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    Would you tell your BF/GF that your BFF was your old H.L.F (Homie,Lover,Friend)?

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    What are the rules when dating, if you have a friend now that you slept with back in the day and you are now in a new relationship do you tell your new BF/GF? Is honesty the best policy? I have to say as the man i don't feel i need to share that information but if the shoe is on the other foot then i must say, I need to KNOW!! Feel free too call in and share 607-203-5357. How do you feel? Would you tell your BF/GF that your BFF was your old jump off?

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    Friendship Week on GetRealLive Radio - The Myth of the BFF

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    The Myth of the BFF | When friendship dies | How to mourn a friendship | How to move on

    Susan and Nicole dive into a side of the friendship conversation that isn't often discussed.

    Dr. Natalie Kon-yu, Dr. Natalie Kon-yu Lecturer in Creative Writing, Literary and Gender Studies College of the Arts, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia. She is one of the editors of 'Just between Us: Australian Writers Tell the Truth about Female Friendship'. She is currently co-editing another anthology with Pan Macmillan which features some of Australia's high profile female writers. Additionally, we will hear Jennifer Burrows spends her life helping people develop skills that help them professionally and personally. Perhaps her own journey has helped her develop this much needed skill set. Jennifer will share her painful story about how she lost all of her friends through one extraordinary rumour. A rumour that you won't believe and how one persons life can change so drastically. She lost her friends, moved countries but says it's the BEST thing that has ever happened to her. Rik Schnabel will be joining us has climbed the ladder of success and has quickly realised that being at the top can be very lonely. He's going to share - from the male perspective what friendship looks like as a man in the corporate world. Success has truly changed the landscape of his friendships in a challenging way. Additionally, Kate Elliot, founder of kateandkim.com, has travelled the globe, lived in countries overseas and shares from a deep well of personal loneliness and the desire to build friendships. She will tell us about her fast growing friendship site and why the need for connectivity and friendship is so great. 





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    BFF My Dog Is My Best Friend- The Human Animal Connection

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    Is your dog your BFF?  Mine is my best friend and we invite you to join us in exploring the human and animal connection. 

    Each week we will be interviewing pet owners, trainers and nutritionists.  We will be exploring the basic question"What have you learned about yourself because your dog loves you?"  If you are interested in being interviewed or sharing a story for the upcoming books contact us at info@ILovePetStories.com    You will want to claim your download of a priceless eBook on dog behavior at http://www.ILovePetStories.com 

    More than one third of all Americans live with dogs today--that is approximately 55 million dogs.  The average owner expects to shell out nearly $12,000 in the course of a dog's life.   99 percent of dog owners report that they see their dogs as family members.

    We love our dogs, but they love us too. 5 ways they can improve our lives.

    Unconditional love.
    Improved health and wellness
    They listen.
    They make you smile and laugh.

    Before you get a dog, you may have trouble imagining what living with one will be like.  After you have had a canine best friend, you will be unable to imagine life without your pet.

    Join us weekly as we discuss grief & loss when a pet dies, nutrition, training, breeding and rescue dogs. Check out http://www.IlovePetStories.com  and watch for upcoming books & tele-classes. You will be glad.

    Judy Helm Wright aka "Auntie Artichoke" pet owner

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    Kingdom Kids Network: "Who's Your BFF"

    in Spirituality


    Call (914) 803-4491 to listen live and visit our website for archives.


    "True Friends are like Diamonds, Precious and Rare.  False Friends are like Autumn leaves, found Everywhere" (Author unknown)  What is a true friend and how can you tell them apart from the others?  What makes a person a true friend?  Do you have someone you can call a friend for life?  Who's your "BFF"?  Join us for our broadcast as we're coming back with a new broadcast and a new format.  Feel free to share this broadcast with the youth in your circle and invite them to visit our page.  You are Welcome!

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    GAYXYZ - Jan 26 2015

    in LGBT

    Butthole Chocolate Candy
    Male P Spot
    Stacey Dash comments….
    Joseph Fiennes ( a white guy) to play Michael Jackson in new movie….
    Gabrielle Union throws shade at Stacey Dash….
    Toni Braxton biopic
    Rihanna Anti finally COMING OUT!
    Rob Kardashian dating Kim’s ex BFF Blac Chyna! Kris Jenner shades on social media.
    Kesha court ruling pushed back again.

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    What friends shouldn't do to other friends.

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    Best friends forever. Weevengot matching best friend tattoos on ourfoot. We got the ... She was at the point that she was willing to do anything to keep her man. ... I watched herdoing the mostintimate things that you should never see your best friend doing! At first ... And the number 1 rule is,never ever ever bring a friend in.


    The best friend relationship is a really special one. Your bestie is the person you go to for everything. You tell them your deepest secrets, get their input on outfits, and vet their significant others. Having a BFF is great, and you’re probably more like sisters than friends. You’re always there f

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    CALL IN for intuitive healing / readings /coaching NOW ON THE AIR (646) 595 4274

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    NEW SHOW TODAY: Your Gay BFF with Chad!

