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    Small Business Big Data Intervention

    in Marketing

    With every website click and every tweet, share, like and call center inquiry, your company's data volume grows and grows.  Big Data may be the newest marketing phenomenon but it can also be an overwhelming bit of TMI for small businesses to review, monitor and analyze all of these figures, numbers and stats.  This episode of The Marketing Mojo Show will guide small businesses through these three maneuvers:

    Where to find the data
    What data is important for your business
    How to use data to target your customers and develop new clients 

    To help guide listeners is special guest Nancy L. Hohns, LGK Marketing's in-house strategist, a marketing communications leader and idea architect with more than 25 years national experience in marketing, brand strategy, advertising, public relations and special events and author of In the Thick of It, Big Data vs. Gut Instinct. 

    Get the conversation started and use the hash tag #mymarketingmojo to comment on the question: How do you capture data for your business and what do you do with it?

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    Using Data and Analytics to Drive Big Decisions

    in Technology

    Discover how to make your biggest decisions better with the use of data and analytics.

    Running an enterprise means constantly making thousands of decisions. Depending on their complexity and the maturity of your data projects, some of those decisions are even being driven by data. But are you ready to make the really big, complex decisions using data? Are you ready to make billion dollar decisions? Can you map your future and feel confident that the decisions you are making come not simply from management intuition but sound data and analytics?

    PwC’s new report, Guts & Gigabytes: Capitalizing on the Art and Science in Decision Making, shows that many companies are using data to make the day-to-day decisions of running the business, but few are using it to inform their strategic decisions. During this episode, Dan DiFilippo, PwC’s Global & US Data and Analytics Leader, will share the lessons from this report on how enterprises can make better use of data projects to bring data and analytics to intuition and experience.

    Tune in on Monday, November 10, at 2 pm, to learn about:


    Preparing your data projects for big decisions
    Learning to use analytics to lead in the future
    The anatomy of big decisions
    The art of decision making powered by science

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    Is Big Data a Big Danger?

    in Internet

    You have all heard about the hacking of big box retailer Target with the resulting loss of 40 million credit card numbers.  However, what you may not be aware of is the fact the FBI is warning companies that deal in terabytes of consumer data that 2014 is shaping up to be a year fraught with peril. Many large companies are expected to be systematically targeted by international hacker collectives.  In fact, a number of other companies and countries revealed that their data had been compromised to some degree in 2013, including such notables as Neiman Marcus, as well retailers in Germany and South Korea. 

    What makes these breaches particularly galling is not only the scopes of the penetration, but also the fact that hackers are able to blatantly offer sophisticated hacking tools for sale on the open market. Sources believe that the Target security breach was perpetrated by hackers who used malware purchased from a pair of Russian teens.

    The real danger is the fact that not only is credit card information contained in these systems, but also is a tidal wave of other sensitive consumer information. Since data mining has become so endemic and identity theft has become such a problem for so many consumers, the question comes down to whether companies whom collect this information without your consent can be held liable if they are unable to protect it?

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    Trenderna inom big data

    in Social Networking

    Nina Jansdotter intervjuar trendspanare Kjell Lindström från Noden Trender kring vad big data är, hur det kan användas och eventuella risker det kan vara värt att känna till. 


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    AIE Big Data Symposium: NetApp to Share Ways to Turn Data into Actionable Intel

    in Technology

    Greg Gardner, PhD, NetApp’s chief architect of defense and Intelligence solutions for the U.S. Public Sector, will present "Optimizing Data Storage for Big Data in the Federal Government" at the AIE Big Data Symposium in Wasthington, DC. Dr. Gardner will discuss best practices for data storage, including the critical step of creating structure around metadata so your agency will no longer be "swimming in data," but able to turn it into actionable intelligence.

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    AIE Big Data Symposium: Tips and Takeaways for making Intel Actionable

    in Technology

    NetApp's Dr. Greg Gardner , NetApp’s chief architect for government, defense, and Intel solutions for the U.S. Public Sector, shares what he learned at this week's Big Data Symposium in Washington, DC. He also talks about ways that federal government agencies can take the data they are “swimming in” and turn it into actionable intelligence and gives highlights from his presentation on “Optimizing Data Storage for Big Data in the Federal Government.”

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    Presenting Your Data: Visualizing the Data

    in Technology

    Join us for Session 3 of the All Analytics A2 Academy, The Results Are In: Presenting Data to Decision Makers. As data continues to grow in size and scope, it is easy to get lost in it. The spreadsheet is no longer the best way to look at most data. As data changes, the way we work with data needs to change as well. Complex data means we need to rely more on computer assistance and on figuring out ways for humans to digest more complicated information. In this episode we will explore:

    New methods of displaying data
    The value of automating some complex decisions
    3D printing as used in data visualization
    When to use visualization
    How to tell a story with data

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    Big Data isn't scarry

    in Marketing

    This week Jay Kassing is back to talk about his book, Big Data. Join us to find out how Big Data is going to impact your brand and the world of banking. Big Data isn't scarry, unless you dont use it the right way. Join us for a fun and informative show.
    To get the book simply click the link below:

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    Prepare for the Internet of Things Data Blitz

    in Technology

    As enterprises steadily connect production equipment, transportation networks, environmentals, and other technologies, those organizations will face the challenges of analyzing, digesting, and acting on volumes of new data. No, we won't throw a switch and suddenly have an Internet of Things, but it is something that will evolve in the coming years, and it could pick up its early momentum in the enterprise space.

    Now, how are you going to bring all of that data into enterprise applications, and discover benefits?

    Steve Sarracino of Activant Capital will join All Analytics Radio at noon (ET) on December 16 to outline some of the opportunities and challenges for the IoT in the enteprise realm. Steve is a founding partner of Activant, and has been deeply involved in funding and advising companies that provide enterprise applications in the vertical and horizontal spaces.

    In this session you will learn:

    Why the people tasked with collecting the data on the IoT may have the toughest job
    What role dashboards play in viewing IoT data
    How your organization can navigate the hard road to predictive analytics
    How you can someday enable sensor-driven decision making


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    Presenting Your Data: Think Presentation From the Start

    in Technology

    Welcome to Session 1 of the All Analytics A2 Academy: The Results Are In: Presenting Data to Decision Makers. Long before data is ready for delivery to the business unit, the analytics team must consider the options for presentation, evaluating the type of data being utilized, how it will be used, and the audience that will work with the finished results. In this session, learn about:

    The myriad options for delivering data results, including text reports, tables, audio presentations, interactive visualizations, and dashboards
    How to evaluate the needs of the eventual recipient of the results
    Identifying the nature and sustainability of the data at hand
    How to define the business unit's goal for using the data

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    Big Data and Security Considerations for Agencies Choosing Cloud

    in Technology

    Greg Gardner of NetApp shares the challenges that the DoD and Intel space face when choosing to move to the cloud. With limited budgets, cloud options can be enticing, but securing the massive amounts of data these agencies collect must be kept top of mind.

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