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    Live with Barrett: A Conversation with Author & Educator Dr. Clare Lynch

    in Business

    As part of my ongoing series of interviews with entrepreneurs, we are digitally jumping across the pond from the USA and landing in London, England, where I am talking with Dr. Clare Lynch. 

    Clare is a triple threat entrepreneur- author, business writing coach and teacher of Academic Writing and Communication at the University of Cambridge. 

    Join me for a  conversation with her as she reveals how she is is changing the world through her passion for empowering business people to find their voice as a writer. We'll also find out how billionaire businessperson Warren Buffett inspired her company, Doris and Bertie.

    Call in for a short Q & A directly or via Skype at the end of the hour!



    Doris & Bertie

  • Pell Mellers, Race and Memory in a Carolina Pocosin, Paul Johnson

    in Books

    A Genealogical Quest in the Triracial South

    What began as genealogical research into the author's ancestry soon grew into a fascinating tale with lessons for us all. Among his ancestors, Johnson uncovered: unpunished murderers, infidelities that produced stronger families than formal marriages, entire units of North Carolinians who fought and died to preserve the Union in the Civil War. The tale holds enough plot twists for a half-dozen novels.

    But most of all, it reveals in a personal way what molecular anthropologists have been trying to explain all along. The fact is that we are all of multiple ancestries. Inhabitants of the New World are a genetic mix of three great populations, Native Americans, European colonists, and African slaves. Nowhere is this more vivid than in Pell Mellers, the story of one man's search for his tangled roots.
    "In Paul Johnson's engaging journey into his roots in Bertie County, North Carolina, he discovers an intriguing family of pocosin dwellers who personify the South's multiracial heritage and its political minorities, including Unionists and the original Buffalo Soldiers. Pell Mellers is a solid contribution to the history of the "other South" that complements the well-traveled mainstream, illustrating our rich and textured past." -- Lindley S. Butler, author of Pirates, Privateers, and Rebel Raiders of the Carolina Coast..Read full description of episode here!



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    Interview for Trashy Chic a Bertie Mallowan Mystery

    in Books

    Reporter Bertie Mallowan has drifted away from hard news stories and into the shallows of "fluff" features, the kind you find buried in the back of the newspaper. Writing about preschool fashion shows and the latest in designer garbage bags bores her so she amuses herself by inventing naughty passwords for her computer and pushing the envelope when it comes to creative lying to management types.
    When she interviews greedy, nasty Robert Bellingham, the king of must-have luxury items for the rich of Southern California - like monogrammed airbags for "The Crash with Panache" and mink coats pre-streaked with red paint to foil PETA kamikazes. Over the years, his products have become de rigueur for the class that has two of everything and is seeking the one and only of something else. He's made a lot of money and a lot of enemies.

    Two days after Bertie's interview, Bellingham's body is found on the floor of the foyer in the family mansion; someone has aerated his skull with the stereotypical blunt object. Thanks to her interview, Bertie has inside information about the life and times of a rich and powerful murder victim and is thrust into a big story again.
    Bertie is convinced that the family's bizarre emotional ticks make them all uniquely capable of committing murder. A second murder and an attack on Bertie herself brings her face-to-face with the kind of danger she's only ever written about, never experienced first-hand.

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    SocialBuzzONAIR - 11am/ET! CEO Bertie Stephens w FlubIt.com

    in Technology

    Our guest today is CEO Bertie Stephens w FlubIt.com
    Tips, tricks, tools and most importantly, answers to your questions! Join us as we discuss whats new with Social Media and answer your questions!

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    TODAY IN NEWS Sunday Morning Fun House Honors Marshall Lytle

    in Politics Conservative

    TODAY IN NEWS - Sunday Morning Fun House With Jimmy Jay & Trade Martin
    This week Jimmy & Trade will be discussing the life of one of the greatest architects of Rock 'n' Roll, Mr. Marshall Lytle .  Many famous call-in musical guests will check in to salute Marshall during this lively broadcast such as Paul Revere, Charlie Thomas (The Drifters), Charlie Gracie, Diamond Dave Somerville (The Diamonds), Bertie Higgins (Key Largo), Tammy Tammy Bettencourt-Selee (Concerts At Sea) and more. Try not to miss this historical broadcast.
    Trade Martin: While performing his high-energy night club act, Trade's audience is usually unaware that he has acted opposite prominent television and movie stars Frank Vincent (Soprano's & Goodfellow's), and the well-respected character actor, Vince Pastore in the feature film thriller, "West New York", composed and conducted movie scores, and arranged & produced a Grammy Award winning album by B.B. King.
    Jimmy Jay: Host of the Rewind Show and is known as the "DJ of the Stars".  Jimmy says "It's a Very Long Story...go to RewindShow.com and PartyMaker.com to learn a little...one thing for sure is I have a Rockin' Wife!"
    This show can also be heard at www.bigdawgmusicradio.com

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    January 4, 2013

    in Business

    Ellen Rohr is the President of Bare Bones Biz, Inc,. Business Make-over Expert.  She is a serial business builder.  As president of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, a home service franchise company, the company grew from zero to $40 million in sales and 47 locations in less than 2 years.  Now, she helps entrepreneurs start, fix and grow their own profitable businesses.   Her basic business strategies work…from Main Street to Wall Street! 


