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    Jonesing for Jessica Episode 9 AKA Sin Bin

    in Television

    Are you jonesing for Jessica Jones? We know we are! Jonesing for Jessica discusses the hit Marvel and Netflix show Jessica Jones episode by episode. Graphic Policy Radio hosts Brett and Elana are discussing the series and are joined each week by special guests. For this episode the team is joined by Steven Attewell and Arturo R. Garcia to discuss the ninth episode "AKA Sin Bin."

    Just when Jessica has Kilgrave right where she wants him, Hogarth's involvement complicates the situation. Details of Kilgrave's past emerge.

    Steve got his PhD in the History of Public Policy from the University of California, Santa Barbara and teaches public policy at CUNY's Murphy Institute for Labor Studies. He is the founder and writer of Race for the Iron Throne, which examines Game of Thrones and the A Song of Ice and Fire book series from a historical and political perspective. His essays have been published in Esquire, Salon and in two books on the subject. He co-hosts the Game of Thrones Podcast for Lawyers Guns and Money.

    Arturo R. Garcia is the managing editor of Racialicious and an editor for The Raw Story -- but before all of that, he was a comics geek and a Rocky Horror Picture Show alumnus. Born in Tijuana and based out of San Diego, he's covered everything from Comic-Con to the DNC and Black Lives Matter protests.

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    Fritz Springmeier- Why Was Osama Bin Laden Reading His Book In His Last Days?

    in Politics Conservative

     Fritz Springmeier, the highly acclaimed author, researcher and minister to mind control victims, and author of  Bloodlines of the Illuminati drops by to weigh in on current events. What Does the Economy, the Nazis and Jehovah’s Witnesses All Have in Common and Why was Osama Bin Laden reading Fritz’s book? 

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    Seattle Sin Bin: UW Hockey, Seattle arena, Calgary arena

    in Hockey

    We discuss the arena situations in Seattle and Calgary, as well as UW Hockey with defender Josh McGrew and announcer Lorenzo Villalobos

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    Dollar Bin Horror Radio:Episode 148-No Admittance, No Exit

    in Entertainment

    Just before the Thanksgiving break, Eric secretly taped an episode just to get to the 150th before the finale, lol. So here is an episode of the CBC Radio drama Nightfall entitled No Admittance, No Exit. In the future, computers decide who gets the best medical treatment based on their contributions to society..

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    Stew and The Nunn, Episode 24 featuring Veteran & Journalist, Susan Katz Keating

    in Military

    Susan Katz Keating is an investigative journalist specializing in national security. She is a correspondent for Soldier of Fortune and PEOPLE magazines, covering stories such as Bowe Bergdahl, the assault on Osama bin Laden, the devastating helicopter crash that took the lives of SEALs in Afghanistan, and more. A former Washington Times reporter, she is the author of Prisoners of Hope: Exploiting the POW/MIA Myth in America. Her work has appeared in Time, Readers Digest, The New York Times, Air&Space, American Legion, VFW, and other publications. She has been cited in the New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, Salon, and other journals. She is a founding trustee for the National Museum of Americans in Wartime, and serves on the board for Cooking With the Troops. She was a director of the Travis AFB Museum, and served as restoration crew chief on a B-52.

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    Monthly Spiritual Channel with Laura Mirante

    in Spirituality

    This is a channel recorded on Christmas Eve morning.


    Laura Mirante is a Spiritual Channel connecting with the higher self, the soul, the aspect of our being that is not in the physical.  We gain insight from the soul's point of view, into our human experience.

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    Reiki Radio: Year of the Lightworker

    in Spirituality

    Year of the Lightworker! Join Reiki-Master Teacher and Intuitive Mentor, Yolanda Williams, for this interactive episode of Reiki Radio!  To join the conversation, call 323-679-0953 or join us in the online chatroom! And don't miss the opportunity to work with Yolanda, for an entire year, in the Coven of Consciousness!

    Be sure to sign up for Yolanda's newsletter at yewchi.com and receive access to FREE webinars (including the introduction to Reiki webinar), FREE meditations and your FREE Manifesting Workbook!

    To learn more about YOU and your chakra energy, be sure to sign up for Yolanda's online course, Be Your Own Energy Healer, available on dailyom.com

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    Fame or Game "BIN LADIN "

    in Current Events

    Osama Bin Ladin  has been assassinated, was it done last week or last year and they JUST announced it? Do you think there is something to the bullet to the head & chest that will make life safer? Do you REALLY believe he IS buried at sea? Is this another government cover up? Is the world going to be better? Will this help or hurt Obama's election campaign?
    Friday Night may, 6 2011, 10:00 CENTRAL TIME Please tune in online at:
    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/BIGGIESRADIO Or
    call in: (661) 554-9106
    Biggies Radio: Love

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    “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 8 Episode 12Kim Fields Threw a Makeup-Free

    in Pop Culture

    To invite the women to her brunch, Kim sends out a voice memo, which is not really a cool way to do anything, but I will hand this to Kim: She is never very concerned with trying to be cool. And I’ll also give Kim that wanting to have a get together where everyone doesn’t have to get all gussied up like they normally are isn’t an inherently awful idea. And probably if she had just taken that angle, rather than saying, “I think we have to remember that makeup is to enhance, not to cover up what you already have,” in the audiobook she sent as an invitation, her guests might have been more into it. And maybe a couple less trinkets from the Tuesday Morning clearance bin to “remind them of their inner beauty” next time.

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    An Artist Speaks Season 4 Episode 25 with Guest Artist Bin Feng

    in Art

    Hear Fine Art Photogropher Bin Feng describ his artistic process with host Michael Harris.  Bin Feng was born in 1989 in Shanghai, China. He received his BFA from Shanghai Institute of Visual Art in 2012. At the same year, he started the MFA program of Photography in Savannah College of Art and Design, where he currently resides. Being a photographer, he also makes video installations, sculptures and large scale oil paintings. As the result of the language barrier, he becomes an outsider in United States. However, he takes the benefit of it and he is dedicated to act in the gap between the cultural differences.  “This photo series continues to explore the idea of the “American Dream” from an eastern male gaze. By staging the moment of daily life, the artist performs as an actor and jumps between the fiction and reality, which essentially conveys the notion of the history of a man is mobilized by images. I believe art is entertaining.”

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