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    15 Minutes To A Better You

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    Life doesnt have to suck~! It was meant to really be enjoyed so what do you do in order to find peace? How do you have a break through moment? 

    the point in your life where things just begin to stop being so darn stupid and life begins to finally start working. Life has a code and I broke the code and will share it with you.

    I am not much for keeping secrets and I love to give so that is what this show is all about. 15 minutes of my life devoted to making yours better. 

    Each day I will bring you a nugget that if you apply it the tiny changes you make every day will lead to great wealth in every area of your life. 

    Welcome to 15 minutes that will change everything and to the good!


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    Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo- Better than Perfect: Create A Life You Love

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    Better than Perfect: 7 Strategies to Crush Your Inner Critic and Create a Life You Love by Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

    This on demand audio series is a part of the Executive Girlfriends Group Vignette Series. Chicke Fitzgerald interviews Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo. The original live interview was 11/14/14.

    Perfectionists exist in every walk of life. While outwardly they appear to be very accomplished, they are often unhappy and unfulfilled. Perfectionists strive toward unattainable goals, and their behaviors can wreak havoc on both their physical health and their psychological well-being.

    With the ultimate goal of helping readers achieve happiness and prosperity without the stress of making sure things are “perfect,” Better than Perfect is a fundamental guide for all perfectionists seeking new, fulfilled, and empowered lives.

    Elizabeth started her professional career as a Physical Therapist after getting her Master’s degree at Duke University. In her quest to help people actualize their dreams, Elizabeth went back to school to get her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Wanting to help people “before they need a couch,” Elizabeth now coaches, consults, and speaks to groups about how to achieve their desired results.

    Her website is http://elizabethlombardo.com/

    To order Better Than Perfect click HERE    To order A Happy You click HERE

    For more information about the Executive Girlfriends' Group see: http://www.executivegirlfriendsgroup.com



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    Better than Before: Jane Wilkens Michael on Sleep no Less

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    Today's Jane Wilkens Michael Show, is all about what we can do to sleep Better Than Before. Renowned physician Dr. Param Dedhia, who specializes in integrative medicine, executive health, weight loss, longevity, mind and body medicine, diabetes, joint health and sleep issues at the world-class Canyon Ranch Health Resort and Luxury Spa in Tucson, Arizon, will talk about the importance of sleep from a medical perspective. Celebrated nutritionist Micah Risk, who has worked for the World Health Organization, will give suggestions on what to eat for better sleep and Jennifer Cohen, a leading fitness authority, who has been featured on the Today Show, The Doctors and Dr. Oz, will discuss how sleep is essential to being fit.

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    Two is better than One, Agreement

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    join us as we talk on the power of agreement, agreement is the power of Unity, and as you imbark on unity as two you walk in strength, strenght brings power, authority and influence,. Power and Authority comes from God and then His favour give you influence. Our Speaker will be Prophet Gamble.

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    Of Course, Someone is Better than You

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    The Bible reads differently than does the Declaration of Independence.

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    You are More than Enough

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    Jessica Leichtweisz and Dr. Aikyna Finch will be joined by Tracey Izevbizua, Coach, CEO of OTI Management Consulting, Inc. DBA OTI Community Services, on the Sunday Night Changing Minds Online Show. We will discuss, "You are more than Enough." You don't need an army to make a difference. Just figure out what you are listening to. It is in the listening that you find true direction. Call in to (949) 203-4763 at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST on 2/15 to join the conversation. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/changingmindsonline/2015/02/16/you-are-more-than-enough

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    Better To Be Pissed Off Than...Well, You Know

    in Entertainment

    And yet another Sunday of unabashed shame and self-promotion for the two misfits from Oklahoma. As usual, Bitchy Mitchy will try to stir up the airwaves a bit, while ol' Mad Mike will probably ramble on about some BS political you-know-what. It's the darndest thing. These guys, no matter how redneck they may be, always seem to come up with subjects that are ahead of the mainstream media. Sometimes, to be perfectly frank ( we know, don't call you Frank) there are times these guys will scare the ever-lovin' you know what out of ya because they talk about stuff months if not years in advance. There's something a little strange about them, but if you've listened to them before, you already know they're about a half-bubble off plumb. Tune in Sunday night the 26th as Mad Mike and Bitchy Mitchy host their entourage of friends on TGIF The Radio Show. Who knows, maybe one of those yahoos will call in and tell Mad Mike he's full of..........well, you know. And Bitchy Mitchy, you already know he's full of..........well, you know.

    If you THINK you know, that's just it, you THINK. Our job is to make you think, make you laugh and enjoy our time together. Be here, right here, Sunday night, 7pm central time on Blog Talk Radio.

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    How can hump day be better than anything you could ever imagine? Call-in now!

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    This hump day is your chance to call in and let Tim open up some other possiblities to making week better and your life better. 

    Doesn't matter what the issue is, energy healing to be used for any issue. 

    Call in and let's see what else is possible. 

    Tim is a certified Emotion Code practitioner and a student of many other healing modalities. 

    Find out more about Tim Janakos at www.tjmusic.org


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    Abstinence-Based versus Harm-Reduction Treatment: Is One Better Than The Other?

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    Today on GUC, I am joined by Lorne Hildebrand, Executive Director of the Edgewood Addiction Treatment Center in Nanaimo, British Columbia. Lorne, along with his clinical and professional expertise, is here to walk us through the differences as well as the pros and cons associated with both Abstinence-Based and Harm-Reduction based treatments. 

    For more on the Abstinence versus Harm-Reduction based treatment debate, Click Here. 

    All information in this episode is intended for reference purposes only. You should talk to your doctor or therapist before beginning any treatment programs.

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    Better than Before: Jane Wilkens Michael: Wish upon a Spa

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    Today on the Jane Wilkens Michael ....Show Better Than Before, Jane's guests are Nicole Romano Uribarri, renowned personal trainer, yoga teacher, dancer and fitness coach at Exhale mind and body spa, and Laura Benger, Exhale's National Spa Director. They will discuss the Fitness Retreat Weekend at the legendary Gurney's Montauk Resort and Sea Water Spa, along with sharing the latest wellness and beauty trends, tips and secrets for looking and feeling Better Than Before. David Moeckly, a Specialist Pharmacist in the Express Scripts Oncology Therapeutic Resource Center, will give advice and healthy living tips on what to do before, during and after a diagnosis of breast or ovarian cancer.

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