    Bertie Ranger Dubbed by her clients as "The Bertinator" She have been in the fitness industry for 14 years, from fitness competitor, personal trainer, boot camp instructor and now bringing her expertise internationally and nationwide with her "Fitness Around The Year" program.


    Brad Leppla is a franchise owner for Business Networking International, or BNI, in Colorado and Southeast Wyoming. He has been with BNI for 12 years starting out as a member of a chapter trying to build his business.


    Tom Corley is a CPA, CFP and holds a Masters in Taxation. Tom is the author of Rich Habits - The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals

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    Back Channel,The Kennedy Years & Pianist Cristian Monti

    in Politics

    Back Channel is the first book of a remarkable memoir of a Special Assistant to President John F. Kennedy.
    Known familiarly as Bertie Mac he reported directly to the President and his office was in the West Wing of the White House. Prior to achieving that position, he had been betrayed by his own government - the United States - and handed over to the Soviets.
    He was tortured in the Lubyanka Prison in Moscow before being covertly rescued by two high ranking Soviet Generals (at great risk to themselves) who wanted to convey information directly to the White House to try to avert a nuclear confrontation they believed to be imminent. They believed that he would be a uniquely reliable conduit of information between the U.S. and the Soviet Union as he deeply mistrusted both governments and therefore had absolutely no motivation to "color" any information he might transmit.
    Bertie Mac coined the term "Back Channel" and served as a direct communication link between the White House and the Kremlin during the Cuban Missile Crisis.
    Bertie Mac is a patriot, a soldier, a spy and an assassin. He served in all four roles during his time under President Kennedy, who became his friend and confidant.You will see the Soviet Union, the White House, Camelot, Vietnam and the conspirators behind the assassination of the President in a very new light and watch history as it was being made. Join us as we look into the Kennedy Years of Camelot, the Assasination and the aftermath. Due to our guests safety we cannot devulge his true name or show his face.
    Call in to speak with Bertie at 213-769-0952 or visit via the chatroom. 9PM EST, 8PM CST, 6PM PST View Bertie's web-site: http://www.bertiemac.com/
    We thank photographer Tom Lohdan for use of the White House Photo- find Tom on Flickr.
    Pianist Cristian Monti joins us from Italy.

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    Your BEST SELF having the courage to believe and acheive!

    in Spirituality

    If you are looking to improve yourself, your life, the way that others see you, and the way that you see yourself, it is important to understand the importance of believing in yourself.  Taking advantage of this grand opportunity of accomplishing this very important goal, you can begin to embark on a life enhancing and exhilerating life skill. It all begins with our budding generation!! Join us in an OYJ special episode as Bertie County Middle school, of Windsor, North Carolina chimes in to share their thought on how they believe in themselves and the power of our youth in propelling us into a new era! Join us with host Star Brantley at the wheel!!

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    Digital Audio and Video Genius - Mike Stewart

    in Internet


    Mike Stewart is president and founder of Soundpages Inc., a complete multimedia production facility located in the Atlanta area of Georgia. Mike has composed countless radio jingles, television scores, and produced or performed on music heard all over the world. He has worked with world famous musicians such as Tommy Roe, Joe South, The Shirelles, William Bell (Georgia Hall of Fame Recipient), Isaac Hayes, Eddie Floyd, Bertie Higgins, and Bill Anderson: The list goes on and on of Georgia performers who’s who. He owned and operated a recording studio for over twenty years working in all facets of digital audio and video.


    Since then he has attended and spoken at many events worldwide. Mike teaches attendees the benefits of owning the right equipment and utilizing it to make quality multi-media audio and video information products that can be marketed for high profits. He is always on the look out for new innovative ideas, products, hardware and software to benefit his clients. His hands-on customer service approach outshines most and he creates in-depth audio and video tutorials to enhance the products he sells. These tutorials are provided on DVD/CD’s in his packages or can be watched on the corresponding websites for free.

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    Ghost Hunting Texas Style

    in Lifestyle

    Bertie has been intrigued with the paranormal from a very early age. Originally from Houston, Texas she has made her home in Austin. Bertie is a project manager for a global software company, she owns a web design business, and makes room for investigations after work. She's had several personal experiences with the paranormal and supports the theory spirits do exist, and wants to collect evidence proving this theory. "My goal is to help people by validating their story. For one, I believe everyone's story. I believe they did have an experience(s) if they believe they did. Sometimes, finding someone who can relate to your story is half the battle. You get some peace of mind knowing you're not crazy." In her quest to discover "how" spirits may exist she set out to find other individuals with the same idealogy, and as a result founded the Ghost Hunters of Texas. www.ghosthuntersoftexas.com

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    A Nation Under Wrath by Bertie Johnston

    in Religion

    Just as you and I reap what we sow so to a nation. If a nation sow to the wind it will reap a whirl-wind. On this episode of Remnant X Radio we will be airing a message by Bertie Johnston entitled, "A Nation Under Wrath."

    Please check out our website @Remnantxradio.com, follow us on twiter and send us a friend request on facebook!