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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Every1Wins Racing & Us 2015

    in Sports

    TMDS LIVE! from Rosebud Village was gonna be a replay, a blast from the past.  Well, I move forward (rarely straight) as a goal of each moment, and I'm about out of here, and TMDS Medical Director Dr. Kevin Butterfield wanted to do a short show.  We'll be talking Racing, with a TBI Halo.  Kevin and I have worked, and worked, and planned and plotted to get TBI's associated with Auto Racing.  World wide.  People race, and folks get brain injuries, across the globe.  Seemed to fit to me.


    It seemed to fit to 2014 TransAm Champion Ernie Francis Jr. as well.  It truely fits on former TransAm driver John Mills.  I'll see if they are too busy to call in or not Sunday.  Kevin has the mic, (mostly), I got the buttons (always).  Over the last half year of deeper prodding (my job, Kevin hates the TBI slow stuff - too bad!), and planning (obviously his job, I mean, come on - ME PLAN!) the table continues to grow.  Seats are filling up, and YOU can still sit right with us (especially if you buy - I like those guys).


    Kevin are myself are going to talk about our summer plans, what's 'clean enough' to over the air anyway, introduce in a baby step way his week on BIRN, and probably laugh quite a bit.  Unless he don't think I'm being serious about racing.  WATCH OUT!  TBI?  The Brain?  Smart Doc, loves to laugh.  Racing?  Grab your harness and strap yourself in for a serious time at the track.  We plan on showing you and involving you in professional racing like you never thought possible.

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - HIPPA This: Dr. 'B' & Me

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    HIPPA laws. The good, the bad, the nosey.  After all, medical professionals involved in your health can read the files - and they go home, talk with their spouse, their friends about their work.  Its normal. However HIPPA's intent is to protect privacy.  Yet, my intent is to share medical and heath issuses intow with a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Uh, got's me some experience and education in the TBI field. Enough for paid work?  No. Enough to teach? Occasionally, yes.


    Enough to understand that to share the issue, you have to be on stage, removing all privacy in order to communicate understandably with BI folk.  They and 'what ever the issue of the moment is' can be enlightened with 'knowing trustfully' the messenger understands, cares, wants for better than today.  That's me.  Tri-host Sam Way feels the same, but he'll talk about toys, er, games.  Melissa Meeps?  Dunno, have learned NOT to try to understand what women are thinking; just flow.


    Of this mental mess if not health shattering past two-months I've led (62 Days, but WHO's counting!), we've made it (so far).  Is there ligtht at the end of the tunnel?  Dunno, wasn't envolved with the constrution of the tunnel.  But, Doctor Samantha Backhaus has been HEAVILY involved with the reconstruction of Matt Duffin.  So be nosey!  Compare. This Rosebud Trooper from The Village me up with Doc "B" on Thursday.  My third appointment is the past month.  Lot's going on.  Lot's.  As a Neuropsycologist locally in Indianapolis, creator of BICS, PEER Mentoring (her style), Couples Care and more, Dr. Sammie's work is very Internationallly known.  But we're keeping her.  Trust me - ya got to go thru Milton first to steal her away from her Hoosier horde of Survivors.

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Because I should/want/can? No, Because I Need YOU

    in Social Networking

    I could use a tug, an uplift, encouragement and by all means thoughts on when we are LITERALLY and PHYISCALLY being wrecked.  I push hard the training and education I've been gratefully recieved, and recieving for recovery - especially the early years.  I'm in my sixth 'season' of Severe TBI Survival.  And done well, mentally.  Physically is what has brought me here today.


    Had morning 'coffee' with Craig, talked about a replay, finding a replacement host, or letting him know a couple hours before 10:00 pm EST what I wanted to do, he could help.  Well....."Help Me If You Can I'm Feeling Down."  With all the recent, semi-traumatic true-life drama goning on in and around my humble Milton abode, I again realized what Mr. Sicilia was getting across to me.  What do I want to do?  Share the good with the bad, the issue with the strategy, the rest with the play and the accomplishments  with the "still workin' on it".  TBI life, as is, as we can make it be.


    It's never comfortable, and misery can erase happiness before the pleasure of a moment.  I get my support, my grand plan, my uplift from not only helping others, but mainly by having those others help me.  "And I do appreciate you being  'round".  Can we talk.  Its not the Matt Duffin hour, its the sharing of TBI Survival life hour, and how we face it.  No HIPPA law here, use me and my situations as a running  board for thoughts and ideas.  "Help me get my feet back on the ground."  Let's use yours (again, no HIPPA threats please - we're media rights protected).


