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    5 Tips for Healthier Companion Animals in the New Year

    in Self Help

    At the beginning of every year, people tend to focus on their own resolutions.  How about focusing on changes in this new year for your companimals (companion animals) that can help them become healthier and more balanced?

    Join Susanne Peach, Animal Energy Behaviorist and founder of Animaleze®, as she offers five tips on helping any animal in your family, whether it's a dog, cat, horse, llama, parrot, or ferrets.  She'll explain what she's done to help her own animals live longer, also revealing some secrets for saving money while doing so.  Some of the suggestions require no money at all.  Susanne will also share first hand stories, including how she saved almost $10,000.00 (yes, ten thousand dollars!) by choosing an alternate way of helping her dog overcome bilateral elbow sclerosis. 

    Listen in to learn tips that can help your companimals, your working animals, and you, too.  

    "Animaleze® is a registered trademark.  All of the information in these radio shows with Susanne Peach are protected and cannot be reproduced or transmitted in any form or means without the expressed written consent of Susanne Peach and Animaleze®."

  • power of perception radio with Brenda Rachel

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    Composer and songwriter of spiritual music known as Brenda Rachel has released her latest EP record, “In This Moment.” The album has been released on the Brenda Rachel independent record label, entirely without support from the corporate music power structure. It comprises nearly 25 minutes of uplifting spiritual listening in six original tracks. Featuring powerful and evocative vocals by co-arranger Jon Hemingway and Una St. Clair, “In This Moment” by Brenda Rachel et al is a true work of celestial inspiration with a clear and exultant message to its hearers.

    Brenda Rachel cites as main artistic influences her mother, Barbara Solis, and a broad array of popular legends including Stevie Wonder, Whitney Houston, Marvin Gaye, Diana Krall, Sara Brightman, Celine Dion, Shania Twain, Michael Buble, Clint Black, Jesse Cook, Yanni, Michael Bolton, and Sara MacLachlan. Her own musical background began at the young age of six on piano, but the Canadian-born Brenda Rachel states plainly that the songs which make up “In This Moment” are not entirely of her own creation.

    Brenda Rachel writes of this, “I am a ‘Messenger for the Angels’ delivering words of encouragement, inspiration, hope, love, peace and joy. My songs were channeled to me by the Angels in 2004 when I was unable to walk for several months due to bilateral plantar fasciitis in both feet. I would lay on the couch and ask God and the Angels what they wanted me to learn from this experience and why was I in such excruciating pain.”

    She goes on to impart that within hours, the EP’s title track was being channeled to her by Angels, complete with lyrics, corresponding melody and chord progressions.

    “Over the next 1.5 years,” she writes, “21 additional songs with both music and lyrics were channeled to me.

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    067 BLAKE LEEPER: "The American Blade Runner"

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    "No legs? No problem!" Ever since Blake Leeper was a child, he’s been determined to be a star athlete. Growing up playing basketball and baseball, he competed on his high school’s varsity basketball team. Now he's on a Wheaties Box!


    Blake is a bilateral below-the-knee amputee and has been using prosthetics since the age of nine. TODAY on BOLD, he tells LeGrande. “I find my strength beyond disability. It's a place my family has always encourage me to manifest. I look at myself as differently abled.”


    Since receiving his running legs, Blake has been unstoppable. He has chosen track & field as his sport of choice because he loves to run and enjoys competing in a sport that ia extremely intense and competitive.Being a member of Team USA is an honor to Blake. He says, “It gives me a sense of importance, and a chance to compete and to be a competitor.”


    Blake is currently training to qualify to compete at the 2012 Paralympic Games in

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    Empowered Patient Coalition

    in Health

    Mike and Joyce speak with Dr. Julia Hallisy about The Empowered Patient Coalition: providing healthcare improvement and patient safety tools directly to consumers.


    About Dr. Hallisy:

    Dr. Julia Hallisy obtained her BS in Biological Science from the University of San Francisco in 1984 and a second Bachelor’s degree from the University of California in Dental Sciences. In 1988, Dr. Hallisy received her Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of California at San Francisco School of Dentistry. Since that time, she has been a full-time practicing San Francisco dentist.

    Her second child, Katherine Eileen, was diagnosed at five months of age with bilateral retinoblastoma. Dealing with her daughter’s life-threatening diagnosis, the many recurrences of cancer, and the subsequent treatments for the malignant and aggressive tumors marked the beginning an almost 20-year involvement in our healthcare system. The unique combination of her scientific training, her work as a healthcare provider, and guiding a child through a chronic illness has afforded her invaluable insight as an advocate for patients.
    Dr. Hallisy began to research the topic of patient safety in 1998. She has lobbied for health care reform in Washington, DC with Consumer’s Union.

    Dr. Hallisy is committed to and passionate about the subjects of patient safety, health care reform and medical error reduction. She is the founder and president of The Empowered Patient Coalition.

    Dr. Hallisy was born and raised in San Francisco, where she lives with her husband, John Hallisy, and their two sons, Daniel and Kevin. The Hallisy’s ten-year old daughter, Kate, lost her life-long battle with cancer in February 2000.

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    Breast Cancer hear Women tell their Story with Donna Thomas

    in Women


     I was diagnosed last year in 2013 with breast cancer just 2 weeks after my 40th birthday.  Now, 1 and a half year later after a left side mastectomy, chemo and bilateral oophorectomy (a fancy term for having both ovaries and tubes removed)-I am cancer-free!

    Breast cancer does not just affect older women. Hear from several women, their stories, their lives, their faith


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    Girl’s Night Out

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Rebecca Weintraub, Sara Krish, Sue Tamala and Denise McKendall, representing the  2014 Girl’s Night Out event taking place Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, October 7 through October 9 at The Comedy & Magic Club.

