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    The Druth About... Jury Nullification

    in Politics

    On this week's episode, Dru will discuss the concept of Jury Nullification and what it means to Americans. 

    Jury Nullification is the process by which a jury finds a defendant not guilty of a crime which he is clearly guilty of due to their dislike of the law violated or because of exigent circumstances surrounding the case. 

    We are going to examine why this is important to American society and how it can be used to ensure Freedom in the United States. 

    Join us at 9:00 Eastern / 6:00 Pacific time and be part of the discussion.  Listeners can call into the show at (347) 857-4397 with questions or comments.

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    West Coast Bias Episode #17 S06

    in Sports

    This week on West Coast Bias the boys will be taking a look at the Oakland Athletics and their moves this offseason. They will also be looking at how those moves will affect their chances at competing for another AL West title and another trip to the playoffs. All this and we continue to look at the top 5 teams heading into the March Madness tournament next month. Finally we will talk some of the hottest topics in sports today. That’s on Sunday at 3pm PST right here on www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents ...

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    Selection WinsDay

    in Entertainment

    Tonight, we unveil the final judges and sixteen artists who will compete in our 3rd Annual March Music Madness Tournament beginning March 4 at 8PM ET. Sixteen artists will face off in elimination fashion by using their abilities to create songs and good music each round in order to be the last artist standing. The champion will not only be crowned King/Queen of the Madness, but will also be the winner of a $200 Foot Locker Gift Card courtesy of Da BlackTop.

    We have a conversation with a young singer with a unique style. Soft-toned vocals with a nostalgic melody, she makes her music to not only float you away, but also speak on true emotions. Farah is her name and she talks to us LIVE inside of Da Open Mike segment to introduce herself, hustle, and music movement to all. Follow on IG/Twitter: @farahneoteric

    Our Sport Your Stuff Model of the Week is the beautiful Laikyra B. She introduces herself, background, and more to all of BlackTopNation for you to hop along the Laikyra B bandwagon. Follow her on Instagram: @LaikyraBTheMode


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    West Coast Bias Episode #16 S06

    in Sports

    On this week’s episode of West Coast Bias the boys are back in the studio to bring you your favorite Sunday sports show. We will be discussing everything that was last week’s All Star Weekend in New York. If you missed the festivities we will bring you up to date. With baseball right around the corner the boys are going to take a look at the defending champion San Francisco Giants and their hopes of competing in a odd numbered year. We will talk all this and give you your dose of Mr Suaves Take and Douals Corner right here on West Coast Bias. Right here on www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents ...

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    The Signalis Show: Liberal Bias against Law Enforcement- Article 2

    in Politics Conservative

    Defending conservative values and the US Constitution

    First Hour: The liberal bias against law enforcement has reared it's ugly head in the recent events between law enforcement and the people. The Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases are the prime examples as to how the liberals will do anything and use anything to further their political agenda; while claiming to be to standing up for the "oppressed". The truth is that liberals hate the Constitution and hate America with their sick twisted view of reality. They say conservatives won't discuss sensitive issues such as race and equality. Here it comes LIBTARDS! You wanted the discussion you got it!

    Second Hour: Constitution Series- Article 2

    J4P updtates in first hour concerning Sgt Charles Dyer. This patriot needs our help America! email Jan Dyer at missquilt42@yahoo.com to find out how you can help.

    please also visit dutystationentertainment.com  Our troops need oir support

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    Board Selection Process-Sonia Luna Interviews William Judge

    in Business

    Learn about Corporate Governance, Board Selection Process and Interactions with Boards when Sonia Luna interviews Wiliam Judge. 

    Professor Judge is the E.V. Williams Professor of Strategic Leadership at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  His areas of expertise are Corporate Governance, Strategy Implementation, and Organizational Innovation and change.  He has published over 100 articles and 3 books on these subjects, and has served as a consultant for business in all three areas.  In 2001, he was a U.S. Fulbright Scholar in MGIMO University Moscow, Russia; and in 2013, he was a distinguished visiting scholar at Instituto d Industrial Engineering degree from Lehigh University, followed by MBA and PhD degrees at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Bill is currently engaged in a nationwide study of the director selection process for U.S. board seats. 


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    Saturday Sunday School Preview with National Pastor T.R. Bias

    in Christianity

    Join Pastor Bias and the Panel for another Saturday Sunday School Preview.

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    West Coast Bias Episode #15 S06

    in Sports

    On this week’s episode of West Coast Bias the boys are back on at their normal time. That Super Bowl last week could have been a one sided blowout. But it wasn’t it was possibly the best Super Bowl ever played. Listen in on Sunday as the boys break down exactly what happened in the big game. They will also tell us how the Patriots managed to make history against the Seahawks. All this and the boys will talk more NCAA basketball after the exciting week. So tune in at 3pm PST to the 4ACES Network on www.Blogtalkradio.com/fouracespresents ...

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    DA Harris Admits To Jury Tampering.

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    Coming up on The Back Story at 11:30 am, the admission of district attorney Dave Harris to jury tampering. 

    The admission is memorialized in the transcripts from the AJ Pontillo hearing on January 8th.

    Mr. Pontillo was exonerated of all charges by unanimous jury decision.

    Fladager , Harris and Jacobson are all accountable for tampering with the jury in a failed attempt to poison their minds.

    DA Harris stated tampering with the jury didn't matter because Mr. Pontillo had been acquitted.

    No Harm, no foul.

    An attempted bank robbery is not a crime because it was only an attempt. 

    Defense attorney Frank Carson stated he was obligated to bring the jury  tampering to the judges attention and the judge reveled the jury commissioner dumped it back into his lap.

    Judge Scott Steffen said he was seeking legal counsel in regards to this matter.


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    The financial impact of mating selection

    in Finance

    On our next broadcast young professionals will discuss the professional financial impact stemming from the mates we select - or don't select. Did you know that married men make more than single men, but the opposite is true for married women? What (if anything) can be done about this? We want you to be a part of the conversation! We are seeking positive black professionals (single or married) to share their perspective on air Thursday, 2/12/15 @ 7 pm EST. Please visit blogtalkradio.com/ybp for show and call-in details.

    If you would like to be a guest and share in our round table discussion, please e-mail ybp@youngblackprofessionals.org and tell us your story!

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    County Counsel assigns lawyer for DA

    in News

    DA Harris and investigator Steve Jacobson will appear at 10 o'clock to explain charges of corrupting the jury in the AJ bail bonds case.

    The BACK STORY will go on the air at 12 noon today in order to report on the hearing.

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