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    In Dedication to Mr. Billy Paul

    in Music

    Billy has recorded over 20 albums. The Grammy award winning “Me And Mrs. Jones” gold album and platinum single broke records worldwide. Billy continued to captivate audiences throughout the world. He toured extensively in South America and Europe. His album, “The Very Best Of Billy Paul” went double platinum in France. His latest recording, as yet untitled, will display the many musical styles of Billy Paul.  In 2008 Billy received the Congressional Recognition Of Lifetime Achievement Award in San Francisco. Billy and his wife of 44 years, Blanche, are currently in production of a reality syndicated radio show. Billy’s career has endured over fifty years, and his fans span from continent to continent. We were honored to have Billy join us on WDKK Radio for a very candid interview about his lifes work. Billy passed away Sunday, April 24th 2016.

  • Billy Pon/Chuck Norfolk

    in Film

    Join filmmaker Jonathan Moody as he chats with filmmakers Billy Pon (Circus of the Dead) and Chuck Norfolk (Getting Schooled) in a filmmakers roundtable 

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    The Billy Moon Project .. Hard Rock

    in Rock Music

    Tonight Pop Art Painter Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes The Billy Moon Project (Hard Rock) to the Show!


    The Billy Moon Project started by songwriter (born) Charles Fritts, aka: Billy Moon, as an original hard rock trio. Moon recruits bassist "Paul Sweeney" and drummer "James Casner" during winter of 2013/2014. Trio begins in February 2014 and by May enters Waterworks Recording Studio. The result was "For All Mankind" produced by Jim Waters and mastered by David Shirk, released early 2015 on multiple formats and on the web. Late in 2015 band signs on with Pride Management introducing Elena Strittmatter as manager/agent. Upcoming plans for 2016 include recording second album and beginning its first radio campaign.

    All Media Inquiries: 
    Elena Strittmatter
    of Kim K. Jones Pride Management

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    in Comedy

    New year's resolution people are flooding the gym. I wish they would fall off by February so I can use the machines again.

    New Year New Me...no, same fake ass as last year, and the year before.

    My roommate is yelling at the tv at the game and I fear for my life. I'm hiding the guns and knives and booze.

    What words will stop being used in the new year? Fleek, bruh, wyd, smh, lol...one can only hope.

    When a woman says "you ain't ready for all of this"...does she mean she's calling her nanna an Apocolypse? Because I'm not ready for the Apocolypse.

    RIP David Bowie...you wear a musical genious even thought you were a weird motherfucker.

    "Now...I have a machine gun. Ho...Ho...Ho." RIP Alan Rickman, you will be missed as well.

    A woman spent a bunch of money for a chance at winning the Powerball, but didn't. She set up a Go-Fund Me account to get her money back...no.

    They stole my idea for Dirty Grandpa...I am the real one! With no grandkids though.

    Now that Marijuana is legal in Colorado, they're getting taxed up the ass and dispensories are getting shut down...how's the legal weed working out for you now, potheads?

    David Bowie and Alan Rickman pass away. So did Scott Weiland and Lemmy Kilmister...but we're left with Michael Moore and Eddie Vedder.

    Saw Star Wars in IMAX 3D and got seasick.



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    Interview With Billy Grima

    in Rock Music

    Back to the home studio this week and I am looking forward to speaking to singer songwriter Billy Grima. Please is a special talent and lets see if we can find out the inside info on this talented musician.

    Lots of Football news will creep into this weeks show. Lots of player movement and tough decisions for the teams to get under the new cap while strengthening their teams. The locals made lots of news, but for very different reasons

    Updates on Spring traing baseball including our weekly Yankee segment with Hard Rock n Sports"Beatwriter" Dom Guinta.

    NCAA Tournament will be starting this week so we will break down the tournament and I will give you my Final 4, if you care.

    I will try and talk about The tragic story of Keith Emerson and how this news fuels the fire of the shows upcoming benefit for the Paulspeaceinc Foundation.

