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    The president personally approved the waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah [in 2002]. former CIA Director Michael Hayden
    “The report’s full of crap, excuse me,”  “terrible piece of work” and deeply flawed.” Dick Cheney

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    Dave and Jessica talk about the Senate report on the CIA Torture Program.

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    Random Radio Revolution: To Torture or not to Torture.....

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    That is the question.... Unless you live under a rock you have probably heard of the now infamous C.I.A. torture report. Join the RRR crew as we dive into the gritty details of the report. And all aspects of the issue, blowback, public reactions, was it right, did it even work? Many questions remain. Feel free to join the convo and have your voice heard....."I fear you speak upon the rack where men enforced do speak anything" W.S. 1598               ......................Viva la Revolution!

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    The Senate Torture Report

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    Darrell Castle talks about the report of the Senate Intelligence Committee on CIA interrogations and the use of torture.

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    Deepertruth: Torture Is A Moral Issue, Update Since Last Weeks Debate (7:00 P.M)

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    Father, if I participated in an abortion, would I need to confess this? The answer was yes.

    Father, if I utilized Artificial Birth Control, would I need to confess this? The answer was yes.

    Father, if I was under orders to interrogate a Prisoner of War using sleep deprivation, isolation, and or waterboarding, would I need to confess this? The answer is no. Unless there was an abuse that clearly the Bishops intent would be torture.

    From my article, The Catholic Defender: The Torture Debate, I presented the following:

    “On the issue of sleep deprivation, what the Bishops considered torture was the prolonged interrogation without sleep that could run 180 hrs with limited breaks, little food and drink. That would constitute as torture. But sleep deprivation in itself was not torture, it is the obvious abuse of it.”

    “On the question of isolation, using a hood or placing a Prisoner in isolation was not torture, but again it would be the abuse of placing a Detainee in darkness for days and weeks without interaction, without opportunity to exercise, without food or water would constitute as torture.”

    “The big one that people seem to base most of their argument on is water boarding. Water boarding does not cause “SEVERE” pain or suffering, but admittedly, it is not a pleasant experience. It creates the reflex of drowning. The USCCB has not made any of these issues classified as torture. Of course these can be torture, especially when used by our enemies.

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    The Book Tea With Deidra Hughey: S.J. Dunn Angry Enough To Kill

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    Her characters mirror much of herself, yet unlike her charcacters, there is only one thing S.J. Dunn hasn't been angry enough to do: murder. Angry Enough To Kill is S.J. Dunn's debut novel in The Desperate series. Writing this novel S.J. Dunn took a risk, a mighty big one. Angry Enough To Kill is the story of a group of female friends, one sexually abused as a child, out to right the wrongs done to millions of children everywhere, on any unsuspecting pedophile who crosses their paths. 

    "I could have written an academic treatise or a non-fiction book, but few people might read them. But when my BFF came up with the idea for a novel - a thriller - about a conspiracy of women who kill pedophiles, I couldn't get the idea out of my head. I couldn't sleep; I'd lie in bed at night with a million story lines climbing into my mind and setting up shop. ANGRY ENOUGH TO KILL is the first."

    WATCH the Angry Enough To Kill Trailer

    S.J. Dunn's official Website

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    Books by La Drama Princess

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    SF #188 - First... You Must Kill Your Goals!

    in Motivation

    What happens once you discover you can’t be anything you want? What about your dreams to win a Grammy... when you can’t sing. What about those goals? Success Freaks agrees with Jon Acuff who says in his book Start that “Winning a Grammy isn’t your awesome.  It’s just a result on a scoreboard.” And, we say to be happy, to find your joy everyday, First… You Must Kill Your Goals.

    After speaking for years about goal setting, Mordant & McFall lead you down a next-level path of killing your goals in order to achieve joy!


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    Your Success Freaks men have published their very first book:

    Success Freaks Guide to Dream Hunting

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    CIA Torture Report-The Lies of Dick Cheney

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    The lies of big brother get bigger. Tonite we discuss the recent revelations of the CIA about their brazen admission of guilt in terms of the use of torture, but as usual like all Big Brother organizations, they justify it using typical "Orwellian Newspeak."


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    Torture in America - Business as Usual?

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    With the release of the report on CIA torture of prisoners of war - terrorists having been declared prisoners of war by our government under King George II of America - we are faced with the truth that our immediate past President and Vice President were and are war criminals. While there are, as some pundits have pointed out, statutes of limitations on war crimes in American law, there are not in international law. What will we do about this? Will we sit back and say that these things were necessary to protect our freedom? Will those of us claiming to be people of faith and spirituality simply look the other way, substituting our country and national interests for the God of our understanding? Or will we stand up and call for an end to these practices and an end to our government being accessories after the fact by failing to turn Bush, Cheney, et. al. over to International Justice? As people of faith, can we tolerate this behavior on the part of our government?

    Time permitting, we will look at the much more pedestrian issue of Time magazine actually considering making NFL Comissioner Roger Goodell its person of the year. Even allowing that Time's person of the year may have influenced the news for better or worse, is this bumbling idiot the kind of person we believe is all that important>

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    Torture, the CIA and Modern America

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    I will discuss the recent torture report released by the US Senate in light of thr history of the CIA throughout my lifetime.  Just like the economy, the CIA goes in cycles.I will give a brief description of my first hand experience with spying and its victims.

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