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    BioShock Infinite Spoilercast

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    Welcome to a very special episode of The Gamer's Advocate! In our first spoilercast, we discuss one of the greatest games of this or possibly any generation, BioShock Infinite. Come hear us talk about the ending, our favorite moments, how we played the game, and so much more! Obviously, DO NOT listen to this unless you have finished BioShock Infinite.

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    Horror Play 6 (Bioshock)

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    Kyle returns and we have new co-host, Adam, join the fun when we review one of the most popular games of the modern era. Welcome to Rapture! An underwater Utopia with fantastic views, finely built structures, and people that want to kill you!! What's that around the corner?? A Big Daddy?? To save the Little Sister or to harvest her?? Would you kindly answer the questions?? If you don't know what I'm talking about, then drop everything and play this game!! Then come back here to listen to our review! 

    Download: HP 6    iTunes: HP 6

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    Show #2 Jd Beats Bioshock finally

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    For those that don't Mike has been trying to get JD to play and beat bioshcok for over a year now. Well he finally did. So this show talks mostly about the first bioshock. The other two bioshocks will be talked about once JD beats those too.

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    Co-op Multiplayer Live # 104- The Doctor's Video Game Delay City

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    This week, it has been delay after delay notifications received from some big games. Namely Persona 5 and Star Fox Zero to name a few that are not coming out until 2016 at the earliest.

    However, don't fret because it isn't all bad news we are discussing today. Some Nintendo patent leaked and the internet went wild with speculation, Final Fantasy XII Remaster may have been accidentally leaked along with a Bioshock Collection, and Michael Pachter predicts the death of gaming consoles again.

    Marc discusses his trip to a used video game store and Sean discusses a retrospective he's writing that should debut soon.

    Did you know there is a W2M Network Facebook Page? If you "like" the page, you will get any announcements about the podcast, anything the guys write, or other various things as well.

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    Episode 24: I Want To Eat The Lollipop!

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    This week we talk to Andy Robertson of the prolific YouTube channel Family Gamer TV! You can check it out here. Specifically we talk about toys-to-life which, as Andy points out, was technically Activision's term first. This is a big month for these games, as Skylanders, Disney Infinity, and LEGO Dimensions are all coming out. We discuss the trends in toys-to-life, the costs, and the good side of toys-to-life as well.

    Plus, news on the SAG-AFTRA voice actor strike, a possible Bioshock Collection for current-gen consoles, and more! It's a loaded episode. Remember to write to us at hello@pixelkin.org with questions or comments!

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    Show #4 Bioshock 2

    in Entertainment

    This week Mike and JD talk about Bioshock 2 and a little bit about Bioshock infinite. Joel Talks about two new graphic novels he's reading.

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    Episode 20 - BioShock Infinite, A Perfect 10?

    in Video Games

    Welcome to episode 20 of The Gamer's Advocate! This week we discuss more BioShock Infinite and if it deserves the illusive "10" rating. We also talk about other games that deserve that honor, as well as LucasArts closing their game studio, April Fools jokes from around the internet, some more next-gen rumors, and much more!! Thanks to Jesse, A.K.A. One Stop Panda Drop for out theme song, logo, AND outro.

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    Time for Bioshock...NOT!

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    On this episode Guest co-host AJ is back to talk about The New Comic Book Django Unchained! As well as bring us the Horror News Round Up!
    Interview with Deven Rue who is an AMAZING talented Wood Burner!
    Interview with Amazing author Rebecca Hamilton!
    Tonight is the last night for our Featured Artist John Martone so definitely go show him some love!
    All this and More on SupaFi64!

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    G3 Podcast (03/28/2013) - Ducktales/Capcom, Bioshock, More

    in Video Games

    Coming up on this week's episode of the G3 Podcast (there was no Podcast from 3/21) we chat about... Ducktales!  One of Matt and Beau's longtime wishes has been fulfilled, and Capcom is rehashing Ducktales!  We'll take a look at the journey that brings us to this summer with the return of one of the most beloved video games of the NES generation, complete with new graphics, the original voice actors and more. We'll chat about whether this is the first in many reboots in the Disney series, or just a one off in our eyes.  Which other Capcom era Disney games should be remade, and which shouldn't they touch? We'll then get into Bioshock Infinite, a Steampunk filled nod to the other Bioshock games which released on Tuesday.  Is this one to get your hands on, or is it one to pass by? Keep your eyes peeled for other topics as they come up in the days leading to the podcast. G3 will be served up Thursday at 8 PM Pacific / 11 PM Eastern.

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    G3 Podcast 4/11/2013 - Bioshock, Batman, Razer Edge, Gadgets

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    On episode #47 of the G3 Podcast, the hosts launch into talking about:
    -More Bioshock Infinite.  We've all had the opportunity to play Bioshock, and will continue to share our impressions on this early Game of the Year Candidate. -Batman's back!  The latest Batman game will feature a new development team, and after the success of the last few, Randal and Christine will sound in their thoughts. -The Razer Edge Hands on:  One of the things Matt has been playing a bit of Bioshock (and some Skyrim) on is a Razer Edge Pro tablet, which launched at the end of March in Canada.  Impressions, and thoughts around this possible history making bridging piece?  Does the tablet stand out well on its own, or are the peripherals necessary to keep the spirit of PC gaming on a tablet alive?  Is it worth the hefty price tag? -We'll do a quick segment on Gadgets to Watch out for, including talk around: -Pebble Watches -An ASUS Transformer All-In-One that turns into an Android tablet.  How large of a tablet?  Try 18 inches. Join us for the G3 Podcast, the longest running episodic podcast in AEO history (How's that for a Michael Cole ripoff line?) - The podcast will be available for listening at its usual time - 8 PM Pacific / 11 PM Eastern Thursday, April 11th.