    424 243-9540 or Skype us.  Click the link, and you can even blink.  Take your time.  Wear what desired to TMDS support group, or nothing at all.  "Won't you please, please help me

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Wish You Happy New Moments

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    I'm here but back, kinda sorta.  Never went anywhere, my bed (comfortable to the max) has been at Rosebud Village, inside with the mentally disabled and aged troops for 40 Days as of now.  The Milton Home Port has taken a beating, physically and mentally.  Thanks for all the condolences and well hopes from my family of TBI Survivors and freinds, it meant much.

    Still does.  So much going on, went on, and may yet again go on, has been frustrating to say the least.  Dad always told me to do the best, with the tools I got.  Occasionally, you'll find your daily tools need sharpened and repaired.  Also time to rest the body and soul, if constant PT can be considered resting!  Behind the lines with the troops.  Never to be forgotten as life is very simple in Nursing and Rehab Facilities, yet very, uh, very well, simply routinely simple.  Nice folks all, but I AM NOT READY FOR THIS!  Time to escape, soon anyway, permitantly.  (Though I do have an a-like Hogan's Hero's system in place).

    Dr. Sammie called me on Saturday, just a personal yet neurological conversation about life as is.  Calmed my soul, as the good doctor can do as a friend.  On the Professional side, basically told me to get my ass in RHI NRC and see her next week!  Worried about depression, lost focus and so much stimuli the coping mind can't control - my diagnosis.  At least that's what I'll share.  Let's share just that tonight, as Sam Way and Meep'ster WILL JOIN ME as we start the New Year of Sunday's off with...thoughts of hope, drive, simplicity and healing.

    We'll make it.  Devistated, even though expected, dad's death was unexpected.  The sun arises somewhere today (not Indiana), offering glimers of hope.  Unreasonable Belief became a traumatized family's faith - & it worked.

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    BIRN -.Jane & Warring jackson BIA GA- Dream Catchers

    in Self Help

    Jane Jackson is the Information and Resource Director for the Brain Injury Association of Georgia and a  Certified Brain Injury Specialist.  She has worked with BIA of Georgia for the past 7 years and covers the state handling requests from survivors, families and the medical professionals who serve them-among many other "hats" she wears for BIA of Georgia.  Working one-on-one with individuals, she provides personalized  help,  resources and education about brain injury and symptoms.  Jane is also the wife of Waring Jackson who sustained a brain injury  from a motorcycle accident 14 years ago.  He was sent home after 2 weeks in the trauma center and told "if you have a headache take 2 aspirin".  He looked ok, he talked ok but inside he knew something was wrong.  He was one of the thousands of walking, talking "silent epidemics" you hear about in the news. He masked his changes with humor for 3-4 years before admitting he needed help.  Together Jane and Waring discovered his personality change, short term memory, fatigue, depression - among other symptoms - were from his accident. Thus began their long road to rehabilitation and adapting to his "new normal". 
     Jane Jackson  Certified Brain Injury Specialist CBIS  Information and Resource Program Director  Brain Injury Association of Georgia  1441 Clifton Road NE
    Les Paul  has a positive out look and has much to share about his journey dealing with brain injury for many years.  Les is also on the board of directors for the TBI Survivors Network helping build strong survivor lead groups all over the world.  Les will motivate you, make you think and leave you feeling inspired.
    With Leaders in the Association from SC,GA, Indiana and others getting the perspective on How the BIAA operates.

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    #54 Discovering Bia: GPS watch for women and Kickstarter

    in Fitness

    When interviewing Tiffany Henness, one of our favorite Bloggers - Heavy Medal or @running_hutch as her Twitter Followers would know her. Tiffany told us about, Bia: The first GPS sports watch for women. This great new product is being launched via a Kickstarter project.
    Bia: The GPS Sports Watch for Women that Men Want Too was the headline that caught our attention. The his and hers package sealed the deal.
    We figured what better way to explore this and support the project than to talk to the people behind it and in this episode The Partnerunning Show we are excited to be talking to Cheryl Kellond who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bia.
    Cheryl tells us all about Bia and her thoughts on topics including:
    What is Bia and the Bia Community? Where do people find Bia online? Why a GPS for women? What is Kickstarter? Cheryl the athlete Partnerunning and training with a partner or group We strongly encourage you to support the Bia Project on Kickstarter and in the process get yourself a great new GPS watch and learn about project funding.

