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    Exuberant, loud-mouthed, and regularly adorned with a bejeweled pimp chalice at hand, Lil Jon was the charismatic figurehead of the Dirth South crunk movement that arose from the Atlanta area around the turn of the century. Born Jonathan Smith on January 27, 1971, in Atlanta, GA, the producer/rapper began his rap industry ascension as part of Jermaine Dupri's So So Def label, for which he worked from 1993 to 2000. In the mid-'90s Lil Jon began making a name for himself as a producer with a knack for club remixes. Before long he formed his own group, Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz, comprised of Big Sam and Lil Bo, in addition to himself.


    Who U Wit? Essentially a means of showcasing his production talent, and profiting from it as well, Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz signed to Mirror Image Records, an Atlanta-based label distributed by Ichiban Records. In 1997 the label released Who U Wit?, a CD single, and Get Crunk, Who U Wit: Da Album; a second CD single, Shawty Freak a Lil Sumtin', followed in 1998. The regional success of "Who U Wit?" brought with it plenty of outside production opportunities for Lil Jon, and so it wasn't until 2000 that he returned with another East Side Boyz album, We Still Crunk, this one released independently by BME Recordings. A contract with TVT Records followed, as did the group's label debut, Put Yo Hood Up (2001), which boasted some previously released material (e.g., "Who U Wit," "I Like Dem Girlz"), as well as "Bia' Bia'," the first Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz single to get national airplay, thanks in part to the song's guest features (i.e., Ludacris, Too Short).


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    This is a placeholder for a program that has not yet been produced. Notifications will occur on Facebook and elsewhere when it is. Blueotter has just returned from Green Corn Ceremony and will be reporting what was said by the elders, and by visiting Micmac and Miami elders as well.

    The BIA "recognition" process, (long held hostage by Cherokee bureaucrats) has been changed by the current  White House admnistration. We'll be discussing all this in an upcoming broadcast. 

    BACKGROUNDER: Unknown to most, the Cherokee had been fighting amongst themselves for hundreds of years by the time Columbus arrived. After the Civil War, the US Gov't (to reassert US sovereignty over all Indian tribes) brokered a Treaty of Amity and Friendship between all the Indians in what is now Oklahoma. All tribes became signatories BUT strangely, the United Cherokee Nation of 1839 reserved the right to continue their ancient internecine (between brothersof) war... over what "issue" remained unsaid.  The US Gov't, eager to limit as much as possible the names on Indian rolls, (and financial responsibility for them) was eager to condone this.

    Since that time, it has become clear that the unspoken "issue" was Cherokee political infighing over US federal dollars... and the ancient human right to self-determine: the human right to call oneself a Cherokee without reprisal.

    Now that it is clear that the USA is facing another financial collapse, things are changing. Cherokees are beginning to rethink just who IS a Cherokee. It's a fight between the European concept of "citizenship" adopted in 1827, and the ancient Cherokee concept of who "belongs." No longer are most Cherokee ignorant of our actual history and lifeways.


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    In The Spotlight with Jaimi Alexander and Special Guest Brianna Perry

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    Join Jaimi In The Spotlight as she speaks with Rapper and Reality star, Brianna Perry as she returns for season 2 of Oxygen's hit docu-series Sisterhood of Hip Hop. Executive produced by rap superstar and actor T.I, the reality show follows Perry, and rappers, Siya, Diamond, Nyemiah, and Bia, as they navigate their way through the music industry.


    Follow the conversation @queenjaimi and @your15minradio

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    Speak Life Radio ~ Interviews 100 Black Men President Richard Asbury

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    Speak Life Radio ~ interviews 100 Black Men President Richard Asbury

     Blessings beautiful family and welcome back to another amazing show! What an awesome thing to see black men committed to the intellectual development of youth and the economicempowerment of the African American community based on the following precepts: respect for family, spirituality, justice and integrity. Our guest tonight is Richard S. Asbury President of 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland, a retired Naval Officer and a retired Business Consultant. 


    He has visited or lived in the following countries:

    In Europe

    Spain, France, Germany(living there for 1.5 months), Switzerland, Austria, Greece, and Italy

    In The Middle East

    Du Bia , Arabia (living there for 27 months)

    In Asia

    Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines

    In Africa

    Ethiopia,  Eretria

    In The Caribbean

      Virgin Islands, Curacao, Mexico

    In The Americas

      Mexico, Canada
    Please join us!




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    #54 Discovering Bia: GPS watch for women and Kickstarter

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    When interviewing Tiffany Henness, one of our favorite Bloggers - Heavy Medal or @running_hutch as her Twitter Followers would know her. Tiffany told us about, Bia: The first GPS sports watch for women. This great new product is being launched via a Kickstarter project.
    Bia: The GPS Sports Watch for Women that Men Want Too was the headline that caught our attention. The his and hers package sealed the deal.
    We figured what better way to explore this and support the project than to talk to the people behind it and in this episode The Partnerunning Show we are excited to be talking to Cheryl Kellond who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bia.
    Cheryl tells us all about Bia and her thoughts on topics including:
    What is Bia and the Bia Community? Where do people find Bia online? Why a GPS for women? What is Kickstarter? Cheryl the athlete Partnerunning and training with a partner or group We strongly encourage you to support the Bia Project on Kickstarter and in the process get yourself a great new GPS watch and learn about project funding.

