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    Prayers for Nepal with Anne Marie Harris and Carlie Kilduff

    in Health

    Join your host, Rebecca Girouard along with co-hosts, Anne Marie Harris, organizer of the Prayers for Nepal project and Carlie Kilduff, Spoken Word Artist, as they give insight to the devastation and global human response to the Nepal Earthquake.

    Anne Marie, who is a Yoga teacher and therapist, started a fundraising campaign for "Earthquake Disaster Relief for Nepal" via GoFundMe to raise funds for the Shree Mangel Dvip Boarding School for Himalayan Children in Nepal.  She has spend much time at this incredible school.  These children are in a time of need and Anne Marie is doing what she can to help.

    Carlie Kilduff, Spoken Word Artist, joined in the efforts to perform at the event "Prayers for Nepal" and offered her inspiring poems to help fundraise in Victoria, BC.

    Together, we'll have inspiring conversation about this area of Nepal.  Find out how you can help bring shelter, food and water to this community.  We are ONE.

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    The Center of Light Radio Show with guest, His Holiness, Bhagwan Sri Viswayogi

    in Spirituality

    The Center of Light Radio Show with host Keith Anthony Blanchard

    His Holiness, Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj is a spiritual humanist who is an embodiment of divine and unconditional love. Universal integration, peace, love, brotherhood, service to needy people and propagation of human values are some of the goals of Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj.

    Sri Viswamjee is in constantly in this state of universal consciousness. He attained world consciousness by uniting his feeling with infinite feeling. He realized that God is in ALL. It has become possible for him to see God in All, because he crossed the limiting barriers of the individual human person. His realization that there is immense unity between any individual and the universe is the result of and is a sacred boon of liberation, which he attained from the all domineering self.

    Swamjii says: "The entire universe is enveloped by divine energy which sustains every object, from an atom to the human being. This life-force that is in every living creation, is God. Not realizing this truth, man is under the mistaken notion that God is somewhere far away from him. That is the reason why he is not able to love another individual. On the other hand, he develops hatred towards his fellow men. Ancient Indian culture never taught anyone to hate another."

    For more on Swamjii: http://www.viswaguru.com/

    For more on Keith: www.keithanthonyblanchard.com

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    Why the Environment is my Safe Haven

    in Environment

    Dr. S. Shree Collins, being interviewed by Irene Watkins. Today we discuss with Dr. Shree Collins her love for the environment and why she believes it's a Safe Haven. We are living in a time where the world is suffering environmentally in multiple areas, yet some of us can still see the forest beyond the impervious pavement and smog. "Her ideas sparkle and she is guaranteed to captivate her clients" quoted by one of Dr. Shree's friends. It's all for the earth

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    An Evening with Swami Vendant and OSHO

    in Spirituality

    Swami Satya Vedant was initiated into sannyas in 1975 by the enlightened master Osho, and became his biographer in the late 1980's.   Swami Vedant agreed to an interview while during a short stay at the home of Dr. Craig and his wife Soma.
    This pre-recorded 50-minute interview features discourses and stories about Swami Vedant's encounters and experiences with Osho, and his role in spreading joy and self-knowledge on five continents.
    Dr. Michael Craig interviews coaches, teachers, sprirtual leaders and entrepreneurs weekly on Logical Soul Talk.

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    Swami Vendant Speaks of OSHO

    in Self Help

    Teacher, author and Osho biographer Swami Satya Vedant shares the significance of OSHO a.k.a. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, and how his vision of transformation has forever changed humanity and the world.
    In this replay of the 72-minute November, 2010 interview, host Michael Craig probes deeply into Vedant's first-hand accounts of Osho's life, world contributions, and bold experiments in human awareness and consciousness.
    This show is the last of the "Best of Logical Soul Talk" series of replays from some early shows.  Join Michael starting January 8th, 2013 for more of his great interviews with influential authors, coaches and mentors!