    Rebecca Weintraub is a 10 year breast cancer survivor and member of CSG Board of Directors and auctioneer for Girl’s Night Out. She has spent more than 30 years in the field of communication, facilitation, change management and organizational behavior. 

    Susan Tamala is a retiree, living in Torrance, following 34 years of service with Mobil/ExxonMobil.  She transferred from Joliet, IL to Torrance in 1997. Ten months following her relocation, she was diagnosed and treated for Stage 3 Breast Cancer. 

    Denise McKendall is a self-proclaimed breast cancer thriver and the founder of pinkhaven.com. She was born and raised in the LA area and currently resides in the South Bay of Los Angeles with her three year old son.  At the age of forty-two, with a very young son, newly separated from my husband and jobless due to the Great Recession, she was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer.

    After conducting numerous amounts of research and interviewing more than a few doctors, she made the decision to get a bilateral (double) mastectomy, followed by several rounds of chemotherapy.


    To Find Out More about Jackie Balestra visit


    To Find Out More Your Host, Joe Terry visit

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    Surgical Treatments of Breast Cancer w/ Dr. Mary L. Gemignani from MSKCC

    in Health

    We are talking with breast surgeon Dr. Gemignani from MSKCC about surgical treatments for breast cancer. Join us on 18th September at 6pm Eastern time.

    Dr. Gemignani is surgeon who specializes in the diagnosis and surgical treatment of breast cancer. She is dual trained as a breast surgeon and as a gynecologic oncologist, having completed fellowships in both disciplines. Her training has allowed her to focus her research endeavors in hereditary familial cancers, focusing on breast cancers caused by mutations in the BRCA genes. She has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary breast cancer, including surgery for prevention by risk reducing bilateral mastectomy. She is a principal investigator for several research projects, including one to investigate the use of a special estrogen PET (positron emission tomography) imaging substance in patients with breast cancer. Her research has also covered important aspects of surgical decisions related to axillary node surgery. She is currently fellowship director for the breast surgical fellowship training program, and responsible for the educational training program for a highly selected group of surgeons choosing to specialize in breast surgery. She is an active member of local, national, and international societies including the American College of Surgeons, the Society of Surgical Oncology, the American Society of Breast Surgeons, and the American Society of Breast Diseases.

    On the panel are Beverly McKee, Lisa Rezende, Terry Arnold and Jenn McCrea. REGISTER HERE! to ask a LIVE question or mail priya@trialx.com

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    Meet Kym Martin 3x Cancer Survivor

    in Health

    On the Wednesday September 17th 2014 broadcast at 2PM Pacific/5PM Eastern we meet the amazing Kym Martin, MBA. Kym is a three-time, 30-year cancer survivor who is passionate about enhancing the patient experience in healthcare. Kym endured three different cancer diagnoses through three distinct stages of life. To treat her latest diagnosis of breast cancer in 2012, Kym elected to undergo conventional surgery for a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction coupled with wholisitic nutrition and medicinal herbs to create a personalized, integrative care plan. Kym aligned her physical, emotional and spiritual preferences with her understanding of the human body’s restorative capabilities, her medical needs, her goals and her faith.   

    She also identifies herself as followd: ePatient, Consultant & Speaker, and Co-chair, Patient Experience Council for the Sullivan Institute for Healthcare Innovation.  For a video interview with Kym at the Health Datapalooza in June, click here and here.

    For more information on Kym, click here.

    Join us for an informative chat with this thoughtful and determined woman.




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    The Montana Republic: The Apartheid Lie

    in Politics

    The Apartheid Lie....Blueprint for Destroying America. 

    Join me and my guest Brendi Richards, resident of South Africa and lead Admin of  The Truth About South Africa Listen to her overwhelming and horrible evidence of government mass murder and corruption. Brendi is a survivor and fighter for justice.

    Its inspiring, sickening, and motivational enough to get you off your asses and be part of the solution here in America so we can stop funding the slaughter in South Africa.  Regardless of your race, this is about saving humanity and reigning in a corrupt and out of control American government so we can stop funding the terrorist.

    We have a butt ton of problems over here, so why should we be concerned about white genocide in South Africa?
    2 major reasons.....
    1: The United States government via your tax money is funding that government's actions
    2: It is the blueprint for the racial decent in America, which as I have said many times before will lead to a racial war here in America.

    It is time to stop funding terrorist around the world....and it starts in Washington DC.

    Contact Wolf  libertywolf76@gmail.com 
    1 406-570-5202

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    Inside Visual Artist: Quilt Artist and Author Paula Nadelstern

    in Art

    Paula Nadelstern has achieved international recognition for her innovative and complex designs inspired by the bilateral symmetry of kaleidoscopic images. In addition to other numerous awards, Paula  has received fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts and The Bronx Council on the Arts. Honored by inclusion in the Twentieth Century’s 100 Best American Quilts, her quilts have inspired  many products including the vast carpet in the Hilton Americas hotel in Houston, TX. As a respected author, she has written five books showcasing her quilt aesthetic and a coloring book with selections from her fabric collections designed exclusively for Benartex, Inc.   A self taught artist, Paula made her first quilt in 1969 in her college dorm from old clothes cut into ten inch squares. 

    For more information: www.PaulaNadelstern.com


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    Bill Holter--Global Tensions Heating Up-Bad For Dollar And US

    in Finance

    We spoke with Bill Holter today. There's a lot going on in the world today and much of it is bad for the dollar and the US. While the Iraq situation goes from bad to worse, the Ukraine situation slips from public attention, but gets all the more serious. More bilateral deals are taking place and the de-dollarization is picking up steam. Where will it all end? Thinking of buying Platinum of Palladium? Bill thinks it might not be a bad idea. 

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