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    PNN - Earth Mother Day

    in Politics Progressive

    Join PNN's News Director as he is joined by a variety of her children who labor mightily to defend our mother earth and her children

    Ms Brook Hines with her political commentary.

     Meredith Ockman of N.O.W. will provide some perspective on the sexual politics played out in Legislatures and bedrooms scross the land.

    Betty Oseola on the First Nations concerns about the River of Grass

    And special guest Stephen Caruso from Ohio Progressives.

    TUNE IN Sunday 7pm (Eastern) 



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    Haunted Sedamsville Rectory: History/Past Evidence/Meaning

    in Paranormal

    Friday, May 8th

    10pm ET . 9pm CT / 7pm PT

    If you live in southern Ohio and are looking for the scariest place around to stay the night, contact the Sedamsville Rectory. Built not far from the Ohio River in 1889, it was the former Priest house for Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church, which is right next door. It was abandoned in the 1980's, almost a hundred years later. Although it was inhabited by religious clergy for most of its existence, there is something unholy residing within its walls now.

    The present owners rent it out for paranormal investigations because there is so much activity no one else would stay there for any length of time. Three priests died in the house, and their bodies were all laid out in the parlor before burial. It does not seem likely that the spiritual residents of the home are priests, however.

    Dog fighting can be heard from the basement. Sounds of scratching and of fighting on the back stairway have been reported by paranormal investigators who have spent the night there. Doors have been seen opening and closing without explanation. A creature called a “puckwudgie” (an evil spirit that reportedly has a mouthful of sharp teeth) has been seen in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

    Many EVPs (Electric Voice Phenomena) have been recorded at the Rectory during investigations, including a child’s voice saying, “Help me.” Faint chanting in what sounds like Latin has also been recorded. The sounds of children shouting and playing have been picked up behind other conversations, as well.

    Join Anthony and Luci as they review it's history and share their previous investigation as they get ready to investigate this infamous place one more time next week. It will be a night to remember!

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    Ask FlyLady:What Does Your Bedroom Look Like?

    in Family

    This week we are discussing our messy bedrooms. It is usually the last room in your home to get clean. Our habit of the Month is Making Your Bed! Our Bedrooms is where our bodies heal each night. Have you been using your bedroom as a dumping ground?

    Do you lock the door when you have company?

    Do you have to climb into bed from the foot of your bed?

    We want to help you get your bedroom shining. Every room has its own shiny sink. Your made bed is that shiny sink. Start that habit today! You will find that  this one habit will make you smile every day!


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    in Politics

    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Mcgreevy Catholics---the moral eunuchs who are attacking San Francisco Roman Catholic Archbishop Cordeleone for his enforcement of Roman Catholic Principles and Practices

    Unpublcized-Ignored--Roman Catholic Dioseses across the US have similar civilian regulations for their employees

    San Francisco's Moral Eunuchs--Sordid background of pedophilia, senior and disabled abuses in their Parishes-

    1968 Pierre Trudeau became Canada's Prime Minister---"Government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation!"

    George Clinton First Vice President to die in office

    Adolph Hitler's Birthday

    Russian Army entered Berlin fighting in the Streets

    Al Sharpton aka Twana Brawley fraud---Sharpton promoting a National Police Chief

    National Police Chiefs in History--Herman Goering  Nazi Germany--Himmler Inspector of National Police--Prussian Police--Idi Amin DA DA--Robert Mugabe--Africans

    Harriet Tubman started the Underground Railroad route to Canada for fleeing slaves

    "if you're coming to california don't wear flowers in your hair!"   What you need to kinow to protect yourself from ROBBERY, RAPE & RAILROADING!

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    Joel Osteen Financial Scandal?

    in News

    A prominent New York attorney is alleging that Joel Osteen is using his non-profit ministry to promote his for profit books. The upshot of the allegation is that book royalties are paid to Osteen personally, while his 'ministry' foots the bill for his TV broadcasts. According to media reports, Osteen stopped taking his $200,000 salary as pastor of his Houston mega church in 2005. Although this may appear magnanimous on the surface, Osteen is clearly the beneficiary of millions in free advertising through the TV broadcast funded with church dollars. Who knew (according to media reports) that Osteen's reported net worth is now $40 million dollars? Or that he lives in a $10.5 million dollar estate? (six bedrooms, six bathrooms, three elevators, five fireplaces, a guest house and pool house).

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    Meet Regina Holliday: Curator The Walking Gallery

    in Health

    On the November 26th, 2014 at 1PM Eastern/10AM Pacific we chat with Regina Holliday the curator of The Walking Gallery and the emerging Center for Arts and Healing.

    More about the Center:

    The center will have a gallery space available for rental, classroom space for art, music, fitness and dance. The building will initially have two bedrooms and one small studio/apt for artists in residence, recovering cancer patients or visiting patient advocates. The building will also have a gathering space that will assist community socializing and learning through play. In addition, our goal is to host corporate retreats, conference events and health camps with many of the major voices involved in the participatory medicine. The Center will host The Walking Gallery of Healthcare’s annual gathering.

    For more information on Regina click here and for more information on the The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing see: 'The Walking Gallery Center for Arts and Healing A project by Regina Holliday' on Medstartr. 

    More on Regina's efforts via HealthInnovationMedia.com/

    Join us for an fascinating chat with an amazing women tirelessly committed to making a difference in the lives of us impacted by disease, illness or trauma.


