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    Jeff Berwick--Always Be On The Lookout For Sociopaths 04.Sep.14

    in Finance

    Jeff Berwick thought he had fournd paradise. He was going to co-develop Galt's Gulch Chile. Instead he's lost hundreds of thousands and damaged his reputation. He says he was duped along with numerous other investors. There's a lesson in it for Jeff and for you too. Beware of the sociopath, they're lying in wait for you and for me!

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    Post Time for Massachusetts 2014 Election

    in Politics Progressive

    We'll recap the Massachusetts party [primaries and risk humiliation predicitng the campaigns, then results for November's general. The previous day's preimary may settle all, or nearly all, Democratic contests. Now the fun begins.

    The GOP pretty much sat out the primary with no contested races beyond Governor, only five statewide candidates, and mostly blank ballot lines. Dems in contrast had three battling for most slots.

    Republicans play delusion cards. Dems far outnumber them (not really true, as over half the electorate does not enroll in any party), Republ;ican Governor/LG are essential to holding wildly lefty Dems in check (so-so, with many in both houses here fiscally conservative and hard sells on legislation). The GOP can't fill their tickets because they are at such political disadvantage (not so, as half our Governors have been Republican, the GOP has as much and often more campaign cash, they make little effort to convert the unenrolled to their party, and they have weak recruiting efforts for candidates for office).

    We'll talk results and futures. We expect two months of big platform and policy distinctions. We'll predict how dirty the ads and claims will be and what should make the differences in the final. 

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    Lets Be Frank-Interviews Berwick Davenport

    in Entertainment

    Berwick Davenport has been called the Destiny Coach to the Stars. Hear his story, hear his secrets revealed that can help propel you to success and reach the level of the stars

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    Jeff Berwick--Getting Ready For The 2nd Liberty Mastermind Symposium 16.Jan.13

    in Finance

    www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents

    Jeff Berwick of DollarVigilante.com returns to the Financial Survival Network hotseat. Jeff will be speaking at the 2nd Liberty Mastermind Symposium in Las Vegas, February 21st & 22nd. We hope to see you there with us!

    In this latest installment, Jeff discussed:

    The IMF’s proposed “wealth tax” in 2014;
    The Krazy Krugman Keynesian Counterfitters, and their mad money printing schemes driving us towards hyperinflation;
    The gradual “waking up” of the masses to our inflationary future;
    The dangers of 2014: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Ac

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    MA Dems Still Up for Grabs.

    in Politics Progressive

    Ryan and Mike will settle your mind. The MA Dems went to the state party convention in Worcester. Everything ws settled (as in official nominees emerged) and nothing was settled (as in the per-office primaries still contested). Plus the guvernatorial nominee is not the heavy favorite in polling against Dem, GOP and indy candidates. 

    TBD is the acronym for 2014 September and November. 

    We've had many of the hopefuls here (check our archives). Hey, we also have our opinions, both expert and gut.

    We'll try to sort out Grossman (governor endorsee) v. Coakley (poll favorite) v. Berwick (progressive's delight) v. the others. (Don't leave off McCormick, our all-time show-listen leader.) This will be great political theater this season. 

    The down ballot, particularly the attorney general, will be at least as spirited (you can listen to both Healey and Tolman here).

    We'll do our best to sort out the tangled skein for you.


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    Mike Lacche Welterweight Base Boxing Title Defense #1

    in Baseball

    Live from Fort Kamehameha, Hawaii, 1942: United States Army Welterweight Base Boxing Championship: The Champion, S/Sgt. Michael "Mike" A. Anthony Lacche (Berwick, PA) versus S/Sgt. Tony D. Antonilli, Jr. (Staten Island, NY). 

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    Jeff Berwick--Alarming Trends Happening All Over The Formerly Free World 15.Mar.13

    in Finance

    www.FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com presents

    Jeff Berwick joined us from sunny Acapulco. He's alarmed by the rapid erosion of individual rights in the US and the Western World. When a Frenchman defects to Russia for it's low taxes, you just can't ignore that. The justice department appears to have little regard for the constitutional protections that all Americans were supposedly born with. Perhaps the purported gun grab is just a diversion for what's really going on and for the next freedom busting move by the government. 

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    Mike Lacche Welterweight Base Boxing Title Fight

    in Baseball

    Live from Fort Kamehameha, Hawaii, 1942: United States Army Welterweight Base Boxing Championship: S/Sgt. Michael "Mike" A. Anthony Lacche (Berwick, PA) versus S/Sgt. Jack Q. McCary (Waltham, Mass). 

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    The Megan Berwick Episode

    in Film

    Megan Berwick will come on and talk about her experiences on the hit TV show Salute Your Shorts

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    #133 Exploring Park Run with George

    in Fitness

    Have you heard of Park Run? 

    Have you participated in Park Run?

    This week on the Partnerunning Show Sue and Andrew talk to George Mihalakekkis the Event Director for Berwick Springs Park Run as they discover all about Park Run including:

    The distance
    Who can participate
    How to register
    Why people enjoy it
    Why it is free

    Also on the show we provide the latest news on the Dendy Park Running Festival and there are the regular segments:

    Over the Shoulder
    Ask Sue
    The Road Ahead

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    Dirty Dan and Mongo Man Show Welcomes Pete Berwick Show #126

    in Music

    Singer/songwriter Pete Berwick's fourth and newest CD, "Give It Time," has hit the street.
    Once again, Berwick delivers plenty of grit and spit throughout the 11-song collection done in his trademark rootsy, bluesy, punky, country–rock style. Opening track, "Renegade," sets the pace for this wild romp through what's best described as Americana music straight from hell's rowdiest and raucous roadhouse.

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