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    Life Lessons from Dogs welcomes Bryan Bailey, The Wolf Whisperer

    in Lifestyle

    Nationally-recognized award-winning animal behaviorist Bryan Bailey (“The Wolf Whisperer”) will appear on FOX & FRIENDS on Monday, November 16th. During the live segment on Fox News Channel, scheduled for 6:50am EST, Bailey will discuss his new book, Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, and demonstrate a protection scenario with an 80 lb. German Shepherd security dog.

    In Embracing the Wild in Your Dog, Bailey explains that for all that man has done to carve the wolf from the wild to create a surrogate human, today’s dog is still a wolf at heart. Bailey emphasizes the damaging and paralytic problem of attaching our human traits to our pets.

    “This book is about developing a deep understanding of the authors of your dog’s behavior - nature and the wolf,” explains Bailey. “In doing so, you will truly learn who and what your dog really is and the whys and hows of its behavior. You will learn how activating and deactivating the natural, wolf-like impulses and mechanisms in your dog will lead to the harmonious existence and the control you always dreamed of.”

    Bailey is a nationally-certified Master Trainer and Pharmacotherapy Behaviorist and decorated veteran of the U.S. Navy, working extensively as a supervisor and trainer for the U.S. Navy’s classified dolphin and sea lion projects. He has studied wolves in the wild, trained law enforcement dogs for narcotics detection and search and rescue, and much more.

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    The Knowledge Show Live Featuring Stephen Schwertley and Bailey Richert

    in Radio

    This weekend is Malik's Birthday weekend. Wish him a happy birthday. Call in and give him a shout out at 914.219.0884

    Topic 1: Author Stephen Schwertley is our guest tonight to talk about his new book, "Enemy in the Heartland"

    Topic 2: Author Bailey Richert is our guest tonight to talk about her book, "Life Experience Millionaire" and how to live the life you want by changing your way of thinking.

    Topic 3: Journey Through the Bible with Malik Shakur. We will continue our journey with Genesis 43-45.

    Topic 4: Black Saturday Giveaway. Submit your phone number or the number of a friend to knowledgeshow@yahoo.com and we will randomly select a number to call on the air to answer a trivia question and win. The Prizes are 2016 GMC Sierra Pick up Truck, 42" Plasma TV, and  $500 Visa Gift Card.

    Topic 5: Final Thoughts.

    Please write down your dreams or email them to us for Diane Brandon, The Dream Interpreter premiering in March

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    Mental Dialogue: Conversation w/ Yolanda Spivey aka Bianca White

    in Current Events

    In the aftermath of the RAVEN-SYMONE "WATERMELONDREA" controversy, our featured guest, YOLANDA SPIVEY, wrote a scathing article, Hey Raven-Symoné, You’re Part of the Problem, properly dressing down SYMONE for her misplaced comments about Black women with ethnic names.  SPIVEY is also the BLACK WOMAN who conducted her own social experiment in the job market, by resubmitting her resume online, under the fictional name BIANCA WHITE and marking her RACE as WHITE.  The job offers begin pouring in, while the exact same resume, as herself, left her jobless for two years. YOLANDA SPIVEY is a freelance writer and now owner and principal broker at Michael Whitney & Associates, LLC.  Tune in for the 2nd Hour for the MONEY & POWER HOUR as we bring on Attorney Kimberly Haynes to speak about proper estates planning for families to protect their assets for future generations (Wills, Living Wills, Power of Attorney, Trust). "All I Ask Is That You Think"

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    Music Crush Mondays - Dani Rey and Bianca Ingram

    in Music

    Tune into Music Crush Mondays every Monday with your host, Shea B!

    Tonight, I'll be live with singing sensations Dani Rey and Bianca Ingram!

    You don't want to miss this!


