademy.com

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    16Bit Assassins Ep 51: Insert witty statement here

    in Video Games

    Ladies and gentlemen, it is time once again for the ridiculous. On this episode Marcia Webb from The Mommy Gamers will be joining us as we talk about things like: Using a guitar hero guitar as a robbery deterrent device, why you should lock your phones, and the fact that people can be diagnosed with a ghetto booty, by a Dr, not someone on the club dance floor. The iphone finally gets some Gameboy love, Bioware begins work on a new IP, ESO will feature the dungeons for everyone, THQ is finally no more, the Days of Future Past plot is revealed, and Peter Dinklage has a mustache, Sharknado 2, Valve helps kids, and Iphones start the trend towards the T1000 all this and more on episode 51: Insert Witty statement here

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