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    Peace Talks with Audri Scott Williams

    in Spirituality

    Every Friday from 12n - 12:30pm (EST): Peace Talks with Audri Scott Williams features Audri and special guests who are changing the world through their passion for peace and their commitment to their soul path. Listen in and join the conversation every Friday from 12 noon to 12:30pm (EST/EDT) by calling 424-243-9695.
    Tomorrow's show will feature an interview with Shree Charles Davis of the Shanti Villa Institute home of the Heal the Atmosphere Association of Tuskeegee, Alabama
    Audri Scott Williams host of Peace Talks.on NOWTIME Radio will offer healthy tips for this season of going within.

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    Vipin Mehta - Global Healing

    in Self Help

    Exciting interview with Vipin Mehta author of the Global Healing Series.
    We discussed how blame is giving away your power and how to get that power back, the rules for healing and producing change, how religions (from Christianity to Islam) are teaching childhood scripts and not tree freedom and healing, and how to our world has misused Democracy and made it into Mediocrity.
    Vipin Mehta, P.E., M.A.P.A. was born in India and raised in Mumbai during the Independence Movement inspired through Mahatma Gandhi’s principles of non-violence. 
    Vipin has pursued Metaphysical and Spiritual learning by Spiritual Masters and Mystics from all over the world.  His interest in Metaphysics began in 1947, where he first learned from Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings.  Other Spiritual Masters include the Indian mystics J. Krishnamurti, Rabindranath Tagore (Nobel Prize winner in 1912) and Rajneesh/Osho along with western spiritualists Edgar Cayce, Ruth Montgomery, and other modern mystics.

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    The Story and Symbolism of Sri Ganesha

    in Spirituality

    OM Shree Ganeshaaya Namaha.
    Yesterday, 19th September, was Ganesha Chaturthi, the fourth night after the new moon in the month of Bhadrapada which marks the most recent advent of Sri Ganesha in the eternal puranic series.  The story of the birth of this adorable deity, love for whom spans the Hindu, Jain, and Buddhist traditions, and the astonishing symbolism of his elephant face and rotund body will be the themes of our broadcast today on the Voice of Ananda Channel.  Tune in for discoveries that concern your own evolutionary future -- it turns out that our Dear Lord of Auspicious Beginnings holds the key to accelerating our joyous double helical evolution!
    Kumar S. Sharma, Ph.D.
    Host and Guide, VAChannel
    Author: The Age of Ananda: Conscious Evolution to the Life Divine
    Visit www.AgeOfAnanda.net for excerpts on the symbolism of Ganesha from The Age of Ananda.
    Love Joyously, Evolve Consciously!

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    Reinventing Yourself Today Blog Talk Radio

    in Self Help

    Tonight we will be interviewing  Vipin C. Mehta, P.E., M.A.P.A.. Born in India, raised in Bombay during the Independence  Movement of Mahatma Gandh, migrated to the United States in 1969, and became a Naturalized Citizen in 1978.
    Mehta is an engineer, political scientist and author with a Bachelor of Science in Civil  Engineering and a Masters of Arts degree in  Public Affairs.
    Mehta has pursued Metaphysical and Spiritual Learning from Spiritual Masters  all over the world since 1947, when he  first learned Mahatma Gandhi’s teachings. His spiritual   Masters included the Indian mystics J. Krishnamurti, Rabindranath Tagore, Rajneesh/Osho, western spiritualists such as Edgar Cayce, Ruth   Montgomery, Tibetan Lamas and other Modern Mystics. Mehta has studied many Metaphysical  and Spiritual scriptures including Hindu, Buddhist, Tao, Jain, Sikhism, Zen, Christians,  Jewish,  Islamic, Sufi, and Greece.
    Vipin Mehta has a tremendous passion to contribute to humanity by sharing the new knowledge of  Metaphysics and Spirituality of the 21st Century. His recent book, “Global Healing, Thinking Outside the  Box” is centered upon a deeper Metaphysical understanding of how the human mind works and teaches us how to create our own reality through the power of choice.
    “Humanity is at a crossroad; at this point in our history we face two paths – two possibilities. It is a simple choice. Either we choose to commit Global Suicide by continuing to fight each other with ever  more powerful and poisonous weapons or we can turn to a path of Global Healing.” To accomplish this, he adds, “we must first address the  problem at its very root, our minds."