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    Business Blitz with Bianca Danielle Guidry and Craig Henderson

    in Entrepreneur

    Bianca Danielle is the Operations Director for A Different Girl Inc. a non profit started by 5 amazing African American women who decided that they wanted to be a pivotal role model in the lives of young women. They sought out what needed to be changed and chose to incorporate their ideas of leadership and mentorship in order to be pilots of change. A Different Girl Inc. mission is to empower young women to develop leadership and life skills to create a purpose filled and well balanced life that impacts their community. Bianca Danielle is a self-starter, and passion pusher. She utilizes her talents and gifts that God revealed through life coaching, mentoring and motivation speaking. Bianca believes that God is her center and that without him she would be nothing.

    Craig Henderson, is the creative mind behind ibii. Known for having a positive attitude, an ability to make a friend in any room and a quick-witted sense of humor, he is an imaginative force to be reckoned with. 

    The acronym for ibii became “I Bring Ideas and Inspiration.” The character, having one eye shaped like a target represented “focus,” while the other eye, shaped like a heart represented “loving what you do.” The mouth of ibii is sown shut, which represented “less talk and take action,” and his head is shaped like a square which represented Craig’s original concept of “thinking outside of the box.” Ibii also had a round stomach which represented being “full of ideas of and wears a tie which represented “professionalism.”

    Craig dedicated his full focus to ibii and is steadily growing awareness of the power behind the concept. One person at a time, Craig is fulfilling his childhood vision of changing the world, with ibii leading as the superhero.

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    Heads & Tales Part 1

    in Relationships

    Tonight's episode includes a co-host "tell-all." We're sharing our most memorable sexcapades with you! Learn something; laugh a lot! Our best sex stories & our worst sex stories...Tune in!

    Part 1, Tonight. Part 2 Wednesday.

    Saving Relationships One Bedroom At A Time...


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    Relationship Catering

    in Relationships

    "Relationship Catering"

    Why You Should & What Happens When You Don't?

    Tonight on Sparkle Bailey Radio The twists, turns and benefits to catering to your mate.

  • Interview With Ronald Bailey and Jay Nordlinger

    in Politics Conservative

    Ronald Bailey is the author of Eco-Scam and the award-winning science correspondent for Reason magazine and reason.com.  His new book is entitled The End of Doom: Environmental Renewal in the Twenty-first Century.

    Jay Nordlinger is a senior editor of National Review and the music critic of The New Criterion. He is the author of Peace, They Say and of the recently released, Children of Monsters: An Inquiry into the Sons and Daughters of Dictators.

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    Pre-recorded: Urgent message, Congo mission with Dr. Pat Bailey

    in Religion

    Pre-recorded broadcast with Dr. Patricia Bailey Jones. Congo mission, urgent crisis!

    Dr. Patricia Bailey-Jones [Dr. Pat Bailey] is the Founder of Master's Touch Ministries Global, Inc. (MTM), a mission outreach ministry with headquarters in North Carolina, Los Angeles, Atlanta, South Africa, Belgium, Brazil and England.

    Dr. Bailey-Jones is highly regarded for creating tremendous global impact for over 32 years in over 134 countries. Going to places where many will not dare to go, Dr. Bailey-Jones has diligently labored to be the eyes, hands, feet, and voice of the Lord,in numerous regions of the world that are impoverished both spiritually and naturally.

    Matthew 25:40 (NKJV) And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’


    Join us as we discuss relevant topics that are sure to ignite your desire to persevere and pursue all that The Lord has ordained for your life. God's will is that your passion would intersect with your God-given purpose and cause you to experience life in ways that you never thought possible. He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we could ever as or think.

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    The Beat Break w/ State Senator Vincent Fort, Cynthia Bailey & Singer Algebra

    in Radio

    The Beat Break w/ State Senator Vincent Fort, Cynthia Bailey  & Singer Algebra

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    Jim Bailey of Z3 News: Prophetic Dreams Revisited

    in News

    Rick invited Z3News.com editor James Bailey to revisit several prophetic dreams in received in 2014 and 2015. The dreams may provide clues linking Congressional action on the NDAA’s funding of military operations in Ukraine with a U.S. market panic.

    Download MP3
    James Bailey | Z3 News