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    Name : Akshai Sthalekar
    Designation: Co- Founder 
    Experience: 7 years.
    I started meditating regularly at a very young age. This has helped me gain spiritually which in turn helps me during investigations and communicating with the spirit. Meditation also developed my psychic abilities and thus I can connect to various places and heal people. I have healed people in The USA, UK, Germany, Oman, Singapore and Australia. I learnt a lot from my guides, Late Erik Berglund (International Harpist and a spiritual Healer) and Mr. Raj Mali(Shamanic Master). I also perform exorcisms using meditative techniques and some special astral weapons.

    Name: Sarbajeet Mohanty (Cohen)
    Designation: Co-Founder.
    Experience: 3 years.
    He could sense spirits around and tried to communicate with them as a young boy. He is our lead investigator and came into this field out of determination to overcome fears. As he used to sense spirits he was afraid and then decided to overcome them and use his abilities as his strength. Guided by many paranormal investigators to investigate and by Akshai Sthalekar to follow the path of spirituality, he has developed beautifully.

    Name: Kumar Bhaskar (Aryan Metzender)
    Designation: Senior Member and Lead Investigator
    Experience: 5 years
    He has a psychic ability to read what is going on in the person’s mind. He can read faces and he loves to give it all when it comes to fighting spirits. He has a vast knowledge about demons and often gives priority to the demonic possessions over spirit possessions.

    Trainees: Anshuman Rath, Suvam Bhawal


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    5/29 Bhaskar Sunkara: Radicalism Is The Solution

    in Politics

    Jacobin founding editor, Bhaskar Sunkara, explained the distinction between liberal and socialistic politics, the modern delusions of liberalism, the disconnect between the elite and grassroots of the Democratic Party, the political success of neo-liberalism, how the left can renew itself … Continue reading →

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    Creating & Sustaining a Coaching Culture in an Organization

    in Lifestyle

    Patricia Hirsch interviews Bhaskar Natarajan, ACC. Bhaskar will discuss how creating a “Coaching Culture” across an organization resulted in Breaking “Silos” between departments Building Collaboration and mutual respect among leaders Bonding through common “Rules of Engagement” while promoting a “One team” Experience for “Higher Performance.” Bhaskar Natarajan, ACC, is currently the President of ‘ICF Hyderabad Chapter’ and a research scholar at XLRI, Jamshedpur, India. His research work involves using Development Coaching as a strategic tool in building high performing teams. Bhaskar has close to 13 years of cumulative experience in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Performance Consulting, Sales and Human Resources.
    In his recent corporate consulting role, he was leading a team of consultants and responsible for ‘Organizational Transformation’ practice across Asia Pacific, offering professional services on Organizational Change Management, Organizational Design, setting up of Shared Services etc. Prior to joining Infosys Consulting, he was with the Satyam School of Leadership engaged in various OD interventions for high value customer facing accounts specifically to improve the business performance, team bonding and quality of interaction between employees and customers. He also spent 6.5 years with Dr. Reddy’s Foundation (DRF) in developing and leading the Human Resources & Learning and Development function for an employee base of 1500 across various geographies. During his tenure in DRF, he successfully launched ‘Leadership Academy’, a Corporate University model, to groom leaders from within the organization.

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    Poetry is Life/ Community Corner episode 2

    in Education

    4pm - host Erik Estabrook interviews Arman Khodaei, a public speaker, published writer who own his own blog and uses his experience and gifts for autism awareness. He was a nominee for the 2011 Int'l Naturally Autistic People Awards in Vancouver, Canada.  I will also inetrview Prabhakar Bhaskar a poet (ex-banker) from India who is an expert at his craft.
    5pm - tune in after poetry is life for community corner with host Leonora Gregory-Collura discussing the ways in which autistic people are connected to the community. ONce such person Dani Bowman of Powerlight studios 2010 recipient for the Int'L NAP Awards and Host for the 2011 awards & Conv. will be interviewed about her recent speaking engagements to 12,000 girl scouts.

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    Interview with Co-Founder of Qik, Bhaskar Roy

    in Technology

    We talk with Bhaskar Roy, co-founder of Qik, whose company just released a live video streaming app on the Android Market.