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    Yalla Beena with Dalia Saleh and Fairouz Abou Basha

    in Self Help

    Yalla Beena means let's go or let's get started. This is LCRN's first show in Arabic. It targets Arabic speaking people. 

    Dalia Saleh is a Personal Development Coach. She is an effective communicator with a proven record of success. She is the kind of a person who is able to transform organization's strategies to concrete action plans in innovative and collaborative ways. 

    Fairouz Abou Basha is a Transition Coach who is currently focused on working with divorced/separated men and women to help them move forward with confidence and purpose. 

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    Contractually Obligated with Babette Bombshell (Zombiehead Studio)

    in Entertainment

    Babette Bombshell will be broacasting from Zombiehead studio and engaging in the southern tradition of beautyshop gossip'n and trash talk'n, with special guests Krystal Osborne and Deena Beena.

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    When Satan Bring's All he's Got on you, POW, Then what?

    in Lifestyle

    Recently in my walk with Christ I have experienced some real spiritual warfare that has been hard to handle because it's painful and downright harsh. You see, I have been going to church mid week, Sunday as well, serving in a recovery meeting staying plugged in and always being available doing this radio show and one would think or at least maybe that things would be smooth right? that everything would work together for the god right? Well that is where the rub is. I work a worldly job that i really enjoy but I know that the Lord has called me to be an evangelist, to share his heart with the nations and people everywhere and i have beena cubicle corporate monkey for 9 months working my behind off rising to #2 in sales in my division in those 9 months to find myself facing a HUGE situation a trial. I have known for quite some time that my heart was being tugged on to take what the Lord has given me and use it for His glory but I also had to pay the bills and I found an awesome job and a cool company and all that but fire and brimstone from Satan is raining down on me like a full force attack and so I am responding by trsuting the Lord and I know you all can relate to me in some instance in your life where you might be doing most everything right or even not but the enemy has just made it a point to menace you with vigilance and determination and the Lord is in the middle right with me and I have an opportunity to respond by faith or freak out and today I am going to share some powerful scriptures with you that will help you to hang on and stand firm and hope in the Lord and see Him deliver you and see His faithfulness come through and and I also want to share some things that have really heped me develop an ear to hear and an eye to see as the Lord so often states in the word, join me for an early 30 minute power sesh, love you in the name of Jesus!

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    United Voices of Hope with Pastor B. W. Burnett

    in Spirituality

    United Voices of Hope on BOCI Talk Radio hosted by Pastor B. W. Burnett with Co-Host, Pastor's Wife; Clarice Burnett.   Tweet @bwburnettjr @pastorswifecb #voicesofhope #renewinghope #togetherstrong

    Pastor B.W. and Clarice are community leaders who pastor Renewed Hope in Christ Ministries in Memphis Tennessee.  Like their FB page: Renewed Hope in Christ Ministries

    United Voices of Hope allows us to bring everyone together to collaborate, rally and to positively impact our communities; Coming together for a common purpose.  

    Topic:  Building a Community That Benefits Everyone

    Guest:  Bertron Cowan leads the Mississippi Delta Business Alliance and has a remarkable project in Itta Beena Mississippi to not only put residents to work but also provide a much needed grocery store for the community.

    Pastor Burnett invites non-profits, churches and others with a "cause" to take advantage of partnering with major corporations who will infuse funding for these projects everytime someone pays a bill. How? He will explain.

    We invite Pastors, Non-Profit Organizations and Community Leaders to join the conversation by calling our show at 818-668-5411.


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    Our 800th show! Really - Really - Yes Really!

    in Sports

    Our 800th show!

    Yes - you heard it right - 800! On Febuary 2/18/2009 I kicked off the show wanting to talk sports. What has happened sense then? Sports Talk with the Guys finds The Couch Potato Sports Show - Cuervo is found at a Las Vegas remote -  Sonny Starts calling sporting events - Sonny has some great interviews.

    It has beena  long fun journey! 800 show Holy Sheet!

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    InTouch with Ayurveda in Michigan

    in Health

    Ayurveda is the science of self-healing aimed at relieving the diseases of the body and the mind and Michigan has a center where people can go to avail themselves of health!  Dr. Beena Vesikar joins the program today to invite us to her BeAyurvedic Wellness Center where your Ayurvedic consultation will provide you with a personalized health plan that includes nutrition, lifestyle changes and therapies.  During the program today Dr. Beena will give us all the reasons why this will benefit us and explain what we may not fully understand about this ancient way of life!  www.beayurvedic.com

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    Innovation Trendspotting for 2014 - The Innovation Excellence Team

    in Business

    It's December. 2013 is almost behind us, and we have survived another year of uncertainty.  The Innovation Excellent team is clicking on all cylinders and looking forward into 2014.  You are invited to join us as we discuss what we learned from 2013, and the emerging trends for 2014. Please call into 424-675-6836 to put our team members in the innovation hotseat!    

    About Innovation Excellence: Innovation Excellence is the online home of the global innovation community, building upon a rapidly-growing network with thousands of members from over 175 countries – thought leaders, executives, practitioners, consultants, vendors, and academia representing all sectors and industries.   Our mission is to broadly enhance innovation by providing a forum for connection and conversation across this community – assembling an ever-growing arsenal of resources, best practices and proven answers for achieving innovation excellence.

    @beena - Fotolia.com


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    In Touch with Dr. Beena Vesikar

    in Health

     What you need to know about Aurveydic Medicine is the topic of this segment of In Touch Interviews with Annette Aben.  Dr. Beena Vesikar joins us to enlighten and edcuate us as well as answer your questions at 646-378-0378.  This compassionate and dedicated Dr. is who are putting YOU in touch with today!

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    InTouch with Ayurvedic Nutrition

    in Health

    Dr. Beena Vesikar, Director of the Beayurvedic Wellness Center in Farmington, MI joins InTouch Interviews today to share valuable insights for optimal nutrition with an ayurvedic spin of course. We have been graced with visits from Dr. Beena several times and each time we get more and more information about how we can be the healthiest we can be utilizing ancient wisdom in our modern world! www.beayurvedic.com

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    SST-Pakistan India Relations and a Global Peace Vigil

    in Politics

    Join Us Live! on February 1 on a live webcast for a discussion on the Pakistan India Global Peace Vigil coverage. Organizers of the vigil will be discussing the details and impact of the peace rally held in a number of cities across the world.
    We will be taking live calls, chat questions and tweets (#sstpeacevigilcoverage) to discuss how the story is being covered in Pakistan, the situation on the ground in Delhi among other issues. The episode is part of a series of webcasts called Sneakers Smell True. A radio project to bring the journalist community in South Asia closer and help in better understanding issues and stories as reported by colleagues. 

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    Panchakarma and Ayurvedic Therapies

    in Health

     Panchakarma are 5 Ayurvedic detoxification therapies to remove excess Dosha from the body.  Tonight, Dr. Beena Vesikar M.D. (Ayurvedic Medicine) will inform and guide us through understanding the science behind these procedures and how we can get the most benefit all year round.  We invite you to visit Dr. Beena’s website: www.beayurvedic.com as well as join us for this fascinating program here on InTouch Interviews.

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