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    MCS Live Faceoff: UMass Lowell River Hawks vs. Maine Black Bears

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    The fourth episode of MCS Live Faceoff pregame show brought to you by Beast from the Northeast!

    Co-hosts Justin Soderberg and Greg Celona will touch on last weekend's game between the UMass Lowell River Hawks and Harvard, and Wednesday night's game against UConn and preview Saturday night's game between UMass Lowell and Maine at the Tsongas Center in Lowell, Massachusetts.

    Shawn Hutcheon of the Lowell Sun and Fourth Period Magazine will join the program at some point to talk college hockey and possibly touch on the Boston Bruins.

    MCS Live Faceoff will shift due to the time of the game and will broadcast from 6:00-7:00pm live from the Tsongas Center. Tune in and tell friends!

    Justin and Greg will take questions and comments via Twitter and Facebook.

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    Bigfoot Ground Zero - Historic Sightings & Maine Sasquatch

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    Please join me Wednesday night at 7pm EST, as I recount Sasquatch sightings in Maine dating back to 1872,  along with the recent sightings, which are as recent as February of 2014.  
    We will also talk about the recent aggression that black bears have shown in the past few years in New Jersey, how it is possibly due to increased pressure and human population growth, and how recent Sasquatch encounters might bear the same characteristics.
    As always, thank you for tuning in.  This is going to be a great program!

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    Legalization in Maine & World Class Emerald Cup

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    Maine is considered a key state to pass a marijuana legalization initiative and two groups are seeking to put an initiative on the November 2016 ballot. One is the Washington DC based Marijuana Policy Project which has funded successful legalization initiatives in Colorado and Oregon. The other is Legalize Maine, a local group which has a different approach to legalization and is working to put their initiative on the ballot. Why Maine is such a hot bed for marijuana legalization and how the two initiatives differ will be discussed by our first guest Campaign Coordinator for Legalize Maine Peter McCarrier.


    Billed as the “Definitive Cup for the Fall Harvest” Sonoma County’s 11th Annual Emerald Cup is one of the best and certainly most authentic of the multitude of U.S. cannabis cup competitions. With awards for a variety of categories for buds, concentrates, edibles, topicals and photos, the Emerald Cup is complete with a music fest with multiple bands headlined by the fusion band Slightly Stoopid. Tim Blake, founder and chief organizer of the Emerald Cup is the show’s 2nd guest recalling how the Emerald Cup came to be and the cannabis extravaganza the Dec. 13 and 14th event is going to be.

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    Interview With Maine (R&B Recording Artist)

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    Music is a major escape from life for many people around the world. It has to have a life of its own that the audience tends to feel for, and relate to. The artist must deliver a heart-felt performance, and attractive musical elements in order to make the cut. Maine, a singer from Long Island, New York the Central Islip area, is one of the few that have managed to deliver the goods. The releases of his single 'I Can't Explain It' was an absolute success, as it soared to the top of the radio airplay charts. First debuting at no.2 and then taking over the top spot. In December 2013, the record was announced to be #1 on the internet radio station powerhouse IBFU Radio. The song was only on the air for 21 days before conquering the charts. It would remain on top for the next 5 weeks to come.

    Growing up competing in talent shows and singing in church, Maine's evolution into the music game would come naturally, He had God-given ability to paint realistic pictures of everyday scenarios in the streets, which he personally coined as Ghetto R&B.  


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    Maine and Kaci Hickox at war

    in Politics Conservative

    Looks like Nurse Kaci Hickox is going to go to court with Maine over the Ebola quarantine mandate.  We will be discussing this and many other things in today's show. Did you know that Hilary Clinton is racist?

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    MGH Presents: ZeroLux Radio: Wendigo - a Maine Mystery

    in Paranormal

    The Wendigo -  what is it?  Is it a whimsical creature?  A spiritual entity?  A monster of the woods?  On this episode we'll talk to a local Maine resident who has an experience that challenges one to question, "could it possibly be a wendigo?"


    ZeroLux Paranormal is a weekly, Maine Based, Paranormal Reality Television show and we're well on our way to filming our 4th season!  Our popular web series has its own website at www.zeroluxparanormal.com and can also be viewed on YouTube at www.youtube.com/zeroluxparanormal .

    Join us on BlogTalkRadio at 7:00 pm to learn what we have to say about our past experiences, present focus points, and our future goals.

