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    NCAA Men's College Basketball 2014 Tournament Breakdown - by DTongSports.com

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    and new music from:

    Mic Nice w/ 'I Pledge Allegiance'

    Young Noah Da Champ w/ a Back2Back

    Antonio Horton w/ 'Far Away'

    Rozen Child w/ 'Masterpiece' and 'Coffee House Triangle'

    DTong will be breaking down his bracket and going over the matchups game by game down to the National Champs. Informing you on the schedule and stations to catch the games, which region is coming to your town, and mixing in the best independent music on the planet! This is where SPORTS AND MUSIC UNITE

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    December 14, 2012

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    Liam Naden is a marriage and relationship coach specializing in helping people to save their marriage from divorce. In addition to coaching he has written several books on rescuing relationships, including the Amazon Kindle best-seller, "The Sexless Marriage Cure: How to Get Your Partner (or You) Interested in Sex Again".    Dr Richard Peterson  is the Director of Christus Weight Loss Institute – Westover Hills and Chief, Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery – UT Medicine    Hal Gillepsie  is the managing shareholder of a law firm in Dallas, Texas named Gillespie, Rozen and Watsky, P.C.  Mr. Gillespie specializes in employment law and labor law.  He represents executives, individual employees and labor unions with advice and litigation in state court, federal court and arbitration proceedings.  Last week Texas Monthly named Mr. Gillespie as the top “Go To” lawyer in the state of Texas for labor and employment law for the past 5 years.  To learn more about Mr. Gillespie and his law firm, you can find him on their website – www.grwlawfirm.com.          

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    Literature on Spirituality for Children

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    Beti Rozen and Peter Hays are interviewed on their exceptional books Annabelle and A Heart Alone. Beti and Peter are an amazing couple that has been writing and publishing books on spirituality for children. Their company Sem Fronteira Press has a collection of inspirational and truly educational books that teach children the notions of love, God, friendship, reincarnation, family life, and much more.

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    Harry Steinman - Little Deadly Things - NPTR 20

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    Harry Steinman's life experience includes stints as a box boy in a toilet paper factory, security guard, a recruiter in a toy factory, a hippie commune leader, a substitute math teacher, an accountant, a New Age religious community troublemaker, and dog trainer--the perfect pedigree of a novelist. Today, Harry is at work on All Dead Generations--the sequel to Little Deadly Things.
    A thriller for those who don't read thrillers...and those who do. Once they were friends. Now two scientists race-one to save mankind, one to destroy it. Nanotechnology made Eva Rozen the world's wealthiest woman. Rage made her the deadliest. Marta Cruz alone can stand between Eva and the death of millions. But will a crippling illness stop Marta first? Reviews: "... a work of descriptive art, with a sense of futuristic realism. I was riveted, page after wonderful page." -Thomas M. Cirignano, 67 Cents: Creation of a Killer "...A union of art and science in this thriller... marvelous characters amidst an age of nanotechnological advancement. Harry Steinman rips today's discoveries from the laboratory and into an emotion-laden thriller with the promise-and peril-of this emerging science. -L. R. Drennan-Harris, Ph.D. Analytical Chemist "...Little Deadly Things introduces the brilliant but psychotic Eva Rozen, a Boston scientist tormented by both her past and her present. Her mystery and madness propel the reader, revealing surprises at every turn."-- Deborah Swiss, The Tin Ticket

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    August Cohen, Networking In Real Life

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    When she was a medical sales rep, @Resume_Writer, August Cohen, did a lot of Face to Face Networking. She considers herself a pro. We'll see.

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    Steven G Davis, Recruiter / Staffer

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    TWITTER.COM/Recruit4U - He follows me on Twitter. That's all I know.

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    David Benjamin, Sales Recruiter

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    @DaveBenjamin - Ex-Social Worker, Now Sales Recruiter

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    Laurie Ruettimann

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    TheCynicalGirl.com - Punk Rock or Poseur? --- FROM HER LINKEDIN PROFILE -- "Punk Rock HR, run by HR blogger and media personality Laurie Ruettimann, is one of the most highly regarded and simultaneously irreverent blogs in the Human Resources field."

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    The final day for nomination of presidential candidates saw the EC accept another three individuals, bringing the number of contenders in the Feb 18, 2011 polls to eight.The race, which officially kicks off tomorrow, will be between Pres.M7, Dr Kizza Besigye, Mr Norbert Mao, Mr Jaberi Bidandi Ssali, Ms Beti Olive Kamya, Dr Abed Bwanika, Mr Olara Otunnu and Mr Samuel Lubega.Dr Bwanika, of the Peoples’ DP, is in it for the second time. His first shot at the top office in 2006 when he stood as an independent, ended up garnering 65,900 ballots (0.95% ) of the total vote. “We must create wealth for Ugandans by creation of employment. We shall also work hard and improve the social services for a better welfare for all of us. Ugandans must own their country,” Dr Bwanika said this time, almost echoing his 2006 message. Uganda Peoples Congress,had their candidate, Mr Olara Otunnu.
    Even after accepting EC chair Badru Kiggundu’s handshake, Mr Otunnu still went on the attack. “We are continuing with our crusade for a free and fair election and there is no way it can happen with this corrupt EC. We want a new independent EC.
    M7(Uganda) 66
    Abdulai Wade (Senegal ) age 83
    Hosni Mubarak ( Egypt ) age 82
    Robert Mugabe ( Zimbabwe ) age 86
    Hifikepunye Pohamba ( Namibia ) age 74
    Rupiah Banda ( Zambia ) age 73
    Mwai Kibaki ( Kenya ) age 71
    Ellen Johnson Sirleaf ( Liberia ) age 75
    Colonel Gaddafi ( Libya ) age 68
    Jacob Zuma ( SA ) age 68
    José Eduardo dos Santos age 68
    Bingu Wa Mutharika ( Malawi ) age 76
    Average Age: 75.6 ~ Approximately 76 years
    Barrack Obama ( USA ) age 48
    David Cameron ( UK ) age 43
    Dimitri Medvedev ( Russia ) age 45
    Stephen Harper ( Canada ) age 51
    Julia Gillard ( Australia ) age 49
    Nicolas Sarkozy (France ) age 55
    Luis Zapatero (Spain ) age 49
    Jose Socrates (Portugal ) age 53
    Angela Merkel ( Germany ) age 56
    Herman Van Rompuy ( Belgium ) age 62
    Average Age: 51.1 ~ Approximately 51 years
    DIFFERENCE: 25 years

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    Relational Recruiting

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    DavidGraziano will present his case for Relational vs Transactional Recruiting

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