    [3PM PST / 6PM EST]  –  Your Gay BFF with Chad on NFTS – Chad is a life coach, a PhD student, an intuitive with four active spirit guides, an author, a speaker, an ordained minister and a relationship expert.


    [4PM PST / 7PM EST]  –  Mondays at 4pm PST / 7PM EST– Crystal Connections with AdamBarralet –BASED IN AUSTRALIA – AN NFTS GLOBAL LUMINARY SINCE MARCH 2015  – Renowned presenter, teacher, writer, healer and crystal alchemist Adam Barralet has been observing and living in tune with nature since childhood.


    [5PM PST / 8PM EST]  –  “Connect to Creator” with Katherine Bright  Katherine & Kim Bright – every Monday at 5pm PST beginning January 6, 2014 – Katherine has worked for over 27 years as a spiritual counsellor and energetic healer. 

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    Can Parents & Children be BFF??What Are Your Limits as a Parent??

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    Join Us Thursday Night @ 8:00pm Eastern Time!!!  (646) 716 6674.. With our hot topic for tonight..."Can A Parent Be BFF With Their Children?? What are The Limits...How Far would yougo to fit in with your child???"....We would love to have your input on this hott topic tonight!! ...Call In at (646) 716 6674 or Click the link to Listen In!! Also Join My Team & I...Ms. Island Gyrl, Ms. Keenya Noel, & Me...Ms. KandyKisses!!  So Much coming at cha... We got Keenya Noel's Segment "Oh No They Didnt" (ONTD), She will be discussing the weirdest & craziest new/ gossip thats going on in today's society.  I will be doing my segement "Kandy's Secrets", which I will be giving helpful hints on ways to save & improve your lifestyle, with home-remedies, and great advice from love, to fitness, & savings!!  & Also we have a new segment "Keepin It Real" Hosted by the one & only...Ms. Island Gyrl...She will be giving everyone her opinion on different topics.   Join Us You will be glad that you did!!  The only place poppin with Great Music,Entertainment, Laughs, and Real Talk..Crunktown Radio...ya know!!

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    BFF | Real Ghost Stories Online, Paranormal, Supernatural

    in Paranormal

    A summertime adventure for two boys leads to a lifetime of haunting.

    A girl’s séance proves to be more than successful.

    Could dark energy from a rough neighborhood conjure a horrifying entity?

    If you have a real ghost story or supernatural event to report, please write into our show or call 1-855-853-4802!

    If you like the show, please help keep us on the air and support the show by becoming an EPP (Extra Podcast Person). We'll give you a BONUS episode every week as a "Thank You" for your support. Become an EPP here: http://www.realghoststoriesonline.com/become-epp/

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    Birds Of A Feather

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    Study: BFFs May Have Similar DNA Belinda Luscombe @luscombeland July 15, 2014

    Really close friends might be as genetically similar as fourth cousins

    Next time someone says “You would really like my friend, she’s just like you,” try to refrain from giving her the side eye. It turns out she might have some science to back her up. According to a new study from Yale University and the University of California at San Diego, good friends are often genetically similar, and can share as much as 1% of the same gene variants. In genetic terms, that’s a lot. As close as, say, fourth cousins.

    “This gives us a deeper accounting of the origins of friendship,” says Nicholas Christakis, professor of sociology, evolutionary biology, and medicine at Yale, who co-authored the study with James Fowler, professor of medical genetics and political science at UC San Diego. “Not only do we form ties with people superficially like ourselves, we form ties with people who are like us on a deep genetic level. They’re like our kin, though they’re not.”

    The study found that, oddly, close friends are often genetically similar in their sense of smell. But it also concluded that friendship may play a role in evolution. The genes that were shared by friends saw the most “evolutionary activity”, or have evolved the fastest over the past 30,000 years. Whether the friendship or the genetic similarity came first is up for debate. Do we seek out genetically similar friends or do our friendships and mating affect what genes get passed on

    “Human beings are one of the few species who form long-term, non-reproductive relationships with other members of our species,” says Fowler.

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    This week was really more like a weekend for Corinne and Krystyna. A weekend for TWEENS, that is!! Stalking cute androgynous band boys, sneaking into the big party at the comedy club they're technically "banned" from, letting the girls (K's boobs) out...you know, the norm. While Corinne has a Mulan-like moment as she reflects on just how many of her peers she's fucked, Krystyna questions why former female chums have gotten mad at her for, well, just being so damn sexay. This week's episode is a supah special one for the girls of Sorry About Last Night -- it's the special BFF episode! Join Corinne and Krystyna's ride or die bitches -- PAULA & MELISSA, respectively, as the chicas share vintage stories about fast food drive-thru antics, fake pizza deliveries, and all the weird little things that made these sexually explorative gals the women they are today! DISCLAIMER: Umm...sorry we talked over each other a lot. CHAMPAGNE + WHISKEY + 4 BFFs = BLAH BLAH BLAH...Enjoy!

    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com
    Tweet the ladies: twitter.com/SryAboutLastNyt
    Tweet Corinne: twitter.com/ PhilanthropyGal
    Tweet Krystyna: twitter.com/KrystynaHutch
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