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    EXPATS RADIO talks: 2012 and the End with Joseph M.

    in News

    Writer, Pop Culture watcher, and Blogger of the Unexplained, Expats Post founding member, Joseph M joins host Bill Friday to talk about the funniest, and most serious, parts of the phenomenon that is “2012”.

    Among the “Topics on Display for the End of Days” are...

    <> Who is behind the 2012 Industrial Complex?

    <> What happened to Y2K?

    <> When does your Mayan Calendar need a Leap Year?

    <> Where are the Funniest 2012 Bits of 2012?

    <> Why there may be no Panic Room in the Inn?


    So listen, join in the live chat (powered by Facebook), and CALL the show at (646) 200-4691.

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    EXPATS RADIO talks about SOCIAL MEDIA with Jen Sharp

    in Social Networking

    Blogger and Social Media correspondent Jen Sharp (“Sips of Jen and Tonic”) talks about the INDIE writer’s greatest ally... SOCIAL MEDIA. 
    Social media is bigger than just your latest status update, or occasional tweet.  For the independent writer, it can mean the difference between success and failure in the confusing, and time consuming, world of self-promotion.  In this important episode of Expats Radio, Social Media marketer and successful independent blogger Jen Sharp will let you in on the secrets about...
    What Social Media really IS...  How to take full advantage of Social Media...  Where to invest your time and energy into Social Media... Which Social Media platforms are your BEST FRIENDS (and WORST ENEMIES).
    All this, plus Jen will answer your questions LIVE when you call the show at (646) 200-4691, or participate with her through our LIVE CHAT (powered by Facebook).