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    TUNE IN HERE:  www.facesofsuccessradio.com


    click on the artist name or album cover on homepage to hear live interview.

    Call into speak with the host  (718) 664-6324

    @FOSRjams#Ms. Pearl FAC

    He’s rarely discussed today, but at one point, Larry Williams seemed poised to become a successor to the hot R&B throne vacated by Little Richard when he gave up rock ‘n’ roll for God, and his songs were covered by a range of better-selling acts that included the Beatles and the He grew up in Oakland, a town then thriving on military-industrial contracts, and fell into music as a teen, eventually starting a band he called the Lemon Drops.

    Stones. Unfortunately, he had a love of fast living almost as large as his musical talent — and it finally caught up with him on Jan. 7, 1980, when his body was in New Orleans in 1935, Williams headed west with his family at a young age, spending some time with relatives in Chicago before joining his parents in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1945. 

    Born 45. He grew up in Oakland, a town then thriving on military-industrial contracts, and fell into music as a teen, eventually starting a band he called the Lemon Drops.  Although the Lemon Drops didn’t last long, Williams had been bitten by the bug, and he decided to pursue a deal with Specialty Records, the New Orleans label where his second cousin, R&B belter Lloyd Price, was already signed. 



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    The Sports Hawks

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    The Sports Hawks

    Join Will Hawkins, Brian Rojas, and Tee Brooks as they discuss DC area sports at 7pm ET/4pm PT

    "Devils Advocate"

    * Should the US Supreme Court decision about the Confederate Flag license plates bolster or hurt the Redskins Trademark Case

    Washington Nationals

    * The Nationals can't shake the injury bug

    * Ian Desmond:  Is he finally coming out of his slump?

    * Max Scherzer flirts with perfection again on Friday

    Washington Wizards

    * Wizards Draft recap

    * A look at the Wizards Summer League roster

    Washington Capitals

    * Capitals Draft recap

    Other National Sports Headlines

    * 2015 NBA Draft recap

    * NBA Free Agency preview

    * 2015 NHL Draft recap

    * Phillies manager Ryan Sandberg resigns

    * Rangers DH Prince Fielder joins dad in 300 home run club


    * Timothy Bradley v Jessie Vargas

    * Oscar Valdez v Ruben Tamayo

    To listen to the show, go over to www.SportzAddix.com and click on the live radio player or to listen or be part of the show, simply dial 646-378-1303

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    Shark Dropper Episode 68 (Beetle)

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    Sean and Roy over at @MTNpod (http://www.mtnpod.com/) join the boys on this episode of the Shark Dropper Podcast. They talk sequels, The Avengers, and The Fast and Furious. They talk about the best song to walk down the aisle to, and dick washing. After the break, they attempt to guess the plot of the James L. Brooks classic How Do You Know. 

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    June 19, 2015, 10pm (PDT) - Big Foot and Other Weird Cryptids with Doug Ward

    in Paranormal

    Doug Ward is an adventurer, cryptozoologist, treasure hunter, and historian. As a youth Doug was exposed to a wide range of people and places , from the backwoods and swamps of Alabama to the Alaska wilderness. His father worked the Alaska pipeline and lived for adventure . Doug himself caught the bug. From a young age he was searching for lost gold and investigating “ Monster Legends” by 12 years old.  For most of his forty something years he has gone out of his way to walk a different road. A road that has lead him from fringe archeology, to "monster hunting", to seeking buried treasure in the middle of supposedly haunted swamps while leading a team of half crazed, like minded, piratical, near
    sociopaths in search of the unknown.

    Doug has searched for lost cities, tracked "werewolf sightings", hunted down gold hidden by a civil war secret society, lived alone deep in the woods for months. Hitchhiked the country , lead expeditions in search of everything from bipedal ape like critters to Banshees, to lost cities . At some point Doug pretty much said screw living anything that seems like an average live . Besides Werewolf hunting and cryptozoology research, Doug writes for several blogs ,teaches cryptozoology , chases legends, lectures on assorted historical oddities , makes a little moonshine and pretty much does whatever the Hell he wants to.

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    Five Reasons To Reconsider The Ruger Mini-14, 4 Tips To Grow Your Group

    in Prepping

    Also tonight I will be telling you about various sales going on.  1st 3 things to do when grid goes down,  

    6 Reasons A Survival Food Pantry Can Fail You When You Need It Most,

    Here Are 3 Bug-Out Survival Tips For The Elderly And The Immobile During A Disaster


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    How to Start Prepping in 3 Easy Steps, 10 Reasons Why You Do Not Want to Bug Out

    in Prepping

    Tonight's other topics include:  How To Prep On A Budget – Saving On Survival Gear! 

