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    Presents Gifts Food Drink Christmas Celebration

    in Religion

    Giving or Receivng which descrives you for Christmas. Do you like the giving or receiving? Callers will share which one is for them and why. Why they give and why they like receiving during the Christmas season. Some may like both giving and receiving and tell why each is important to them. Let us celebrate the king of king and Lord of Lord inour heart and the spirit of him

    Jesus in the Morning brings a different topic or speaker daily.

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    Christmas, Best Friends and Spirituality

    in Lifestyle

    Join Skip Jennings and his best friends David Pavese and Bill Robertson as they talk the power of spirituality, Christmas and the gift of friendship. Call in with your questions or comments as we take a tour down memory lane with the Shift Dream Team! As always we talk healthy living, gift ideas and more!

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    Foundational Gifts: What Are Core Values?

    in Women

    “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.” - Psalm 139:13 NLT


    Core values are a foundational component of how God knit each of us together.  These inform our behaviors, choices, and priorities.  Ultimately, what we value gets reflected in how we serve others through our spiritual gifts.  Join Coach Nicole as she begins a series of discussions on the importance of understanding our core values.



    What Are Core Values?  http://www.nps.gov/training/uc/whcv.htm

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    Activation of Spiritual Gifts

    in Religion

    Welcome to the Show today as we talk about Activation of Spiritual Gifts


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    The Best Christmas Gift!

    in Christianity

    When I think of Christmas I think of words that are associated with Christmas, concepts that seem to describe what Christmas s about, words like:  hope, anticipation, reasons, answers, newness, beginnings, love, giving, and receiving. What do you think of?  What feelings, ideas, How do we make these esoteric; abstract words actually translate into our Christmas season and Christmas events?  How do we protect this amazing time from holiday stress, family and relational baggage, loneliness, and the all those expectations?  How do we keep the hope, giving, love, and newness in this Christmas time?  Well, there are some things TO do, and some things NOT to do!

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    Have You Been Called Into The Great Work? Discover Your Psychic Gifts.

    in Spirituality

    This show will discuss ways to develop your psychic abilities. Join host, Ordained Esoteric, Interfaith and Psychic Minister, The Priestess.  With over 28 years experience, The Priestess has done readings for people from every walk of life. She has been featured on VH1 and Bravo and will be answering your questions live, using the amazingly accurare talking board to tell you directly if you are called into the Great Work. If you are, you will be given spiritual direction on  what steps you need to take to grow your gift and what lifestyle practices keep you from growing your gift. You will be given personal techniques, prayer, meditation, diet and exercise instruction, all by way of Spirit, for developing your gifts and the path you should take in using your gifts for helping others. If you feel you have a gift but not sure of your abilities, or maybe you have been studying, doing spiritual work and have not made the progress you feel you should have, this is the show for you. Call in, see what advice is given, see how Spirit guides you on your psychic journey, see if you have been called into the Great Work, and see if you have what it takes to be successful at it. Please visit www.thepriestess.net

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    Foundational Gifts: Burning Brightly for God

    in Women

    “You are the world’s light—a city on a hill, glowing in the night for all to see.” Matthew 5:14 TLB


    As we celebrate Christ and His resurrection this Easter season, it is important to remember the purpose of His sacrifice.  Part of that purpose is so that each believer can be a light to others in a dark and fallen world, and show the Way to those who are lost.  Join Coach Nicole as she shares how we can use our spiritual gifts to help save the world in our own sphere of influence.



    NASA's description of a supernova:  http://www.nasa.gov/audience/forstudents/5-8/what-is-a-supernova.html#.VRlGpPnF-So

    Matthew 5: 14-16 in NKJV and The Living Bible:  https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=matt%205%3A14-16&version=NKJV;TLB

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    What Are Your Gifts / Do you share them/ How do they benifit others.

    in Motivation

    To have a gift is to know it and be able to share it with others and enhance their lives in some way or the other many people have a gift but do not have the courage to share it. There are way to do this and feel accomplished  by it , if we attune ourselves with the divine principle GOD that will give give us divine ideas and guide through this particular channel that will bring out the best in us.Really a gift is not ours to keep but share and allow others the opporitunity to explore their divinity.

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    Using the Moon as a tool in Self-Actualization ~*~

    in Spirituality

    When we think of the term "Self-Actualization" we usually relate it with psychology or a form of "Self-Help" practice.  Most recently there is a major shift in our collective thinking that is seeing how earth-based practices are connected with helping us to Self Actualize.   Working with the Moon, for example, is of those practices. 

    The Moon is our closest celestial being and has powerful aspects of Medicine, Wisdom, and Magick/Manifestation.  It strongly mirrors the human in its rhythm and cycles.  When we are able to connect with the way the Moon "operates", we are able to access those three components. Although the Moon and its components are rarely spoken of in this form and only recently being explored and understood in the context of self-actualization, they can be essential tools for human development.

    Join me as we get to know the Moon from a perspective that has the potential to shift the way you live, grow, and function in your daily life. Through story and song you will learn how to use the Moon as a tool in helping you to be your "divine self".  Open to working with the Moon and you will see how it can be one of the most powerful (natural) self-actualization tools available to you.  

    As with each show, we'll be taking LIVE calls on the theme of the day.  We would love to hear from you.  Our call in number is: 646-668-8087.  

    P.S: Only for this week, Transforming Gifts will air LIVE on Friday, April 17th @ 11:00 AM, instead of Thursday.  It returns to its regular day and time (Thursday, 11:00 AM) next week.  

    See you Friday~
    love, peace, and harmony, siempre

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    Foundational Gifts: Finding Your "What"

    in Women

    There are different kinds of gifts but the same Spirit. There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord. (1 Cor. 12:4-5)


    Each of us has a primary spiritual gift, a set of secondary or supporting gifts, and passions/interests that will help us determine our WHAT:  what God has ordained for us to do and accomplish on earth.  Our spiritual gifts are a key tool to help us accomplish that bigger, overarching WHAT--the calling of God on our lives for ministry and for service.  Join Coach Nicole as she walks us through one process that we can use to determine what our BIG WHAT may be.



    HuffPost Article, How to Identify the One Thing You Were Born to Do by Steve Olsher

    Free copy of Steve Olsher’s book, What is Your What?  Discover the ONE Amazing Thing You Were Born to Do (requires email sign-up; paid offer follows--I am not an affiliate or endorser)

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    Soul Ascension Show: Awakening your Spiritual Gifts with Calista

    in Spirituality

    The Soul Ascension show opens the door to your unique Souls' gifts, sharing ways to awaken, develop and share them to best serve you and your world. 

    Join us live from Scotland with your host Angel Healing® Founder, Calista, April 7thh at 8pm UK time. 

    Calista will be inviting in the Unicorns and Angels - divine beings of Light and Integrity - to share way to best nuture your own unique gifts and talents.

    Your questions are welcomed as ever so do call in to receive from Calista and her spirit team of helpers. Join Calista's community page and blog for daily insights and inspiration at www.facebook.com/CalistaAscension

    Bliss, fun and divine alchemy await! :) 

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