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    Balancing Entrepreneurship and Divorce - - How do women balance both?

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    Women in Business Radio introduces a new segment to its broadcasting: Starting Over as an Entrepreneur after a Divorce. Marilyn Belleghem and Dr. Cheryl Cottle will start the discussion off. You can join them on Thursday at 11:00 am EST. You can call in with the number: 310-982-4237 to share your story, your point-of-view or ask a question.

    Many women have found themselves in this dilemma; in the throes of managing a business. They also had to deal with a divorce. What is the aftermath of a divorce and managing your business successfully?

    How do you deal with the challenges that ensue? After a divorce, a woman faces many challenges, particularly if it is initiated by her husband. What are some issues that she faces and how does she deal with them? Dr.Cottle’s guest will provided some great advice that a woman can follow from her lived-experienced as a woman whose husband asked for a divorce and her professional experience as a marriage councillor. In this program we hope to identify what impact (a divorce) it has on a woman who is an entrepreneur? What impact does it have on her business? How does she deals with the over all demands of a divorce and maintaining the balance with her entrepreneurial venture.

    If you are that woman who took a chance on yourself at a time when most people will say "was very challenging" and you were able to succeed, Dr. Cottle will love to hear from you. For details email her at: drccottle@gmail.com

    Dr. Cottle believes that as women, we can learn from each other. We can be a part of a relaxed and a free from judgement environment to learn some of the best tools and attitude we should have in any adversiarial condition.

    If you want to be on Dr. Cottle's Rooster of Guest, email her at: drccottle@gmail.com

    Host; Dr. Cheryl Cottle

    Guest: Marilyn Belleghem
    Guest: Company and Website: www.mbcinc.ca

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    Belleghem'sjuggalo radio epicness

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    just show up motherfackols

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    Branson Travel Internet Radio - Music n Travel Tips Branson

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    Under STRESS? Listen to this Music and Tips show for Travelers who want to go to Branson, MO. CatchUp Corner with past guest Marilyn B Belleghem http://www.CruiseWithBruce.com/cruise_radio/Marilyn_Belleghem_Trans-Atlantic_Cruise
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    Thanks to all of my Cruise with Bruce Verified Cruise Ship Reporters!
    Program Details:
    CatchUp Corner with Marilyn on going to Branson This week's tips for travel to Branson, MO Destination Tips, News & Tidbits from Cruise with Bruce Associate Cruise Ship Reporters Sound clips from previous & upcoming travel internet radio shows and series Join host, Bruce Oliver, of the Cruise with Bruce radio show & hear travel and cruise travel tips for your next vacation, tips to travel. This series focuses on travel and tips from Cruise Ship Reporters, listener emails, and industry representatives. You can listen to our full interviews and their music on iTunes and/or the internet by going to http://InternetRadio.CruiseWithBruce.com/music/
    More info: http://www.cruisewithbruce.com/blog/?s=tips

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    Holland America Trans-Atlantic Cruise with Questing Marilyn

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    Learn about taking a Trans-Atlantic Cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Venice Italy on the Holland America Line with Marilyn Belleghem Travel with Marilyn as we cruise the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea to Venice! Listen to Marilyn talk about her Trans-Atlantic Cruise on Holland America Line's ms Westerdam cruise ship. Host Bruce Oliver, and Marilyn talk about vacationing and cruising as a way to learn more about yourself. On this interview Marilyn talks about leaving Fort Lauderdale on a voyage that ended up in the romantic city of Venice, Italy, 21-days later. Find out more about why taking a cruise is a way to relax and participate in new adventures that will change your life. During this program we talk about the food, and on-board activities that are going on every day.

    Do you love Dutch Chocolate, find out more about Holland's Yum-Yum Man and Holland's cocktail hours and after dinner treats. Find out when and where you can gaze at the stars (maybe see the Milky Way) and participate in culinary shows and demonstrations on board Holland America Line's ships. Learn how you can save money on on-shore excursions when you get into port. Travel with us as we talk about visiting the "Garden Isle of the Atlantic", Madeira, Portugal and about sailing through the Straits of Gibraltar to Spain, Italy and to the final destination, Venice, Italy.