    There will be tons more to talk about  and we only have 3 hours to get it all in. So make sure you tune in this Wednesday night at 6:30 pm est


    Keep on Rockin'



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    SID-Talking The Sweet Science/Remembering Billy Paul/*TRUST*IN*GOD***/

    in Sports

     Sports In Depth,is back on the air with renowned and legendary sportscaster and scribe,Dr.M.Lee''Doc'' Stanley Sr,. with his award winning radio show,the iconic,'Sports In Depth.' The sports posse and Doc talk Boxing,the''sweet  science'' and remembers both too a friend and a musical legend,Billy''Me And Mrs.Jones'' Paul.Famed and hall of bound ref Eddie''If you don't see it you don't call it''Cotton,Harold ''Double Barrel''Weston Jr.,''Muscles'' AKA the''Cisco Kidd'',''G.W.'' Mike and special guest and former world champion,''The Magic Man'', Marlon Starling(32-3),join the,Doc as they talk,school,reflect and digest,the''sweet sciene'' of boxing.
    Billy ''Me And Mrs. Jones''Paul himself was both a boxer and a close dear friend of ''the greatest,''Muhammad Ali. Paul it was recently discovered had cancer passed away at his home in New Jersey,Sunday morning. He leaves behind his beloved lovely wife of many years,Blache,dear friend father of his Godson,Malcom,Brazlian promoter,Decio Cotomacio Jr. and a host of family,friends and devoted beloved fans. Paul had a strong and devoted fan base in Brazil.And was their yearly ballander recognized for their famed June 12th'',Dia De Namorado'',which is their equivelant of Valentine's day.
    ''To often people build plan their plans on living for tomorrow often discarding the present day.''
    ''There are people more concerned with their attendance in church than their relationship with GOD.''
    ''Being fooled by love is one thing,being a fool in love is another.''
    Docs Words Of Wit And Wisdom  

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    Who IS Ask Uncle Billy ???

    in Culture

    Experience, Knowledge, And Best Of All, I Was Born And Raised Here. Call In To Tonite's Show And Discuss Your Opinions On Bringing All Of The Ideas Together As One, And Why Now!!! 1(323)8703963


    Ask Uncle Billy/If Not US, Who?? If Not Now, When??? What You Waiting For?? Courage?? 

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    Billy Meier Overview

    in Spirituality

    Nokodemion was a creation of the planet Sadr, which was in the Waron star system, which moved in the Lyren galaxy, 3,816,000,000 light years distant from the Sol star system. Nokodemion was the first incarnated personality of the same spirit-form that currently inhabits the human being known as BEAM.

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    Sizzling Sensational Sunday welcomes Billy Dorsey, Gospel Award Winning Artist

    in Christianity

    Shirley Ann interviews the infamous Musician/Artisst Mr. Billy Dorsey. Welcome to the show Billy.

    Disclaimer The views expressed on The Shirley Ann Show hosted by Shirley Ann at blog talk radio are my own and do not reflect those of BlogTalk Radio, Youtube, other social media forms and speaking platforms. The content here belongs to the The Shirley Ann Show and it’s many contributors. Views and opinions expressed by all contributors belong to contributor and not The Shirley Ann Show and Shirley Ann the blog owner, host and etc . All data and information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. The Shirley Ann Show makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, correctness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. 

    This show view realities of today and further explores Gods' perspective about the reality. It provides an opportunity for the listening audience to consider how they can obtain and achieve their goals and dreams in today. It further challenges the listener to discover and explore possible solutions for their realities from a positive perspective.


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    Pastor Billy Crone on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

    in News

    Join us tonight for a great show as we will be joined by Pastor Billy Crone, his website is http://www.getalifemedia.com/

    Tonight we will be discussing the latest terror attacks in Europe and the threat to America.  Pastor Billy Crone has put together a number of documentaries dealing with issues from UFO's to Attack of the Drones - Skynet is coming.  We will be covering these issues and much more tonight.

    Show Website: http://www.HagmannAndHagmann.com

    News./Information: http://www.HagmannReport.com

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HagmannHagma...

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/HagmannReport

    Doug’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/douglas.hagmann

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    Next Week's Show !!!

    in Culture

    Bon-Ton Folk Are So Skeptical,And They have Plenty Of Reasons To Be.people Come Into Your Homes, And Neighborhoods, Under The Guise Of Trying To Find Out What You Need To Improve Your Condition, Only To

    Really Be There To Worsen That Condition.Well, I On The Other Hand, lived In This Area For Over Sixty Years, And Already Know What's Needed, And That Now Is The Best Time To Get It. ......More Tonite On The

    Ask Uncle Billy Show At 3:00 P.M.,You Know The Saying,If You Really Want To Know, ASK Uncle Billy ???

    Thank You Bon-Ton And The Bon-Ton Family Reunion,Coming In June, Will Tell you Soon. You Will Have Enough Time To get Your Wardrobe Together, And Don't Forget The Meat And Name brand Soda's,You Know What I'm Talking About. !!!! Call In At 1 (323)8703963, Hola !!!!