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    the begining of our new show together as music lovers

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    The Pistons havE lost 3 straight, WTH!!!! Is this the begining of the end for them? We discuss the State of the Pistons and other NBA news. We will also look at the postseason prospect of the MSU Spartans.  Lions dont use the Tag on Suh. We discuss the pros and cons of this move and look at the likelihood of him returning to the Lions. We look at possible replacements for Suh and possibly what other teams will be competing for his services. Other NFL notes including looming FA, recent cuts, and the upcoming draft. We will do an offseason forecast for the NFC East/AFC east. 

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    What Happened To Ferguson & Where Will It Be in Ten Years?

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    For most of the summer of 2014, the main stream media was covering the events in Ferguson. It stopped for a while because of the war in Russia and the announcement by our government that Bush had lied about the war and Obama just gave him immunity. They came back to Furguson for a while then the focus changed to ISIS. Since the begining of the new year, the main stream media has just forgotten about Furguson.

    Ferguson erupted into angry, sometimes violent protests after a white police officer, Darren Wilson, shot and killed an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, in August. The Justice Department investigated that shooting, and officials have said they will clear the officer of civil rights charges. That finding is also expected soon. But the report into the broader practices of the local police department will give the context for the shooting, describing the mounting sense of frustration and anger in a predominantly black city where the police department and local government are mostly white.

    Shortly after this murder, Ezell Ford was an unarmed black man shot and killed by police in August in Los Angeles, California. Now, newly released details of Ford's death could raise a host of new questions. Among the findings: The 25-year-old was shot three times, including once in the back. And that wound was surrounded by a muzzle imprint, Ford's autopsy report shows. But "there is nothing in the coroner's report that is inconsistent with the statements given to us by the officers," Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said. Ford was shot by Los Angeles police on August 11 -- two days after Brown was killed.


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    With Brian & Sherri

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     Hey guys, boy do we have a great show for you tonight. We have some exciting news about our show, so your going to want to listen in! You never know what Brian and Sherri are going to talk about when there is no guest. We also have the $25 Visa Gift Card still up for grabs for caller 20, so call in when they start mentioning it. As always if you would like more information about the show, you can head to our website at  http://www.brianandsherrishow.info, there you can see who is coming on the show, do our survey and even listen to past shows!.

    NEW**** You can now listen to our show on Stitcher! Which means Brian and Sherri can now go with you using your smart phone or tablet using the stitcher app!! Listen to the show for more details.

    We also will be talking about our fury friends down at the shelter at the begining of the show.

    So sit back and get ready for the Brian & Sherri Show, Here on Blog Talk Radio.

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    American’s Disable Veterans’ in Action Inc, Wednesday, 4 March ,2015, Edition

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    Today's Episode includes how to properly file a VA Claim as Changes are comming begining 24 March 2015 as you will not be able to file a written claim by written letter and you must use new mandated VA Forms  

    Tonights Host is Marilyn

    News item

    and your call to our Brooklyn, Navy Yard,

    phone number (357) 884-8078

    we will have a full show and look forward to

    begin with you. Beginning at 2300 pm Zulu!

    for our CIVILIAN CONUS friends that would be

    8pm Atlantic/7pm Eastern/6pm Central/5pm Mountain/4pm Pacific

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    Pt-2 African Americans Living with Islamic or African Names After 9-11 ?

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    After 9-11, I started being treated different at my job at Walmart in Roundrock Texas, a particular European American Female Manager would harshly dictate my job assignments and she was relentless ! At first I just thought she was having a bad day but for 2 weeks she was on my back more then others and she would tell me I had to stay overtime when she knew I could not because I had to take my chid to school every morning; but she insist I worked overtime on my night shift ! I refused to do so and that was the begining of my ending for this job and living in the State of Texas ! After consulting with her boss and going over her head she got angrier and started to set plans on firing me so I tranfered to the day shift trying to hold on because now I would lose my vacation pay and bonus check of 722.00 if I guit or get fired before Dec-1-2001, I went to Human Resource and they informed me if I resigned I would still qualified for my vacation pay plus my 722.00 bonus check si I resined ! When I went to pick up my last paycheck, vacation check and bonus check they refused my bonus check and said I disqualified my self by not resigning after Dec-31-2001 ? They purposely deceived me and I never recieved my 722.00 bonus check !  One day I was walking home at night in Roudrock Texas when an white undercover car pulled up and 4 men jumped out and started assulting me when a Man came out of his house after hearing all the commotion and turned on his Porch spotlight did they jump back in there un- marked car and flee the scene ! I live with those 5 fractures to this day and I had to leave the State of Texas to save my life ! February -2-2002 at 3 am in the morning I arrived in Las Vegas, Nevada with 200 dollars and clothes on my back ! Whie I stepped off the Greyhound Bus, Las Vegas Metro Police was waiting for me and they introduced them selves to me to let me know, they know I am now in there town Las Vegas , Nevada ?

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    peace maker

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    how to be a peace maker

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    New Entry Driver Training Requirements; Health Wellness

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    Our next radio program will be on February 19, at 4:30 pm (mountain time). You can listen to the program by going to http://www.blogtalkradio.com/triplerrroftrucking, Guest call in number for this show is (347) 857-3624. The next program is is entitled "Entry Level Driver Training Requirements; Driver Wellness".

    JOIN US TODAY FOR OUR BLOG RADIO SHOW, 380.503(c) Entry Level driver training requirements; Driver Wellness

    We're hoping to have a lively discussion regarding experiences maintaining health while driving down the road.  What are you struggling with?  What have you found that works for you?  What didn't work?  What do you wish employers would provide to help you maintain your health or improve it?

    Always seek medical advice before begining any new diet.

    DISCLAIMER:  We do not pretend to have all the answers nor know all the regulations, rules and rights.  Remember states have the right to adopt all or some of the Federal Regulations so you must know your state laws as well as the Federal laws.  We offer an arena to discuss both our and your experiences and best practices.  Please keep in mind our goal is to improve the safety of our highways and byways across our great nation.  We humbly defer to the regulatory agencies both state and federal to help all of us be the safest we can be. 

    We encourage everyone to contact the appropriate regulatory agency directly, however if you are not comfortable doing that please contact the Safetymentor, the email address is safetymentor1856@gmail.com IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU KEEP THIS EMAIL ADDRESS FOR OUR FUTURE CONTESTS,  you can also contact our  office at 970-858-4445 (cell 970-216-2523).


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    General Hospital Uncensored - Interview w/ Réal Andrews (ex-Taggert)

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     Join us tonight for our special guest Réal Andrews!

    Make sure you all tune in Sunday TONIGHT @ 10PM eastern! Follow our show to stay connected!






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    Special Guest Author Chris Kennedy

    in Entertainment

    We have a great show for you tonight! We will be talking with Science Fiction/Fantasy Author Chris Kennedy. Author of at least 8 books which can be found on Amazon, We can't wait to talk with him. We also have our 'Pets For Homes' at the begining of the show thanks to our friends at Canada Pet Care, of of course our 'Happy Hour' which starts at 9pm where anything goes! Call in and say hello! 1-(347) 826-7900

    If you would like to learn more about our guest tonight head on over to his website http://www.chriskennedypublishing.com. Don't forget that we make it easy for you to purchase our authors books by visiting our Amazon Store by visiting our website http://www.brianandsherrishow.info.


    The Brian & Sherri Show is brought to you by 1-800-Flowers, Don't forget about Valentines Day this Saturday! Visit our website and click the link and save on flowers!!!

    'Pets For Homes' is brought to you by ' Canada Pet Care ' Bringing you name brand pet supplies at affordable prices without compromising quality!




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