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    When Nobody Believes In You - Especially The People Who Matter Most

    in Relationships

    On This Episode of Blog Talk Radio's Hit Feature Program


    Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young - Going It Alone - How To Survive A Dysfunctional Family and Stay Sane


    Does this feel way too familiar – “No matter what I do It's never enough. Strangers love support me more than my own friends and family. Why Do The People I Love Just Use Me”


    Family Is A Wonderful Thing, Unless Yours Is Dysfunctional...What Do You Do When Nobody Believes You - Especially The People Who Matter Most 


    What Do You Do When Nobody Believes In You?


    Find out how today – on this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young as he discusses - Going It Alone - When Nobody Believes In You - Especially The People Who Matter Most


    Why be needlessly stressed out when you don't have to... Learn the 10 things you need to know to start instantly enjoying your life again!


    Everything is working for your good, so why don’t you.


    If you miss the live broadcast, No Problem!


    All Of Our Episodes Are Archived For Your Listening Convenience…


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    Who Believes In You The Most?

    in Self Help

    BEYOND THE LAW OF ATTRACTION TALK RADIO- Get ready to become inspired and live the life you deserve to live. This 30 minute internet based radio show will inspire you to take inspired action. Listen each week to Chaney Weiner, inspirational speaker and founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential as he discusses the topics that matter most to you in any of the 7 areas of life (financial, relationships, career, spiritual, mindset, health & well being, and social). If you wish to receive regular updates on upcoming show topics please register for the Attraction Secrets newsletter at www.ChaneyWeiner.com

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    Why I Am An Atheist Who Believes In God

    in Spirituality

    WHY I AM AN ATHEIST WHO BELIEVES IN GOD:  How to Give Love, Create Beauty and Find Peace with Frank Schaeffer

    Caught between the beauty of his grandchildren and grief over a friend's death, Frank Schaeffer finds himself simultaneously believing and not believing in God - an atheist who prays. Schaeffer wrestles with faith and disbelief, sharing his innermost thoughts with lyricism that only great writers of literary nonfiction achieve. Schaeffer writes as an imperfect son, husband and grandfather whose love for his family, art and life trumps the ugly theologies of an angry God and the atheist vision of a cold, meaningless universe. Schaeffer writes that only when we abandon our hunt for certainty do we become free to create beauty, give love and find peace.

    He has appeared on Oprah, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, the Today Show, Rachel Maddow and many more. 

    To purchase Frank's book from Amazon.com, Click Here.

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    in Social Networking

    She is a 5 times winner of TM&TSN NFC. She acts and no how to rip the runway. Princesssexxi Believes in You will be catching up with her finding out the latest of this 9 year old who have been making a name for herself in the social media outlets and her hometown of ATL. Please join us during this time.



    1. tell us about her latest fashion show 2. tell us about her latest photo shoot 3. tell us about the play and which character she will be 4. tell us about the video that she was in with dai time 5. tell us about your foundation and how other could be apart of it. 6. tell us about wining 5 times with tm&tsn and winning the look -book. 7. what's happening next with you and anything going on today?

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    Who else believes that minimum wage employees are overpaid enough???

    in Politics Conservative

    We have our first Democratic nomination...Hilary Clinton.  I don't think this was such a big surprise.  What was her first political move; making the case for CEO pay vs middle class pay.  She goes to Chipolte and forgets to leave a tip.  I have heard all the arguments that Chipolte is not the kind of place where you leave a tip.  Neither is Subway but if they have a tip jar I leave a tip.  Since she is championing the middle class and better pay you would think leaving a tip would have been the first thing she would have done.  I can't believe that no one in her camp bothered to do it or even mention it to her to do.  I have been told that politics is more about public perception than the actual platform.  We have a CEO in Seattle who has decided to take a pay cut so his employees can receive better pay.  I don't have a problem since it is his company and he wants to provide an incentive to maintain his good employees but it sends the wrong idea to minimum wage workers who think they are worth more than their skills indicate.  There have been other police involved shootings and people are marching for justice.  You know how I feel about that but there are a few instances where I can see it being justified.  

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    God believes in YOU !!!

    in Spirituality

    It has been the tendency of many (including myself) to approach the Gospel from the point of view of humanity’s need to believe in God. A careful reading of scripture however, presents a different picture. In the scriptures is reveal the mind blowing revelation that God believes in humanity. Pause and think on that, then personalize it. Yes, God believes in YOU. Listen to this conversation and forever see God, yourself and others with a clearer view. Yes, GOD believes in YOU!!!

