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    An Hour With Bill Gorgo

    in Comedy

    Bill's career in entertainment has been a regular buffet. While performing standup remains his first love, he has written 3 plays and a television series, acted in half a dozen stage productions, is an award winning storyteller, has been active in talk radio, and conducted classes in the art of comedy. No wonder he always seems tired.

    His credits include:

    Oprah Winfrey Show / ABC / performer

    Winner of the 4th annual WNEP SKALD -- Storytelling Contest

    Cofounder of “Chicago Style StandUps”

    Weekly News Roundtable / The Spike Manton Show / WCKG, 105.9 FM, Chicago 

    Phobia” / WNEP Theatre, Chicago / Creator

    “Bark Like A Comic” / Victory Gardens Theatre, Chicago / Co-author

    “Lost Weekend” / Zebra Crossing Theatre, Chicago / Co-author

    “Night Time with Tom Dreesen” / WLS-TV, ABC-Chicago / staff writer

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    Bill Martinez Live 10/07/2015

    in Politics

    Jpin Bill for another episode!

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    The Bill and Kelly Show

    in Entertainment

    From Broadway to Hollywood TV great Conrad Janis (Mork and Mindy) joins us to talk about his remarkable career.  Conrad started on Broadway at the age of 13 and has been working ever since.  Great stories about the early days of live TV in NY and how Gary Marshall created Mork from Ork for an episode of Happy Days and cast Robin Williams at the last minute!

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    Episode 3022 - Demonic Acclaim Tattoos - Bill French

    in Paranormal

    Episode 3022 -Demonic Acclaim Tattoos - Bill French 
    Pastor Bill French www.sfc-hemet.org
    Recorded 11-20-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    Bill Bartmann, Nancy Solomon Gross

    in Business

    Bill Bartmann Founder and CEO of CFS2 and an aggressive advocate for reform of the debt-collection industry, said, “I am convinced we are on the right track to reforming an industry of rampant abuse and Governor Henry will play a big role in helping to deliver our message to regulators and capital sources.  His commitment to be a part of our company is proof of his belief that what we are doing is important and that we have the ability to change millions of lives.”

    Nancy Solomon Gross  transformational life coach for men; who coaches them to identify and achieve their goals. she guides her clients to discover what they really want - not what they are telling themselves is true - and create an action plan to make their goals a reality

    For more information go to MoneyForLunch.com.
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    Hillary´s campaign for the White House-is it worth Hill & Bill dying over?

    in Politics

    Bill and Hillary Clinton face a huge challenge and bigger dilemma-answering the question if they should continue to fight despite ever worsening odds and despite serious health problems for both or do they try to focus on the future and their family and Chelsea´s future and enjoy retirement?  Bill has progressively worse heart problems and Hillary has serious problems with blood clotting.and possibly needs constant medical supervision. Meanwhile Trump and Sanders surge and show great determination  and are met by energized crowds. Do Hill & Bill focus on the future or tough out a worsening political campaign with the uncertainty of how it will affect their health. 


    in Politics


    goes live at 6pm PAC, 9:00pm EST every Thursday on BlogTalk Radio. 6pm Pacific and 9pm Eastern Thursday NOV / 5 / 2015 Hits Like a bored and stroked big V-twin is the hardcore biker right's talk show that will shift the thoughts and minds of all! Screwdriver is a member of Bikers of Lesser Tolerance, which is a "No Compromise" philosophy that rights cannot ever be negotiated and the west coast Representative of B.A.D (Bikers Against Discrimination) and Bill Kennedy of Kennedy's Custom Cycles!!! Join us each week as we give you straight talk on what is happening to Bikers on the Left Coast along with what YOU can do to join the cause! Tune in and check us out!!!!

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    Episode 2988 - Deliverance Thru Dreams - Bill French

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2988 - Deliverance Thru Dreams 
    Pastor Bill French www.facebook.com/pastor.french
    Website: www.sfc-hemet.org
    Recorded 11-13-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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    James Hirsen discusses Hillary & Benghazi on Bill Martinez Live

    in Politics

    Hillary´s benghazi testiminy were NOT a home run as reported but an expose on her complcity in not being forthright with the Amercian people about Benghazi. As James Hirsen says testimony whispers and documents scream. The emails to Chelsea and others show that Hillary Clinton knew it was a terrorist attack from day 1. The question that now must be asked is why did the Obama administration advance the Benghazi attack narrative as a product of an anti islamic video? 

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    The Yelp Bill. How it Can Affect Your Business

    in Education

    Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 2365 into law on September 9. Dubbed by some as the "Yelp bill," it adds a new section to the Civil Code preventing contracts from containing clauses that limit a customer's right to make statements about the business.

    Join Bill, Rick and Steve to examine the bill’s potential affect on your business.

    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com

    Steve Smith – GrowthSourceCoaching.com

    Rick Moscoso – R2VisualStudios.com


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    Episode 2993 - The Prophetic Plan of God and 2016 - Bill Jenkins

    in Paranormal

    Episode 2993 - The Prophetic Plan of God and 2016
    Pastor Bill Jenkins www.churchofacts.org/
    Recorded 11-16-2015 on Omega Man Radio omegamanradio.com

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