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    Jobs Report - Malia Beer Pong? - Obamacare FAIL!

    in Politics

    Hr1  Jobs report... more layoffs... suuuure, the economy is looking GREAT, right?!?!

    Useless facts... sometimes you just need a break from the political craziness.

    Ann Coulter slams Raven-Symone on The View. OUCH!

    17-year-old, Malia Obama, caught drinking on college campus... beer pong and shots. Oh boy!

    University of Florida to keep biblical inscription despite atheist protest. Uh oh! Queue the FFRF!

    Hr2  Firefighter found Bible page fused to piece of 9-11 steel. The scripture is even more amazing!

    Xander Gibb brings a little Xandermonium to Friday night... talking Ben Carson, politics, political correctness, and Israel. Why is Mayor de Blasio of NYC going to Israel? Is he going to tell them to stand down to Palestinians too?

    Forget history! Apparently, NYC Mayor De Blasio trashed pictures of Founding Fathers and replaced them with more ‘diverse’ figures.

    Two of the largest Obamacare co-ops folded leaving 400k people uninsured.

    Lesbian anti-rape activist admits to raping her classmates. Why not outcry? If you speak out in LGBT community, you get ostracized. Xander says he'd rather speak out than be lumped in with someone like this!

    Hr3  Some school administrators are too worried about the ACLU or FFRF dropping them a note. So what? Some things are worth fighting for. Call their bluff. Most of the time they don't have a leg to stand on.

    School violates own policy, sends student home on bus in just a shirt & underwear AND in tears!

    Teaching teenagers to ask for explicit sexual consent every 10 minutes during sex. Apparently those Democrat loons in Sacramento have never had a sexual encounter... or maybe they just never lasted longer than 10 mins? And is this REALLY the most pressing issue we have to deal with in CA?

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    Dan Kurzrock ReGrained Eat Beer

    in Entrepreneur

    We turn from the attacks on Farmers to some shows on Food issues of Food Waste

    Dan Kurzrock with Regrain will be on to talk abould this cool company and how they take left over product from brewing Beer and make eatables from this, saveing room in Landfills as they make yummy food!

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    Bumming it with the Beer Up Blog

    in Entertainment

    The craft beer bug has returned! I am happy to welcome Dan from the Beer Up blog to this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! What exactly does it mean to beer up? 

    Beer Up

    /bir up/


         1.  To increase one's stock or supply of beer.  Similar to gearing up.  "It looks like we are in for snow this weekend, make  sure you beer up when you go to the store."

         2.  Gain knowledge of beer or upgrade one's beer selection.  Akin to leveling up in a video game.  "It looks like Jim has decided  to ditch the racecar beer and beer up to something better".

    We have discussed the world of craft beer before on the show, but I felt this would be the perfect time to bring it back for round two! We will be discussing the craft beer culture, some top beer picks, AND MORE!

    I would once again like to congratulate Jason Adams from IWS Radio for winning the BWB NFL Pick 'Em league! Cheers to the Jayman!

    All that and MORE on this weeks episode! Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join the party. Cheers!

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    Chicken wings and Beer

    in Comedy

    Call us and let's hear whats on your mind 718-766-4985


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    Baseball Beer & BBQ: NFL Playoffs Edition

    in Entertainment

    On this edition of Baseball Beer & BBQ: NFL Playoffs Edition, hosts Todd Vandenberg, Ted Hicks and Lee Vowell look ahead to the conference championship matchups with guest Russell Baxter of NFL Spin Zone. Who should win, who should lose and who has the best beer? You will have to listen to find out.

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    Baseball Beer & BBQ: NFL Playoffs Edition

    in Entertainment

    On this special NFL Playoff edition of Baseball Beer & BBQ, Ted Hicks, Lee Vowell and Todd Vandenberg talk the NFL Divisional Round playoff matchups with guest Antwan Staley of Athlon Sports.

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    Beer Hall Cheer and a European Atmosphere at Waldo's Award Winning Bier Station

    in Entrepreneur

    Whether you're a brew geek or a total craft beer newbie, all are welcome at Bier Station in Kansas City’s Waldo area. On this episode of Smart Companies KC, meet one of the founders of Bier Station, John Couture who maintains, “We're here to share our love of beer, not judge. That's why we call ourselves "Beer Enthusiasts," not "Beer Snobs”. He joins host Kelly Scanlon to talk Bier and beer.

     Learn the law-changing history behind Kansas City’s first tasting bar bottle shop, in fact, the first such establishment in the Midwest and the many reasons behind  Bier Station’s selection as one of the  25 Under 25 winners® for 2016.

    To hear more shows, please visit our archives.

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    The Metaphysics of Ping Pong: Table Tennis as a Journey of Self-Discovery

    in Spirituality

    The Metaphysics of Ping Pong: Table Tennis as a Journey of Self-Discovery, by Guido Mina di Sospiro

    From celebrity clubs, like SPiN in NYC, owned by Susan Sarandon--which is mentioned in the book--to pro athlete competitions, table tennis--already the second largest participatory sport in the world--is currently undergoing a huge renaissance in the U.S.

    "There are two breeds of ping-pong players: empiricists and metaphysicians," says Guido Mina di Sospiro. "By adopting anti-spin paddles, empiricists declare explicitly who they are and what they stand for.

    “Metaphysicians, on the other hand, are fascinated by the mysteries of spin, which propels them, willy-nilly, into the realm of four-dimensional, nonlinear geometry. They strive to bend the laws of physics by giving the ball the exact arc it needs to touch the deep end of the table rather than go long."

    The author clearly plays in the latter court. He explores the worldwide passion for table tennis by bringing in Plato and Aristotle, the Perennial Philosophy, and the psychology of C. G. Jung. Topics range from the importance of finding one's guru in the game, to the shadow side of competition, to ping-pong as a form of initiation vis-a-vis Chaos Theory.

    Guido Mina di Sospiro has been fascinated by table tennis since childhood and regularly plays competitively. He has written four books that have been published around the world and maintains a blog on the web-magazine Reality Sandwich and on the alternative views website Disinformation, both based in New York City.

    For more information visit: http://www.guido-mina-di-sospiro.com/

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    The Fastest Growing Franchise In The Craft Beer Industry - The Casual Pint

    in Entrepreneur

    We are meeting with The Casual Pint – a Tennessee-based craft beer market which started franchising its “coffee shop of beers” concept in January 2014.  The story of The Casual Pint begins with Jon Robinette in 1976. That was the year Jon took up the grocery business, landing a job with Harris Teeter Neighborhood Food & Pharmacy in Mountain City, Tennessee.  The first store located at Interstate 40 and Papermill Drive opened in 2011. In 2013, The Casual Pint began franchising with the first six franchise locations opening in 2014. Dedicated to sharing the craft beer experience in neighborhoods one pint, one growler and one person at a time, The Casual Pint offers a wide selection of brews from around the globe. Now the fastest-growing franchise in the craft beer industry, the Casual Pint’s business model is available for entrepreneurs nationwide.  We are meeting with Nathan Robinette.  In part 2, we are meeting with franchise expert Karol Mercurio and her advice to aspiring franchisees.  

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    Chicken wings and beer

    in Comedy

    The crazy train departs at 4PM sharp, come on and ride with us!!!

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    Beer & Money with JCD

    in Wrestling

    On a special early edition of Beer & Money, JCD will cover the Royal Rumble, AJ Styles' WWE debut, the huge Nakamura news, who's coming up from NXT next, some major ROH signings, and much much more. Feel free to call in at 1-760-888-5749 starting at 12:30pm.