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    Seminole Medicine Man James WFE Mooney Oklevueha Native American Church Founder

    in Religion

    James ‘Flaming Eagle’ Mooney is an American Native Black Seminole, and a bloodline descendant of Seminole Medicine Man and War Chief Osceola and his escaped African American slave wife. James is also the namesake and bloodline descendant of one James Mooney, Irish-Scottish son of Irish Catholic immigrants, and American born U.S. Citizen.  James Mooney was employed as an Ethnologist at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington D.C. Here is an account of three men doing everything in their power to assist the indigenous peoples and their ancient ceremonies of North America to survive the onslaught of atrocities perpetrated by misguided United States government agencies for more than 200 years.

    War Chief Osceola was an influential Seminole leader who fought the United States to a standstill in the Florida Everglades, during the second Seminole War, also known as the Florida War of 1835.  James’s ancestral family fought the U.S. military in an attempt to stop the expulsion of our First Nations people from their ancestral homeland and bringing about the deliberate annihilation of our indigenous culture.

    In 1918, James’s forefather James Mooney fought a war of words before Congress, successfully halting the passage of a Peyote law that was designed to make illegal the entire American Native way of life. Pointedly, the dominant Christian religious mainstream sought to end our earth-based ceremonies and healing and empowerment rites, supplanting these traditions with those imported from across the seas.  Of late, this codified denial of our constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom was promoted and enforced by a federal agency known as the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).  James’s great grandfather’s successful defense of our sacrament before Congress was a first step in a long journey to restore and maintain our ancient heritage.  

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Callenging Times - Our Deepest Condolences

    in Family

    Les will be filling in for Matt tonight, due to the passing of Matt's dad (Woody), late this afternoon. The hosts of Brain Injury Radio, are sending our thoughts and prayers to Matt at this difficult time. We know that Woody is resting with the Angels tonight.

    Matt and Woody have been reciprocal caregivers for one another these past years, and shared the trials, tribulations and triumps of recovery ...But always with the most love and rest.

    Tonight we honor Matt and Woody.



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    BIRN - Dream Catchers-Heather Joy of BIA SC - Les Paul

    in Self Help

    Special Guest. Heather Joy the Recourse coordinator for the Brain Injury Association of SC will be guest tonight on Dream Catchers with Les Paul.
    She is a dedicated Advocate who wants to help empower people with Brain Injuries to live life to their best ability. The BIA SC also has a very active and impassioned board of directors and Advocates throughout the State of SC!
    The Brain Injury Association of South Carolina is a nonprofit organization which was developed by persons with brain injury, their families, and concerned professionals in an effort to provide information and support to those who have experienced brain injury. The BIASC is our state’s chartered affiliate of the national Brain Injury Association of America. Together our mission is to create a better future through brain injury prevention, research, education and advocacy.
    With Leaders in the Association from Georga, Indiana and others loyal to their mission. getting a perspective on howHow the BIA SC operates.

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    'The Matt Duffin Show' - Embedded W/Aged & Disabled Troops

    in Health

    I broke my hip.  Soon after, was enlisted into the Aged & Disabled Troops where was put right up on the Eastern Front - The Village.  Six week stay, then future 'away' rehab appears on the slate.  Can't walk anyway (AT ALL) and my now-skinny legs need to recover.  The 'mind game' of TBI Recovery as overtaken me, and my health is reported to be failing because of lack of Physical Training, er, Therapy.

    First shared a small room with a Dementia patient - a former County Sheriff, with a side-kick sharing our bathroom.  No shower.  CNA's job.  Kinda like that part.  Then moved into a 'private' room area.  Less hustle, bustle, OWN shower/bathroom, social and activity's offered daily, the quiet of the neighborhood's overall 'issues' is enlightening is somewhat 'drab'.  Or, is it just me?  Being of around 30-years minus the average age of the 40-some-ish (no count yet) 'troopers' of various mental capacities, I've looked not only at the overall programs, work and ways of the facility (while trying to mend myself) but into the  eyes; perhaps the eyes of the future.

    TBI Survivors and the dreaded 'isolation' that frustratingly follows, meet aged Survivors of life, where the hope of time is certainly limited.  Awareness, as a society we often overlook the factual concept of 'limited isolation'...

    I'll do what I can from Rosebud Village tonight, hate to awaken the troops.  Brought my laptop, but need a 'techie' to stop by.  PLEASE.  Thanks to the night staff, I often use the closed rec hall's cpu at late night.  Yes, there is a routine!

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