    The Top 10 Healthiest Seeds on Earth,  U.S. Air Force confirms Boeing’s electromagnetic pulse weapon 

    VA and FBI Teaming Up To Seize Veterans’ Guns in Home Raids,

    Boeing’s sci-fi-inspired force-field system can offer protection against explosions

    UN told to ban killer robots before they become a reality

    Do You Support Martial Law if ISIS Attacks?  Surviving Riots: 6 Crucial Steps For Your Safety



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    The 411 with Danny G

    in Gardening

    Tonight's episode will be about Bug Control in your homes, yards and garden. I will discuss the differences between organic and chemical pesticides. I will also go over how to make a mosquito trap at home for close to nothing. And Lastly I will discuss how to deal with pests in your yards and in the garden.

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    Tinctures, Glycerites, Bug Sprays and more!

    in Health

    On tonight's show Rosie is going to discuss what tinctures & glycerites are and how to make and use them.  She will also discuss how to make a "Four Thieves Vinegar" and a bug spray for the summer months.   She is going to speak about the value of growing the plant "Self Heal" in your garden and its uses

    The last 30 minutes Rosie will discuss two herbs that are beneficial in controlling painful menstration, Black Haw and Cramp Bark.

    The show is sponsored by Blended Herbal Treasures at www.bhtshop.com

    *The opinions expressed by the guests are for entertainment purposes only and those guests providing comments are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Psychic Viewpoint Show or its host.*

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    NyAirWaves Radio Show!!! Featuring Young Rapper Alec B & Actor Tyrese Jones 5-7 PST

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    Tune in and get into The Now ... From the People's Perspective! Get The HOTTEST Gossip, Music, Fashion Advice, Interviews & MORE!!

    *** Tonight's Guest***

    Alec B began his journey with music in 2011, writing poetry, andeventually raps, as a hobby. In a search for authenticity he began toproduce his own beats, and evolved into a full on producer/rapper,focusing on excelling in both crafts. In his 3 year span as an artist,he has drawn from musical as well as philosophical influences tocreate a sound unique to him. He has expanded his production and artistry to help shape the sound of other artists, including long timefriend, and fellow rapper, GOOD PEOPLES, singer/songwriter IsaiahJaay, fellow rapper/producer Tru Sound and many more upcoming artists under the same movement. He exhibits his need to break out of the confines of hip hop with his live Hip Hop/R&B/Funk fusion band Ziyan and also under his alias Buddha. As a solo artist he is prepping for his first project titled Vibrations to be released in 2015. Overall he is looking to build an empire in the most proper sense.

    TYRESE J. Is an uprising actor from Chattanooga,TN. TYRESE has been interested in acting since he was 6 years old,his biggest inspiration was and still is Disney channel! You can spot TYRESE J. In 'Homicide Hunter' as the character 'Bug' on the ID channel. Alongside TYRESE's start in television he was also cast in  the following plays in chattanooga,and they are as follows; 'Mother Hicks' as the character 'Tuc', 'The First Lady' as the character 'Jamelle Davis',and TYRESE is currently shooting an indie films entitled 'Perspective' as the character 'Luke Scott', while working on numerous projects to achieve his goal of becoming a movie star, such as the EPB photo shoot that TYRESE J.

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    The Neo Soul Show Presents Your In Rotation Playlist

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    It seems that everyone has got the create a playlist bug! After last week's impressive playlist from one of our listeners, MJ decided that it was time for her to show everyone what she has "In Rotation." She will get no arguments from us as she is Soul_Produced (get it!). So, tonight on the show, MJ will be live on the air bringing us her "In Rotation" playlist. As always, the Q-man and T. Mitch will be guiding this musical journey into the land of soulgasm!

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    From the Helicarrier #91 New Spidey SpecOps!

    in Video Games

    Breaking news of the next spec ops story is hitting right now, and a new hawkeye has arrived. Get our read on everything and a live Basic Training with Ellie Collins. All this and more!

    Help us build a better community and influence the growth of the game. Join Patreon today!


    Spec Ops ends (finally!)

    Thor’s Age of Ultrons Alts & E-Iso

    Kate Bishop

    Patch Notes - Various bug fixes

    Incoming Spider-Man Spec Ops


    Current Sales

    Cosmic Cardinal - 64g

    PVP Items - 2g (12027/12027, 8018/16036, 16036/8018)

    Thor - AoU Alts - BL 60 CP, BR 48 CP

    Thor’s Tuteledge E-Iso - 30g

    Kate Bishop - 90 CP

    Nocking E-Iso - 20g

    Timeless Lockboxes - Kang

    Basic Training with Ellie Collins



    Friends adding slowly

    Game impressions

    Find indepth show notes on TheHelicarrier.com

    Email FromTheHelicarrier@gmail.com

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