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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club DanaPSpeaksNetwork Talk Live Radio Show is the longest running show of the DanaPSpeaksNetwork. Becky is the Host with the mostest; and is doing what she loves to do nightly right here on talk live radio show.

    Creation vs Evolution is still the hot topic for the Becky Book Club and I have gone through several of the twelve books of the Historical Section of the oldest book in the world. You are cordially invited to the Becky Book Club by calling (347)205-9535, come and catch the BLAZE

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club DanaP Speaks Network Talk Live Radio Show is Host Becky G., 2 little piece of heaven right here on earth. Thanks to God, DanaP., and all of the listener supporter for all you do to support and follow my desire to aspire to greatness.

    2 Samuel 13: 1-22

    Tamar Daughter of King David Her Name Means "Date Tree" or "Palm Tree"

    Tamar shared her father's, David's good looks. Young and innocent, she was naive to the danger that threatened from her own family. (Her Character)....That her half brother saw her only as an object for his lust, destroying her future as a result, and that her father, the king, did nothing to protect her. (Her Sorrow).....David's daughter Tamar was a knockout. No doubt she was destined for marriage tht would strengthen the king's political alliances. Though not under lock an key, she probably live a rather protecte life. But all the precautions in the world couldn't save her from the danger that threatened from David's inner circle.

    Amnon was David's heir. As the king's eldest son, he was used to getting his way. But lately he'd grown despondent. Something was bothering him, chasing away his slep, gnawing at his heart. One day, Jonadab, Amnon's cousin, asked him: "Why do you, the king's son look so haggard morning after morning? Won't you tell me?" Amnon confided in his friend, saying, "I'm in love with Tamar, my brother Absalom's sister. (Plan devised) "Go to bed and pretend to be ill," Jonadab shrewdly advised. "When your father comes to see you, say to him, "I would like my sister Tamar to come and give me something to eat. Let her prepare the food in my sight, so I may eat from her hand."

    Come and catch th BLAZE, dial (347)205-9535 at 11:00 pm/am EST...Be there!


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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club - DanaPSpeaksNetwork - Talk Live Radio Show is Hosted by Becky G.,2 one and only longest running show of the DanaPSpeaksNetwork. I am so proud to be the first and longest running brain child of visionary, DanaP of DanaPSpeaksNetwork. Thanks be to GOD, DanaP., and all of my listening supporters I have enjoyed the journey. I am so looking forward to all of the great things coming forth for this era of The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club - DanaPSpeaksNetwork - Talk Live Radio Show.

    Abigail - Her Name Means "My Father Is Joy"

    Generous, quick-witted, and wise, she is one of the Bible's great peacemakers her characters. To have been mismatched in marriage to her first husband her sorrow. That God used her to save lives, eventually making her the wife of David her joy.

    1 Samuel 25: 2-42

    Blockhead, numskull, nincompoop--the words strike us as both harsh and humorous. But any woman married to a man worthy of such labels would have little to laugh about. Abigail must have felt suffocated, having been paired with just such a husband. Her father may have thought the wealthy Nabal was a catch, little realizing the man's domineering attitude might one day endanger his daughter's future. But fools and ruin often keep close company, as Abigail discovered.

    Featured A Series Creation vs. Evolution

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club DanaPSpeaksNetwork Talk Live Radio Show is now airing nightly, Monday through Friday at 11:00 am/pm EST great show topics and awesome authors from around the world are showcase by one of the world's greatest radio Host, Becky G. You can listen live by calling into the studio at (347)205-9535 here you can listen to the show live, chat with the host during the show and blog your comments to Becky after the show.

    For I know the thoughts that I think toward you saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart; And I will be found of you, saith the LORD; and will turn away your captivity and I will gather you from all the nations, and from all the places whither I have driven you, saith the LORD, and I will bring you again into the place whence I caused you to be carried away captive.....

    Come and enjoy the show, catch the BLAZE


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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club DanaPSpeaksNetwork Talk Live Radio Show is aired five night/day a week Monday through Friday and you can catch the BLAZE by dialing into the studio at 347-205-9535 EST.

    Psalms 119:93 Reads - I will never forget thy precepts: for with them thou hast quickened me.


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    Bringing Heaven To Earth - Becky Fischer - Equipping Children For Ministry

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    Becky Fischer is the founder and director of Kids in Ministry International (KIMI). KIMI is a multifaceted ministry that trains children to walk in the supernatural power of God. It also equips adults to work with children in the same way. Becky served as a children’s pastor for ten years prior to starting KIMI. She received Jesus as her Savior and the infilling of the Holy Spirit at an early age. Becky knows first-hand that children can be touched and used by God. She recognized early in her ministry career that children are hungry for a supernatural encounter with the Holy Spirit.


