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    Nadine Hays Pisani’s Happier Than a Billionaire

    in Writing

    Nadine Hays Pisani, a native of Elizabeth, New Jersey, who attended Rutgers University, resides in Costa Rica with her husband and dog, Clementine. Nadine is the author of the best-selling series, Happier than a Billionaire.

    She shares her weekly adventures on her blog: www.happierthanabillionaire.com where she writes, “All I can tell you is that I was one of those individuals who was burnt out from the rat race. Maybe that was my addiction as well. It’s easy to become a workaholic. It can sneak up on you disguised as the American Dream. The interesting thing about my journey is that I still have a strong work ethic, however it has taken on a more creative form. What I have discovered is that when I do creative things, work no longer feels like work: I finally feel like I have a life that fits.”

    When not writing, you can find her at the beach, on the back of a scooter, or frantically tossing scorpions out of her bed. Join her  on her blog as she navigates living as an expat in the sometimes confusing, always beautiful, country of Costa Rica.

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    Asset Controlled Wealth The Making Of A Billionaire Mindset

    in Education

    Dr Ali Yasin will reveiw the mindset of millionaire and billionaires

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    Setting Up A Billionaire Master Mind Group

    in Education

    The Mastermind concept was introduced in the book Think and Grow Rich in the early 1900’s.  Author Napoleon Hill described it as “The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony.”  In Part 2 of his video series, “Think and Grow Rich Master Keys”, he states that by using the mastermind principle, you can accomplish in 1 year what would take a lifetime to accomplish without it.

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    Asset Control Wealth Creating The Billionaire Mindset Movement

    in Education

    facebook.com/billionairemastermindforum visit our site and join the movemnt


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    Billionaire Master Mind Asset Control Wealth Part 2

    in Business

    Dr. Ali “Go Rich Dad” Yasin has his doctoring in philosophy and theology from CCI International University and is the cofounder with and host of  The www.Billionairemasterforum.Com .  a daily online morning inspirational talk show. Dr. Ali has created the status of a self-made millionaire, in the Network Marketing industry, he dropped out of high school at the age of 17, and was driven by his burning desire to get rich. Dr. Ali bought a one-way bus ticket from his humble beginnings on a small farm in North Carolina to pursue a millionaire lifestyle in New York, the “City of Opportunity.” 

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    Visual Overdrivde Joan Corner Woman Wilson

    in Education

    The forum teaches daily lessons on how our self-consciousness is connected to the source from which each individual who becomes aware of their self-knowledge can tap into an unlimited power to create the abundance they seek.  The definition of “billionaire” is “a person whose assets are worth over a billion of the monetary units of his country.” The Billionaire Forum’s philosophy is based on “Asset Controlled Wealth” through teaching “Positive Self-Image Psychology.” The forum teaches each member that regardless of your present condition - whether you are broke, homeless, penniless, blind or handicapped - regardless of your race, religion or gender, the proper mindset is worth billions of dollars. 

    The forum teaches that the entire universe is energy and energy cannot be destroyed. Therefore, all things in existence  -- from the tip of our fingernail to the largest galaxy -- is energy and the force behind this energy is a Divine Source of Spiritual Unlimited Power .

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    Why Do Most People Fail?

    in Education

    Study Your Own Thoughts To  Answer the This Question and to learn The Secret by attending  The Billionaire Master Mind Asset Controlled Wealth Submit 6 Year Convention 

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    Live with Barrett: A Conversation with Author & Educator Dr. Clare Lynch

    in Business

    As part of my ongoing series of interviews with entrepreneurs, we are digitally jumping across the pond from the USA and landing in London, England, where I am talking with Dr. Clare Lynch. 

    Clare is a triple threat entrepreneur- author, business writing coach and teacher of Academic Writing and Communication at the University of Cambridge. 

    Join me for a  conversation with her as she reveals how she is is changing the world through her passion for empowering business people to find their voice as a writer. We'll also find out how billionaire businessperson Warren Buffett inspired her company, Doris and Bertie.

    Call in for a short Q & A directly or via Skype at the end of the hour!



    Doris & Bertie

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    Organized Planning - The Sixth Step Toward Riches

    in Education

    The thirteen steps to riches described by Napoleon Hill offer the shortest dependable philosophy of individual achievement ever presented for the benefit of the man or woman who is searching for a definite goal in life. Napoleon Hill is the Father of Success Philosophy. After a few years studying the traits of successful men, I finally understand and experience that every GREAT success originates from a BURNING desire. It is the starting point of all achievement, the first step toward riches. Below are the 13 critical steps and elements mentioned by Napoleon Hill, that have inspired millions of successful men in these two centuries! See how many criteria do you fulfill.


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    JUAN PABLO DI PACE ("JESUS" in NBC's "A.D. The Bible Continues")

    in Entertainment

    JUAN PABLO DI PACE - "Jesus"
    “A.D. The Bible Continues”

    Juan Pablo Di Pace stars as Jesus Christ in NBC’s drama series “A.D. The Bible Continues.” The Argentine actor is best known for his role on the TNT series “Dallas,” where he played powerful self-made billionaire businessman Nicolas Treviño.

    A.D. The Bible Continues

    Sundays on NBC (9-10 p.m. ET); Premiered: Easter Sunday, April 5

    From executive producers Roma Downey ("The Bible") and Mark Burnett ("The Bible," "The Voice") comes an uplifting spiritual journey through the later chapters of biblical history. "A.D. The Bible Continues" picks up where the smash hit miniseries "The Bible" left off, continuing the greatest story ever told and exploring the exciting and inspiring events that followed the Crucifixion of Christ.

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    HOOPGIRLZ RADIO 3.2.15 S5Ep#2 Hot Topics:Lebron vs Harden/D.Rose/MJ Billionaire

    in Sports

    Lebron vs Harden

    kobe documentary

    Derek Rose familiar story of past players plagued by injury or nah

    What Player today could break Wilt Chamberlain's 100pt record

    MJ Billionaire



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