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    Welcome back psychic medium Patricia Pepin !

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    Hello Everyone

    Tonight, June Elaine psychic medium and host of Bridge Between Two Worlds will welcome back one of your favorite psychic mediums and June's !

    Patricia Pepin will be June Elaine's guest host . We get to learn a few more interesting things about Patty .

    Patricia and June Elaine will also be taking phone calls and giving readings as well.

    Also, during the show, June Elaine will be doing a few segments of "shot gun" readings by request .

    Make sure you have paper and pen ready to take messages from your loved ones and pets.

    Stay tuned.... 

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    Conference call

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    If I Could Talk To The Animals

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    Tonight we celebrate Junie's Guide Dogs who tirelessly bring through nformation to help locate lost or stolen pets or animals that are being abused. She will also be brining messages of love from your pets as well during her "shot gun" messaging through out the show.

    Joining June is her Co Host Susan Littlefield, an amazing woman who never stops each and every day trying to help animals find good homes and stop the abuse. An amazing lady ! You will hear her share some of her work.

    We will have a couple of SURPRISE GUESTS  to help join in the celebration of life in the Spirit World as June Elaine gives evidence that our animals and loved ones never leave us. They are with us and are trying to communicate with us all the time.

    June takes pride in her ability to "talk to the animals" and will continue to work all over the United States helping to support animal shelters and rescue animals . The main goal, however, is to stop the abuse. Her dream of building animal shelters that stay open 24 hrs 7 days a week will come to fruition !

    Please bring paper and pen to write down the messages that you recognize to be from your pet or loved one. 

    Sit back, relax and enjoy hearing June " talk to the animals " from the spirit world !

    Stay Tuned.....


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    Messages from Spirit

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    Tonight we celebrate Valentines Day. Yes that's right, June Elaine got messages from the spirit world that they wanted to celebrate Valentines Day all month ! It gives them more time and more of a chance to send loving messages.

    Make sure you have pen and paper ready to take down any messages you receive.

    June also got that you will be getting messages from your guides as well. Helping you to awaken as to WHO you are ! That comes in handy for those of you that would love the guidence and have questions about changes you noticed in yourself.

    Stay Tuned.... 

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    ~ If I Could Talk To The Animals Special ~

    in Spirituality

    Fasten your seatbelts everyone!This Sunday Jan 31st June Elaine psychic medium and animal communicator extends her show for a 2 hour special ! June will introduce her special guest psychic medium, Sarah from Maine..June is going to be working with Sarah side by side on the show to bring through our pets from the spirit world. Sara is an animal communicator as well.. June considers Sarah to be one of the top psychic mediums of New England. June's Co Host Sue Littlefield will join in as well and has a few things she wants to talk about.  Sue, is tireless when it comes to helping the animals. This show is proud to have her as Co Host.

    This is going to be a great show with lots and lots of messages from our beloved animals in the spirit world. June Elaine loves the messages our pets bring through. Some messages are quite unique!

    Bring paper and pen with you to take notes in case your beloved pet comes through for you! June will be doing  what she describes as her " Shot Gun " segment throughout the show. These messages from spirit come fast and June will catch as many messages as she can to pass them on to you. It's a game  she loves to play with the animals....June Elaine and Sue will also be taking phone calls from their listeners to give messages.

    This Speical with last 2 hours everyone, but 2 hours that will fly by!

    Bring a drink and a snack , sit back, relax and enjoy the show! 

    Stay Tuned...


    Time is 8:00 to 10:00 EST. Don't Miss this one !

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    Surprise Guest !

    in Spirituality

    Hello Everyone,

    I am thrilled to welcome my guest tonight  !  She is well known by our regulars and will be a treat for you new people tuning in for the first time tonight .

    I won't say anything else ... just

    Stay Tuned.....



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    Weep Between The Porch And The Altar ~ Joel 2:17

    in Religion

    Please join me Thursday Jan. 7th at 10 a.m. CST as I continue talking about the book of Joel  and Gods prophetic calendar.  It is always Gods desire for us to return to Him with all of our hearts. He isnt looking for lip service. He says  rend your hearts , not your garments. What did He mean by that? He wants true repentance . He wants His people to turn from their wicked ways , and He will come and heal our land. Their are also prophecies that will come to pass  ,that we will talk about. He is coming to make things right. 

    He is calling His ministers , once again. To weep between the porch and the altar. To return to Him . To cry out for our land. And yet, there is that day! When He says- Behold, in those days and at that time. He is coming to recompense His people. That is the day of the valley of decision.  Hope you can join ~ Char





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    Freedom Law School Conference Call 2/4/2016

    in Education

    Freedom and law questions answered by the President of Freedom Law School Peymon Mottahedeh

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    Messages from your pets in the Spirit World

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    Come join June Elaine psychic medium and animal communicator along with her Co Host Susan Littlefield as they welcome their guest Patricia Pepin psychic medium and animal communicator.

    This will be a great high energy show. Patty and June have worked together many times and have brought through some great messages from pets who have passed into the Spirit World.

    Make sure you have a pen and paper for messages. 


    Here is a testimonial June got from one of her shows :

    "Working with June was truly life changing. She has this incredibly kind and dynamic demeanor and she is able to truly retrieve the message that you need to hear. Our session was unlike any other medium and truly changed my life and inspired me. I loved every minute of it and truly came away feeling very enlightened. June is spot on and will make a believer out of anyone. Aside from her incredible gift, June is also a wonderful lady who truly cares about you and wants to make a difference. For anyone that is looking to work with a physic medium I recommend June, she is the best and  will make you feel so calm and at peace. 

    Thank you June for being such a light!”


    Thank You for this testimonial Victoria.

    It's the evidence that we all love to hear to show that our beloved pets are still with us. The burden of proof is on our loved ones and pets. June brings through what she is given. 

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    The National Brotherhood Conference of the Nation Of Islam Radio Program

    in Social Networking

    The National Brotherhood Conference of the Nation Of Islam Radio Program