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    BIA’s position on the INA 212 Waiver for lawful permanent residents who adjusted

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    BIA’s position on the INA 212 Waiver for lawful permanent residents

    In a recent decision, Matter of J-H-J-, 26 I & N Dec. 563 (BIA 2015), the Board of Immigration Appeals held, An alien who adjusted status in the United States, and who has not entered as a lawful permanent resident, is not barred from establishing eligibility for a waiver of inadmissibility under section 212(h) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. § 1182(h) (2012), as a result of an aggravated felony conviction. Matter of E.W. Rodriguez, 25 I&N Dec. 784 (BIA 2012), and Matter of Koljenovic, 25 I&N Dec. 219 (BIA 2010), withdrawn.

    When Congress amended the immigration laws a few years ago, it disallowed green card holder the ability to cancel deportation if that person committed an aggravated felony. For a number of years now, the various federal circuit courts of appeals struggled with the issue of whether a person who adjusted status in the US is still eligible for a discretionary waiver after committing an aggravated felony.  Most circuits (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 7th, 9th, 10, & 11th). The 8th circuit said no, Roberts v. Holder. The 1st circuit has not decided that issue. The BIA in a minor holding said that since most circuits (9 out of 11 said yes it have to create uniformity through the country. If you consular processed for your green card, no waiver is available for an aggravated felony.  

    Marcus Jarvis, Immigration & Criminal attorney. www.m-jlawltd.com

    Book: “A Simple Guide to the Immigration Laws of the United States: What you NEED to know when you come to America.” www.a-tbooks.com and www.amazon.com 

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    BIRN -.Jane & Warring jackson BIA GA- Dream Catchers

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    Jane Jackson is the Information and Resource Director for the Brain Injury Association of Georgia and a  Certified Brain Injury Specialist.  She has worked with BIA of Georgia for the past 7 years and covers the state handling requests from survivors, families and the medical professionals who serve them-among many other "hats" she wears for BIA of Georgia.  Working one-on-one with individuals, she provides personalized  help,  resources and education about brain injury and symptoms.  Jane is also the wife of Waring Jackson who sustained a brain injury  from a motorcycle accident 14 years ago.  He was sent home after 2 weeks in the trauma center and told "if you have a headache take 2 aspirin".  He looked ok, he talked ok but inside he knew something was wrong.  He was one of the thousands of walking, talking "silent epidemics" you hear about in the news. He masked his changes with humor for 3-4 years before admitting he needed help.  Together Jane and Waring discovered his personality change, short term memory, fatigue, depression - among other symptoms - were from his accident. Thus began their long road to rehabilitation and adapting to his "new normal". 
     Jane Jackson  Certified Brain Injury Specialist CBIS  Information and Resource Program Director  Brain Injury Association of Georgia  1441 Clifton Road NE
    Les Paul  has a positive out look and has much to share about his journey dealing with brain injury for many years.  Les is also on the board of directors for the TBI Survivors Network helping build strong survivor lead groups all over the world.  Les will motivate you, make you think and leave you feeling inspired.
    With Leaders in the Association from SC,GA, Indiana and others getting the perspective on How the BIAA operates.

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    BIRN - Dream Catchers-Heather Joy of BIA SC - Les Paul

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    Special Guest. Heather Joy the Recourse coordinator for the Brain Injury Association of SC will be guest tonight on Dream Catchers with Les Paul.
    She is a dedicated Advocate who wants to help empower people with Brain Injuries to live life to their best ability. The BIA SC also has a very active and impassioned board of directors and Advocates throughout the State of SC!
    The Brain Injury Association of South Carolina is a nonprofit organization which was developed by persons with brain injury, their families, and concerned professionals in an effort to provide information and support to those who have experienced brain injury. The BIASC is our state’s chartered affiliate of the national Brain Injury Association of America. Together our mission is to create a better future through brain injury prevention, research, education and advocacy.
    With Leaders in the Association from Georga, Indiana and others loyal to their mission. getting a perspective on howHow the BIA SC operates.

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    Temporary Protected Status (TPS) is a special benefit that the United States gives to citizens and national of certain countries. This grant of benefit could be based on a number of things: earthquake, civil war, or some type of natural disaster. War in one’s country seems to be more common. On or about November 19, 2014, the United States government gave citizens & nationals from LIBERIA, GUINEA, & SIERRA LEONE who were present in the U. S. on 11/19/14 #TPS. Citizens and nationals form the above named countries who may qualify for #TPS needs to apply by 5/18/15 to secure such a benefit. If a person does not apply by 5/18/15, (s)he may miss the opportunity to obtain TPS.This round of TPS lasts 18 months.  With a work permit one can apply for a social security card. You can work lawfully and you may obtain a driver’s license. Always try to have date stamped documents in your name. Try not to commit crimes. Two or more misdemeanors could cause you to lose #TPS. If you get a Felony, your TPS evaporates; it will not be renewed when it expires. Provided one does not commit crimes and (s)he timely renews during the registration period, the US government will not remove you to your country of citizenship/your usual place of residence. Check my book out for more tips on TPS. If you are in removal proceedings and you are from one of the above mentioned countries, an Immigration Judge (IJ) may grant you TPS. Matter of Lopez-Aldana,If the IJ denies your TPS, you may seek review at the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA). If the BIA denies your TPS, you may seek review at your respective circuit court of appeals.Bah. Cangemi. Marcus Jarvis is an immigration attorney.