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    Messages from June Elaine psychic medium from New Hampshire

    in Spirituality

    Join June Elaine tonight for a special interview with Kamilah from California. This brave woman has lost her sweet dog Stockton . He went missing in July 2015. She's been out trying to locate him since.

    Listen to her journey and how she ended up with June. This story could send chills up your spine as she reveals the messages given to her from June's spirit husband Jerry and her GUIDE DOGS. June works with  the spirit world when finding lost pets and or helping find people who ABUSE animals and cause them to experience a living hell and sometimes leaves them for dead.

    June Lives 3000  miles from Kamilah but the details June was able to bring through are remarkable ! They were enough for Kamilha to continue to have hope that she will indeed find Stockton.

    Kamilah has turned into detective as she follows the leads that June's GUIDE DOGS are giving her. After you hear this story tonight, you will have no doubt that June has built a "bridge between two worlds" and can indeed " talk to the animals "

    June's love for the animals is what helps keep her going to assist others in finding their lost pets as well.

    June will also be giving messages from YOUR loved ones and pets as she recieves them.

    Stay tuned....

    Stay tuned.....

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    July 29, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Between 2 Worlds with Derrick Whiteskycloud

    in Paranormal

    Spaced Out Radio is proud to have Derrick Whiteskycloud come back for a third time on Spaced Out Radio.  Derrick is a man of many projects.  Besides being someone who's an outspoken advocate for First Nations and Civil Rights, Derrick is a medium, ET Contactee, Shaman, and a budding television and radio star.

    Derrick will take your calls for readings live on the air, as well as discuss some of his current projects from the new T.V. series here in Canada, a paranormal show called "Chronicles of the Unknown" to his new radio show that will soon be appearing on the Spaced Out Radio Network called Between 2 Worlds.

    Call in number for the show will be 1-607-203-5344

  • Back by popular demand ! "Medium Mingle"

    in Spirituality

    Ok everyone, you wanted to hear it you got it ! Your Host June Elaine psychic medium also a healer working with St Germaine and the Violet Flame and her Co Host Amy Bregy Energy Healer and psychic medium are back with Medium Mingle night !   !

    Our intentions were to only have Medium Mingle once a month so we could bring you other guests on to chat about various books they have written and other topics, but my emails I've been getting tell me YOU wanted to hear Medium Mingle night at least twice a month so we say give the people what they want ! :)

    Not only that but we are going to make it a bit more fun and interesting tonight !  

    All you have to do is go to bridgebetween2@aol.com and state that you would like a reading. The first 10 people that give us the last 4 digits in their phone number will be picked to give a 5 min reading to. Alot of information can come from 5 min. information that will give evidence that YES indeed your loved ones are with you and they love you..... 

    But that's not all, June Elaine will give a 1/2 hour FREE reading to caller number 9 a lucky number for June and YOU ! All you have to do is make an appt for that reading with June Elaine after the show. 

    Come walk across the Bridge Between Two Worlds with June Elaine and Amy as they connect you with your loved ones and pets on the "other side "

    A special announcement will also be made..... what a show ladies and gentlemen for tonight ! You won't want to miss it. Tell your friends  !

    Stay tuned.....

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    Happy Thanksgiving 2 Hour Special

    in Spirituality

    call in as a guest at     (646) 652-4207

    Welcome to my 2 hour special for Thanksgiving !

    Here is a chance to connect with your loved ones and pets in the spirit world.

    This event will be on from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. EST.

    I love getting validations from these shows. People will email me to share them.

    So get ready , get your snack and a drink of your choice, put your feet up and call in to listen as I bring through spirit messages from your loved ones this Thanksgiving Eve. Don't forget to light a candle for them and invite them for dinner on Thanksgiving Day ! It's so healing for them as well . It's all about the L O V E people.

    I will have a very special guest that will be here during this show and I am going to give her the Thanksgiving special message from her loved one in spirit. This woman has been a supporter of the show since the beginning. It will be my pleasure to give her this reading. You won't want to miss it !

    stay tunned....

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    Between The Worlds

    in Spirituality

    Janis McCall, Fiona McCall and Barbara Patterson will discuss the various definitions of the expression 'between the worlds' in today’s episode. The veil between our physical world and the spirit world is very thin right now, we have Halloween coming up and we also experience the yin-yang of the moon phases, the half-moon.

    With our human experience comes the gift of separation, and the task of finding our soul truth in our life experiences.

    We are asked to find balance in all we are and all we do on a daily basis. Janis' meditation offers us a moment to just be, to connect with all that is and to find our place in the world.

    Today's episode is dedicated to everything between the worlds, from the perspective of the soul.  Soul Matters!

    Soul Matters on facebook

    Barbara's Soul Matters

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    Medium Mingle

    in Spirituality

    It's time for a night of messages from the Spirit World. The whole hour will be dedicated to doing messages .

    Please come and join June Elaine host of Bridge Between Two Worlds and her co - host Amy Bregy for a walk across the bridge to the Spirit World where they will bring you messages from your loved ones .

    This is a chance for you to connect with your loved ones and ask them any questions you might have or simply receive any messages they have for you ....

    Simply pick up your phone and call in to talk to the mediums at 646-652-4207 or you can go to the chat room .

    stay tuned.......







  • 02:25

    The Restoration of the Sacred Laws Conference NYC

    in Spirituality

    LISTEN To the historical New York City Edition of the Sacred Laws Conference!

  • 00:57

    Mainstream Mormonism - Conference Call - BlogTalk

    in Christianity

     This time has been set aside to take additional calls and review issues not fully covered by the Radio Program.

    Call into the Conference call, 347-324-5658 or Listen on-line at http://blogtalkradio.com/4mormon

    Chat with Bishop Lee on this Follow-up Conference Call from Mainstream Mormonism. This time has been set aside to take additional calls and review issues not fully covered by the Radio Program. Calls start at 5:30PM MST the Last Saturday of each month.

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    Veteran's Day Special

    in Spirituality

    Tonight is in honor of our Veterans . I am getting several messages as I type this show. I expect it to be HIGH ENERGY ! Standing room only :)  So bring your snack and drink, someone please make Jerry some popcorn! lol

    I also have a VERY SPECIAL guest ! I will share the story about this guest on the show tonight.

    So stay tuned.....






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    Caught Between the Bettys, Alice Borodkin on The Authentic Woman, Shannon Fisher

    in Women

    The Honorable Alice Borodkin will be Shannon's guest tonight to discuss her book, Caught Between the Bettys (Betty Crocker & Betty Friedan). Caught Between the Bettys offers Borodkin's perspective on the female experience in America in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s and the societal changes she witnessed as feminism gradually entered the scene.

    Alice Borodkin served in the Colorado House of Representatives for eight years, before being term limited in 2009. Alice is a graduate and Flemming Fellow of the Washington, DC-based Center for Policy Alternatives and a graduate of the Center for Women Policy Studies Foreign Policy Institute and their Women, Peace and Security Program. She is the founder and past editor/publisher of Women’s Business Chronicle, a newspaper for and about business for professional women.

    The Authentic Woman is a weekly radio show hosted by women's rights leader, Shannon Fisher, offering perspectives on the female experience in America. The show delves deeply into the worlds of writers, artists, celebrities, and community leaders. Shannon Fisher: Facebook - Twitter -  Links to Previous Episodes of The Authentic Woman. Copyrighted podcast by the Authors on the Air Global Radio Network LLC.