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    National and International Roundtable: Dr. Enawgaw Mehari

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    Dr. Enawgaw Mehari is Chief of the Neurology Department at Morehead Clinic and St. Claire Regional Medical Center in Kentucky and the founder and CEO of People to People International (P2P), a nonprofit organization that aims to improve health care and reduce AIDS in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia.Alexia Galakatos, MA, CCC-SLP
          Alexia Galakatos is a 41 year old Speech-Language Pathologist, owner of two pediatric speech and occupational therapy clinics, Executive Director of eelio initiative - a not-for-profit organization focusing on improving special needs education in Ethiopia, and a hands-on, fully engaged mother of two.

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    At Eye Level - Betiel's Story

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    Hosted by: Matt G and "Doc" Savage
    Betiel Mehari is a young Eritrean mother who is currently in a battle for the custody of her young son.
    While visitng her dying father in Eritrea, the child's father, from whom she had separated months before, filed charges of kidnapping and she was prosecuted upon her return to the US.  After providing emails and correspondance between Beteil and the child's father, all charges were dropped, however Beteil's custody of her son was revoked.
    The judge has allowed the fater to take their child to live in Florida.  Although the father has offered to pay for travel and hotel expenses while she visits her child, Beteil fears for her and her son's safety.  The father has a history of abuse, which was the cause of their separation, and she does not feel safe with him.
    We are bringing this story to our listeners to provide some awareness to Beteil's situation, so that she may be given the opportunity to have her custody restored.  Anyone interested in either representing Beteil in court or as some type of advocate, we urge you to contact us.