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    Congratulations GOP for the win!!!

    in Politics Conservative

    I agree with Sara Palin that the GOP should be thanking the Democrats for their backward ass policies not the GOP for any great ideas.  The GOP really didn't win but the Democrats lost.  There is an important lesson for them to learn.  Let's stay to topics that really matter...the economy, taxes, immigration reform, Obamacare repeal; not gay marriage, abortion, or anything of the other social issues that keeps us on the losing side.  For a party that wants limited government, we sure want the government in peoples bedrooms.  We will have Joe and Randy at the 3 o'clock hour battling it out over whooping bad kids and I will be finishing up the mimimum wage argument from the previous show that we ended up cutting short due to technical issues

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    The G-Spot w/ Meka Rae-Bedroom Pet Peeves

    in Relationships

    Hi Bedroom Playmates!

    Many of us enjoy a good romp in the hay...right? However, some of us have our "little rules" on what's needed to make that romp something spectacular! Some of us like to light candles, take a sexy bubble bath, put on our smell goods, and our sexiest undies. We like to put on our music..maybe have an alcoholic bevarage or two. BUT what do we do when the person we are romping with blows our sexual high and turns us COMPLETELY OFF!

    This show is one of our lighter sexy shows...we want to talk aboutyour Bedroom Pet Peeves. 

    Stinky feet? Crusty or cold feet? Hygiene issues? Talking in bed? Horrible love making sounds? Etc! 

    What are you Bedroom Pet Peeves? we want to hear from you. Joy B. and I will discuss ours and of course we will play some soothing, sexy music...for your sensual soul!

    Make sure you call in and press 1 to share your Bedroom Pet Peeve! 

    We have a twist..after you share your Pet Peeve...we are asking you to share one turn on as well!


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    Kelly Shibari on Curvy Girl Radio : Plus Size Pleasure

    in Entertainment

    Excited to welcome Kelly Shibari to Curvy Girl Radio. Kelly will be in town this Sunday for a Plus Size Pleasure seminar hosted and sponsored by Curvy Girl Lingerie on Sept. 28th. I am excited to interview Kelly and learn more about Plus Size Pleasure and maybe even get some sexy ideas from Kelly, a well known Foodie, about any sexy ideas for incorporating some chocolate body paint into our bedrooms!  The DVD we are screening this weekend at our Plus Size Pleasure seminar is here on this link from Wicked: http://GuideToWickedSex.com

    As a BBW model/performer, Kelly is passionate about introducing body positive messages into the media spotlight and promotes her ongoing mantra of “Confidence Is Sexy” through a variety of mediums. A proponent of “intelligent hedonism,” Kelly speaks regularly on how to intelligently navigate female sexuality, negative media messages about size, and bullying, all while developing self-confidence and inner strength.

    Awarded 2013 and 2014 BBW Performer of the Year by EXXXOTICA and 2013 BBW Performer of the Year at the 21st Annual NightMoves Awards, Kelly Shibari is a prolific producer, director, writer, and performer. The plus size performer not only entertains fans in front of the camera, but she produced the 2011 Feminist Award-winning PaddedKINK (2010-2012), which celebrates kinksters of size. 

    Most recently, Kelly made history and gained international media attention as the first-ever plus size model ever to grace the cover of Penthouse Magazine’s Penthouse Forum, for its June 2014 issue.

    I can't wait to hear about the new projects Kelly is working on and give her an AUDIO high 5 about her Penthouse cover! You go, Curvy Girl, Kelly Shibari.


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    Managing Meltdowns For Every Type of Child

    in Parents

    Are you new to Child Whispering and have questions about what to do when your child has a meltdown?  Or maybe you are a veteran Child Whisperer and you still just can't get a handle on the meltdowns. Today Carol will offer tips for managing meltdowns.

    Resources mentioned in today's show:

    Stress-relieving spinal flush blog post
    Struggling with being a Stay-at-Home mom blog post
    Remembering Wholeness book

    Podcast highlights:

    11:20 A Type 3 mom asks how to balance her need to get things done with her child's need for her attention

    17:03 A mom asks how to help a Type 3 five year old who has grown angry and aggressive since the start of school

    22:13 A Type 2 mom asks how to help her Type 1 seventh grader deal with friend issues

    26:26 A Type 3 mom asks how to best arrange her three sons in bedrooms.  Two boys are Type 1 and one is a Type 4.

    35:02 A mom asks how to help her Type 4/3 toddler with outbursts.

    Want to ask a question before the show? Send Carol an email: parenting@liveyourtruth.com

    Purchase your copy of the "The Child Whisperer" at www.thechildwhisperer.com, where you will also find more resources on The Child Whisperer blog.

    (Music provided by Nelson at the Helm, all rights reserved.)

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    Milling About at The Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn

    in Entertainment

    Milling About visits The Veranda Historic Bed & Breakfast Inn in Senoia, Georgia where tourists and vacationers alike flock to the home of The Walking Dead, now shooting season five. In fact the inn is situated right around the corner from where Woodbury once stood, so owner and innkeepers Rick and Laura Reynolds welcome people from all over the world with their warm southern hospitality, who for no other reason are coming to see the fictitous town. The inn which dates back to 1906 when it was originally The Holbrook Hotel has retained it's original features; Georgian pine floors, ornate ceilings with elegant chandliers, and 11 fireplaces throughout the nine guest bedrooms. There is a wonderful wrap around porch where you can sit back on a rocking chair or a porch swing and take in the sights.

    Laura tells Robin some of those sights have included a Norman Reedus (Daryl) sighting flying past the inn, or guests treated to a showdown at 2 AM of walkers vs. Rick and company on the street right in front of the inn. And several cast members have stayed at The Veranda including Laurie Holden (Andrea) and Chandler Riggs (Carl); room three is unofficially named 'The Andrea.' Laura says, 'we've had a great influx of people. And they're so excited when there's a room! It's exciting to see people so happy about a place and they're never disappointed in Senoia. Not only are they seeing Woodbury but they're seeing Senoia and it's a special place.' Make your reservations now at http://verandabandbinn.com/