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    RISING STAR: The Ghost Behind Best Sellers, Becomes A Best Seller

    in Christianity

    Eli Gonzalez is the President and Senior Ghostwriter for The Ghost Publishing.  He employs five phenomenally talented writers and in 2015 alone he and his team produced 54  books!  Although The Ghost Publishing writes books in just about every genre, they specialize in building credibility for business owners and entrepreneurs by writing intelligent, effective, and engaging books for them.  Prior to starting his own company, Eli was the Senior Ghostwriter for Xulon Press, the largest Christian Hybrid Publishing company in the country.

    He is a best-selling ghostwriter and the author of the book, Words of Influence, the definitive guide on how to write a business book right. Eli is a sought after speaker and will travel throughout Florida and Georgia in 2016 delivering seminars and workshops on book writing.


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    Denver Real Estate Financial Help for Buyers and Sellers

    in Real Estate

    Colorado Flat Fee Realty Inc
    303 300 9660

    John Vizzi of Colorado Flat Fee Realty explains his innovative Real Estate Programs that have changed the way Colorado does Business

    John created the Winning Real Estate Solution for Sellers and Buyers
    He is Denver's Real Estate expert and the number one industry leader in
    Flat Fee and Commission Free Listings
    Free Down Payment Program
    Home Buyers Cash Back Rebate
    Full Traditional Real Estate Services with 35+ years' experience
    List on the MLS and save thousands
    Tune in to find out how you can save on your listing or get down payment assistance or cash back at closing

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    Getting on top of the best sellers with Ms. Forbes

    in Entertainment

    All the way writing her brand new book. On the twright show we have Ms. Forbes. This is going to be a best seller and we are going all the way and she wants to celebrate first right here on the hottest show on blogtalk radio # twright show

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    The Chet Sellers and Luke Peristy Podcast - Live All-Star Skills Show

    in Hockey

    We're live during the skills competition? But will OUR skills pay the bills? Let's find out!

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    in Religion

    Your are invited to attend our Best Black Sellers Online Conference. Are you interested in getting your book promoted to the next new level in God.
    We can help you do just that!

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    4-13-16- Dr. Hildy and Cindy Sellers - Angel Farms - Cleansing our Temple

    in Health

    Wednesday, April 13, 2016 1:00-3:00PM Pacific
    (2-4pm Mountain; 3-5pm Central, 4-6pm Eastern)

    Now is an amazing time to be alive. After decades of letting our health take a backseat to convenience, price, and laziness, there is now a national trend of eating and living much healthier. People have risen up to take back control of their eating habits, their lifestyle choices, and their overall health. One of the aspects of this is pain management, and there are many different approaches to helping to end pain in our lives, both physical and emotional.

    This week on One Cell One Light Radio, Dr. Hildy welcomes author and spiritual teacher Cindy Sellers for a discussion on her book You Don’t Have to Hurt Anymore, and of her Hawaiian rejuvenation center, Angel Farms, where the focus is on holistically cleansing your body. Cindy Sellers has been a colon hydro therapist after a 1983 car accident while pregnant left her with serious injuries to her back. The pain worsened until 1989, when she was inspired to call a lady whom I thought was a massage therapist but started her on a colon cleansing program the following day. Ten days later, her back was straight, and she was finished with pain. Cindy then trained with her and became her last student. Thus evolved Angel Farms, located on the Big Island of Hawaii.

    MORE at the website: 

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    "Best" Choice

    in Education

    We will discuss how to decide which actions are the "best" choice under the present circumstances, and how to accommodate future decisions and choices.

    As usual, we will also discuss two delicious recipes for sharing. The "safe" recipe will be Bean Casserole, and the "adventure" recipe will be Seafood Salad.

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    Serena Dyer

    in Self Help

    Please welcome Serena Dyer to The Best Ever You Show.

    Serena Dyer has co-authored a book with her father, Dr. Wayne Dyer, titled Don’t Die With Your Music Still In You about her experience growing up with spiritual parents (released June of 2014).

    The book is a daughter’s response to her father’s wisdom and provides readers a glimpse into what life was like growing up with seven brothers and sisters -- and Dr. Wayne Dyer as a father. Serena is a contributor to Huffington Post, Mind Body Green and Positively Positive where she shares stories on varying subjects, including meditation, travel, the spiritual journey and life with her brothers and sisters. She regularly appeared on stage with her father at Hay House events. She is also a featured speaker at spiritual, motivational and wellness events around the United States. Her subject matter covers a wide range of topics, but she always seeks to share her personal spiritual perspective in a way that encourages introspection and personal growth. While completing her master’s degree at the University of Miami, Serena was moved by startling statistics concerning the global tragedy of human trafficking. Although most of her work is done privately, Serena does add her voice to raise awareness via the charity Stop Child Trafficking. Serena currently resides in south Florida with her husband Matt and daughter Sailor.


    Website - www.serenadyer.com

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    Skye Dyer

    in Self Help

    Please welcome Skye Dyer to The Best Ever You Show. 

    Skye Dyer, Dr. Wayne Dyer's daughter, has an exceptional singing voice. Her debut album, This Skye Has No Limits includes a few of her dad's favorite songs, included Amazing Grace and The Prayer of St. Francis. Skye Dyer made a profound impression singing The Prayer of St. Francis on the PBS Special The Power of Intention. Skye’s second album is a mix of contemporary pop, jazz, and heartfelt inspiration. 10 tracks include a lovely rendition of the classic Starry Starry Night. Other songs on this album are My Way, Joy, You Inspire Me, Lavender Fields, Unreachable, I Remember You, A Better World, Let It Be You and the toe-tapping Free

    Visit skyedyer.com


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    "The BEST of The Dedan Tolbert Show"

    in Radio

    "The BEST of The Dedan Tolbert Show"

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    Mic Check: Scale of Worst to Best (Hip Hop Edition)

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight on TSOTS MIC CHECK as we discuss what makes a rapper great, a scale of best to worst rappers. We'll briefly cover Twenty88 and Lemonade plus the Quick 3.  So get plugged in to Mic Check!

    So get plugged in to the Mic Check.

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