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    VFTB 229: Timothy Furnish - What ISIS Believes

    in Paranormal

    IT IS difficult to address a problem that one willingly refuses to acknowledge. Dr. Timothy R. Furnish, a consultant, researcher and author on the topics of Islam, Mahdism, Jihadism, Shi`ism, and other Islamic sects, discusses the eschatology of the Islamic State (ISIS) and how its view of end times prophecy directs its bloody agenda.

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    Obama believes his office has unlimited powers...

    in Politics Conservative

    The Keystone Pipeline, immigration, Obamacare, raising minimum wages.  These are a few of the things Obama has decided he can do without congressional approval.  There is a Texas judge who understands the reason there are three separate branches.  There is this little thing called separation of powers that makes sure one branch does not get too powerful.  Obama has made it clear that if anything comes across his desk he does not like he has the power to veto it and anything he wants to do he plans to do it with the full power of the Executive office.  We also have Jessie Jackson making claims that the Jackie Robinson West was stripped of their championship because of racism. Since when is cheating considered racism and Al Sharpton is planning to protest the Oscars because of lack of diversity.  I don't see him making sure there is diversity when there is the NAACP Image Awards.  Aren't we sick and tired of these two yet??? The enrollment period has "ended" for people to get their healthcare for this year.  How is this going over with the people who it is designed to help?  We will talk about these issues tomorrow at 2p

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    in Religion

    SHABBAT SHALOM!   No man is redeemed by his lack of understanding what was mandated from the Beginning every soul must love and comprehend! (Hebrews 4:3, John 1:1)   All who would partake in the covenant commands of the Most High must discern the OBLIGATION of every elect soul!  The SOUL that BELIEVES a LIE is a LIAR!   Shall they claiming to belong to the Most High have no responsibility to learn, defend and preserve the integrity of the Holy Name in the earth?    WOE unto them who refuse to understand just how FAR from the TRUTH this WORLD ENTIRE has become!   WOE to the FOOL who presumes to awaken beyond LIES by hearing only from the mouths of any man!   The GOSPEL has been perversely HID by your RULERS and their FOLLOWERS having NO INTENT that YOU ever understand among YOUR CHURCHES, the REAL PURPOSE for which the SAVIOR COMES! (Jude 1:1-15)

    2 Th 2:10  .... because they REJECTED the LOVE of the TRUTH whereby they might be SAVED.  11  for this offense YAH gives them under STRONG DELUSION, that they BELIEVED a LIE: 12  That they ALL might be DAMNED who BELIEVED NOT THE TRUTH, but preferred UNRIGHTEOUS DECEITS.

    Rom 2:12  For as many as have SINNED WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE of the LAW also PERISH in their SINS!

    Ephesians 5:10 HBAET   And so you MUST DISCERN what the ACCEPTABLE WILL of YAH IS!

    Eph 6:10  Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Most High, and in the power of his might.
    Eph 6:11  Put on the WHOLE ARMOR of YAH, that ye be able WITHSTAND the WILES of the devil.

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    "Being You Thursday" When No One Else Believes in You

    in Family

    1. Let Go of the Past

    The past is over and done with. Though the experiences we have gone through have deeply affected every aspect of our lives – whether for better or worse. Our pasts have shaped our personalities, self-worth, and influence the choices and decisions we make in our daily interactions.
    “The most important thing for us to realize is this: the past has no control over our lives, except the control we allow it to have. It is not a life sentence that we must carry out!”

    Once we become aware of this fact and take full responsibility for our own lives we become the true creators of our own tomorrow. The past may have made you who you are today, but it’s up to you whether you stay that way or not.



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    Left-believes morality,subjective, changing, flexible & accept American deaths

    in Politics Conservative

    Most Americans are under a mass hypnosis, thanks to our media. So they never really stop to think about the ideologies or forces that influence politicians and they falsely expect these people to share their same ideas about basic values. Even Republican politicians are guilty of having this false expectation. Everything has Consequences, planned or unanticipated but consequences none the less. Today, neither political side has much in common anymore. One side believes in unchangeable right and wrong and the other believes morality is subjective, changing, and flexible. the left and right are on opposite sides of the “fundamental divide of the modern age”: the left believes that human beings are inherently good (apply that to terrorists-the dems automatically fail the intelligence test) and the dems believe all people are infinitely malleable, and so can be shaped by proper state guidance (do you see where the dems came up with the common core for education)? Common core makes children more easily controlled and most likely to vote democrat. Tune in Thursay morning at 11:AM for the Rest Of The Story