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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

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    Going Around Jericho- The Series shared on The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club - DanaPSpeaksNetwork- Talk Live Radio Show, is a passonate topic of discussion for the Host, BeckyG2. The scripture reference for this topic of discussion is: Joshua 6:1-22 and the Key Verse is Joshua 6:3

    When I have a problem in my life; it can look as big as Jericho. The wall may look formidable; defying the prayers and petitions of many. In my waking moments I find myself going around and around my dilemma. It's easy to be so dominated by the challenge you face that yo just keep going--around and around--obsessed with it. God told Joshua to go around Jericho once every day (6:3). Then he was to return to camp and attend to other things. This helped me. I learned to discipline myself to go around my particular Jericho only once! True, there was an appropriate time for Joshua and his men to circumnavigate the city seven times (6:4-15). and there is an appropriate time for me to spend special effort in focused prayer about my difficulty. But I learned to wait for God to direct me into such a time. Joshua had company going around Jericho--the whole army! It's good to march with others. There's strength in the fellowship of believers who have the same focus and goals and who lend comfort and encouragement to each other. The priests carried the Ark of the Lord containing the two tablets of stone with the Ten Commandments inscribed b the finger of God (6:6). The Ark of the Lord represented the presence of Yahweh with his people and his word that must be obeyed. Each day as I went around my own Jericho: sometimes in the morning, sometimes in the evening, I took the Ark with me reminding myself of God's presence and his word--a presence and word that had the power to pull down strongholds. The walls will crumble one day, and it will all be over. God will get the glory, and the hard marched in the heat of the day will be forgotten in the sweet taste of victory

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show/Angel A

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club - DanaPSpeaksNetwork - Talk Live Radio Show is Hosted by Becky J. Green. The Host with the most is an avid reader who has found her little piece of heaven right her on earth. You can catch the BLAZE and be a part of the Becky Book Club audience by dialing into the show at 347-205-9535 am/pm EST.

    Psalm 91: 14-16 -Because he hath set his love upon me; Therefore will I deliver him; I will set him on high, because he hath known my name. He shall call upon me and I will anwer him; I will be with him in trouble;I will deliver him and honour him with long life will I satisfy him and shew him my salvation.

    Ephesian 6: 11 - Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    Featured: ANGEL AUSTON DAY/Dedicated April 1, 2015 - too our lil angel Happy Angel Day Auston

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club - DanaPSpeaksNetwork - Talk Live Radio Show is a piece of heaven on earth. Thanks to the followers and listeners of Becky Book Club, to DanaP., and first and foremost to GOD for each and every way support is given to me. I am pleased to usher listener supporters into the next phase of this BLAZE one fantastic episode per show. The creative force behind the book club continues to enjoy her little piece of heaven on earth. One of the greatest voices for radio can be your mouth piece to highlight your business and the services you wish to offer to the universe.

    Becky Bookamiliar Book Club - DPSN - Talk Live Radio Show  is Hosted by Becky G., who is clearly still very much at home on the microphone as she introduces the world to great authors and share great book topics from her vast selection of books by authors around the world....

    Feature Topic of Show:


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    The Becky Bookamiliar Book Club -DanaPSpeaksNetwork-Talk Live Radio Show

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    THE BECKY BOOKAMILIAR BOOK CLUB DANA P SPEAKS NETWORK TALK LIVE RADIO SHOW IS one of the longest running shows on the greatest network created by visionary Dana P.  Come and catch the BLAZE one great show per episode by some awesome Host the one and only Becky G. The number to call into the studio at the preset time of the show is (347)205-9535 Be there.

    Featured show topic:

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    Learn How to Be The BOM with The BOSSpreneur, Becky A. Davis

    in Entrepreneur

    She is the President of MVPwork LLC, Chief BOSSpreneur and a Greatness Facilitator. Mrs. Becky A. Davis is a speaker, coach, and trainer for corporate and entrepreneurial success. She inspires her clients to pursue their own passion, purpose, and potential to reach their goals. She’s been featured in numerous publications and recognized for her contribution to women’s success. She's the author of  several books, including “It’s OK to Be Great” and “Boss Moves”.

    With over 20 years of coaching experience and expertise, she not only leads business leaders worldwide but Mrs. Becky A. Davis is also an advocate for women- as she’s Founder of  Leading in High Heels, a non-profit organization providing gently worn shoes to women of domestic violence and abuse!  

    You can find out more about Mrs. Davis and her services at www.BeckyADavis.com

    P.S. - Boss Of Me Radio is now a podcast on itunes! Subscribe today https://itunes.apple.com/pk/podcast/boss-of-me-radio/id991908609?mt=2

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