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    New Brand New Ideas

    in Real Estate

    New Brand New Ideas, with the launch of ERA Russell Realty Group, we have new direction, new ideas.  

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    How to Prepare Your Business for New Levels of Success

    in Education


    Too many business owners run their companies from one year to the next without ever stopping to evaluate their results and determine what they must do to achieve greater results.  If this sounds like you, this show will help.

    Join Bill, Rick and Steve for a discussion on how to assess and determine what worked and what needs to change before setting new goals for 2016.  Taking the time to understand how you got here and what you must do to improve in the new year is critical for being able to achieve new levels of success.


    Steve Smith – GrowthSourceCoaching.com

    Bill Bernard – WFBLegalConsulting.com

    Rick Moscoso – Captivate365.com


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    Grilliant Ideas Radio- Everybody's Gotta Eat

    in Food

    It's that Magical Foodie Time Again on Grilliant Ideas Radio!

    Whether you Love Bacon, Brussel Sprouts, or Tofu..Everybody's Gotta Eat!

    Come Join Our Food Adventure with Laury, Brian, and Grill as they span the globe finding food news plus other tidbits and delicious morsels!

    How's Brian's New Diet Progressing?

    How long before Grill ticks him off?

    How does Laury do this every week?

    Come join the Smokin Hot, Sizzlin Grillin, Radio Time!

    Eat, Drink, and Be Grilliant!

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    Imani - New Years Eve Special with The Conscious Black Business Netork

    in Business

    We will talk to the the importance of Kwanzaa its principles the upcoming year

    Another Off the Cuff Conversation With Conscious Black Business Network. We will discuss upcoming events, current events, and more.

    Open the lines up to talk about current events and business

    Q and A with Listeners

    Business Talk

    Casual conversation with Brother Sankofa and Minister Ausar

    Pan Africanism



    Urban Struggle

    Urban Philosophy

    And More!

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    Make Your Ideas a Reality - How to Start a Successful Fitness Business

    in Nutrition

    FitVine Wine was born when friends and athletes, Zach, Tom and Mark discovered that they could make amazing wines that also fit their healthy lifestyle. Our wines have no residual sugar, higher concentrations of antioxidants and less sulfites. We double filter the wine and cold stabilize it to remove impurities. We perform an extended fermentation of 10-14 days to optimize pH levels so there's no added sugar no additives and less sulfites needed. Too many wines today are loaded with unnecessary sugars, additives, and impurities. Our goal is to bring high quality wines to the active community that they can trust!

    Robby is the Owner of CrossFit Reach located in Acton, MA, one of the largest boxes in the state. In addition to running a successful gym and business, Robby has taken his love of CrossFit and helping people improve in their athletics and has started a successful online business where he coaches athletes from all over the World from as far away as Brazil, Pakistan and Australia while helping thousands of other athletes improve in their CrossFit skills through his programs. Robby also runs Chalk And Steel, a successful blog dedicated to providing coaching tips and articles to help athletes improve their performance and workouts.

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    Learn The Best Places For Money Applications For Business or Pleasure

    in Self Help

    Matthew Lesko of http://lesko.com/, http://bigdatalesko.com/, grantsandcrowdfunding.com and http://lesko.com/videoebooks tells us how to learn the best places for money applications for business or pleasure

    Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNEs3JyfyuU

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    The Best of 2015: Business and Finance

    in Women

    As the Kwanzaa season winds down, we look at the influence of our collectie withholding of consumer dollars and our spending during the Kwanzaa celebrations, hopefully giving vendors who support positive community development the benefit of our patronage.  This was a year of economic flexing muscles, shutting down shopping on Michigan Avenue,and having a major impact on Black Friday. Will boycotting continue to be used as a weapon to put pressure on elected officials to remove certain people from positions of authority? What about readiness to take over bueinssess in major shopping centers? Are famiies in communities ready to pool their money to cooperatively own th places where they shop? What shows about business inspired you this year and what would you like to see us address next year? Robert Moore of United For Better Communities discusses strategies for unified efforts for economic empowerment.

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    China Chaos and Oil's Fall – What's Really Going On? – New Business Paradigms

    in Business

    2016 is already shaping up to be an amazing year. China's spectacular stock market crash is not the global disaster so many are making it out to be. Wall Street is pumping up fears in order to make a heafty profit on the market gyrations using programmed trading. All this is in the mix as the race for the presidency in the US heats up.

    The fundamentals of China and the United States remain strong. We drill into the details of the Chinese and US political economies to get the story straight, identify the role of corruption in both economies, and give an outlook based on the reality, not on the fear being promoted by Wall Street.

    The price of oil continues to crater; much as they have with the China story, many in the media are buying the hype that this is somehow bad for the US economy. In reality this puts cash directly into the pockets of those who need it most in the US, which has an immediate multiplier effect and is a net positive for the economy now and in the future. Rinaldo calls the oil industry a "giant vampire" in this episode.

    The Economic Doomsday Clock ticks another minute away from Midnight, to 11:44pm based on the possibility of a reclamation in the Republican Party in the US.

    Throughout the show we discuss the ongoing presidential race and it's implications for policy in the next administration. At the end of the show we discuss the US presidential race and the definition of "Natural Born" as it applies to Senator Ted Cruz's qualification for the presidency. 

    As always, send your thoughts and questions to info(at)worldbusiness.org

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    New Year's Resolutions & Using Business Best Practices to Accomplish Your Goals

    in Dreams

    Join Dr. Wayne Applewhite, Co-Founder of Just Leadership, LLC, Adjunct Professor for Boston University, and the host of “Affect!”, as he and his Guest Ms. Judith Schouten discuss: New Year's Resolutions and Using Business Best Practices to Accomplish Our Goals.

    Are you wanting to use the New Year as a starting point to set your personal and or professional goals? Ever thought of using Business Best Practices to support your efforts? Ever took a journey and really did not know how to get there from here?  If yes is the answer to any of these questions, you will not want to miss this episode of Affect! 

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    2015 Ends with a Crescendo and 2016 Has Great Potential – New Business Paradigms

    in Business

    As 2015 wraps up, 2016 appears to be a very promising year. 

    Congress is back from hibernation, actually passing spending bills that move the US out of austerity and into the future; the Federal Reserve sees the economy improving and is getting ahead of inflation; the globe is coming together with a real strategy to limit global warming; and the city of San Diego is showing leadership in the local renewable energy revolution. 

    As the outlook improves, we adjust the economic doomsday clock backwards all the way to 15 minutes to midnight.

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