    If you're involved with paranormal investigations, ghost hunting, UFO or BigFoot Hunting, and would like to be a guest of ZeroLux Radio please e-mail us at

    And, of course, check out our radio show archives at the Maine Ghost Hunters Media site.





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    Boston College Week 4 Preview: Maine Black Bears

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    There's no reason to come down off the high from Saturday quite yet!

    We're not quite sure if AJ is still alive, and Dan may still be running through the mods hugging everyone in sight, but they should be back for Tuesday's radio show.  Boston College is coming off arguably its biggest home victory and one of its most memorable wins of all time, a 37-31 thriller over #9 USC, so tune in at 8 PM EST as we revisit what happened at Alumni Stadium on Saturday night.

    There will also be the task of putting BC on the track for Saturday's game against Maine.  As we've learned, there's no reason to ever have a hangover game, even if it's against an FCS opponent.  This will be a great chance for BC to level set their season at the quarter pole with a 2-1 record.

    Many of us said the Eagles would be 2-1, but we never thought it'd happen this way.

    We'll also have some guests on to talk Boston College, so tune in at 8 PM EST or give us a call at 646-200-0446 to discuss!

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    Fill The Steins - Season 2, Episode 9 (Matt Burgess & Whitneigh Kinne)

    in Entertainment

    We've been off for a couple of weeks still recovering from Homecoming and surviving Thanksgiving with our families, but we are back for another exciting show talking about some big Black Bear sports events coming up soon. Matt Burgess from the Black Bears of Portland joins us to discuss the Maine v UNH game at the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland on Saturday and the pre-game events surrounding this rivalry match. We also find out a little more about the Portland chapter of the alumni association and how graduates in Southern Maine can get involved. We will round-out the show with the return of "Behind the Bench" with Whitneigh Kinne talking UMaine Hockey and there rough start as they extended their losing streak to eight with an overtime loss at Lowell last night.

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    Alien Contact Org ~ 12/20/14 ~ Suzanne Chancellor, TJ, Janet & Guests

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    Hosts Janet Kira Lessin & Theresa J.Morris host Alien Contact Organization, Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 3PM HST, 5PM Pacific, 8PM Eastern with guest Suzanne Chancellor.

    Suzanne Chancellor is a lifelong abductee and experiencer. Upon reading Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” in 1987, she began to recover memories of visitations from otherworldly beings that began in 1966 at her childhood home in Pasadena, California. The mother of two grown children, she was forced to keep her experiences to herself for fear of ridicule, and to potentially lose custodial care of her children. But as her experiences continued and started involving other family members she realized that she was not alone, she started blogging about them in hopes that others would connect with her to try and put together the pieces of this cosmic puzzle.

    Taking her story to the airwaves, she began hosting her podcast “Random Alien Brain Droppings”, also the title of her blog, where she interviews other experiencers, authors and researchers on the subject of UFOs, abductions and all other high strangeness that seems to surround the phenomenon. Suzanne spoke publicly for the first time in 2012 at “Experiencers Speak” in Portland, Maine, and was asked to present again in 2013 alongside Stanton Friedman, Travis Walton, Peter Robbins and Kathleen Marden, among others.

    She is in the process of writing two books, one about her personal journey, and the other about synchronicity and how it has affected her life and meeting her “cosmic twin”.

    More at http://wp.me/p2OzDR-35K

  • Transformation Time with Transformation Tom- Guest Abbie McGilvery

    in Lifestyle

    Theme:  Making social media work for you

    Born and raised in the lovely town of Yarmouth, Maine, Abbie McGilvery is a super-social, nature-loving Mom who has a passion for helping businesses get bigger through the use of social media. 

    Abbie specializes in social media strategy, content creation, strategic network-building, and audience engagement. She has 4 years of robust experience helping Maine businesses leverage a number of social media tools including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest. She has been involved in web design, marketing strategy, and communications for a number of local organizations and has experience building creative, professional, and business-to-business networks in Southern Maine.

  • Strengths in Focus with Chris Trout

    in Fitness

    Chris Trout is a lover of great jazz, fascinating people and transformative ideas. For 37 years, he has explored the power of hidden strengths, his teachers an endless stream of resilient youth, adults and organizations who have tapped that new story to transform their lives.  After 27 years as an educator, therapist, mediator, speaker and administrator, Chris entered the national conversation, bringing his message of resiliency and hope to diverse audiences, from inner-city Los Angeles to rural Canada. His writings have extended that reach around the world. Chris an be found on the beautiful coast of Maine with his wife, artist Suzanne Drown, adapting to a new adventure, life with adult children.


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