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    Joy Just Because . . . !

    in Motivation

    Sometimes it's joy in the midst of it all or joy despite it all, but Advent/Christimas gives us a reason for Joy Just Because!  There are many things in life that give us joy just because: sunshine to brighten our day, fresh flowers to beautify our rooms, pets to make us smile, family and friends to share our lives. All of these are wonderful blessings indeed. Yet, God, who makes all these blessings possible, has given the world the best blessing of all . . . Jesus Christ! The birth of the babe in the manger ushers in a whole new way of life and that is a reason for Joy Just Because! Join Dr. Alfie and let's share some joy! .   

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    Day Drinking: Continuing from last night because I can

    in Comedy

    Are you ready for the superbowl weekend? Who do you think will win? This week on MisAdventures of my Hysterical Life we will discuss the superbowl, puppy bowl, and kitty bowl. We will also talk about the twitter war between Cruz and Trump, and what is a Trumper Tantrum? Do you ever go on your friends Facebook page and share their photos? Do you share there selifes? Well apparently a friend of mine is tripping because someone has shared her profile pictures. We also have a new segment called years.  Its where you tweet me a year and we I talk about where I was what I was doing and we also try and guess what year it is. All this tonight and more tune in turn on and be ready for some fun stuff. 

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    Because Nate Bought A Horse

    in Politics

    Substitute ATF, because Nate has a life. 

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    Because of Them, We Can

    in Politics Progressive

    Now recognized as an Artist and Cultural Architect, Eunique Jones Gibson was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Maryland as the youngest of three children.

    After graduating from Bowie State University, she accepted a position in online advertising with Microsoft in New York City. Always socially conscious with a desire to effect change, Eunique spent her waking hours outside the office exploring ways she could marry her business acumen with her artistic passions.

    In February 2012, following the death of Trayvon Martin, Eunique created her first photo awareness campaign - I AM Trayvon Martin. The images spread through social media and news outlets around the world and inspired others to use the arts to highlight our need for change.

    One year later, Eunique launched the Because of Them, We Can™ campaign. The campaign went viral and quickly grew beyond the twenty-eight day photo tribute she originally planned. As a result, Eunique left her job to focus on building the Because of Them We Can™ movement on a full-time basis. It is now considered one of the most prolific and virally successful Black History campaigns of all time.

    She has been featured on MSNBC, O Magazine, The Huffington Post, and other national and local media outlets. Most recently, she was named a Webby Award Honoree and a White House Champion of Change.

    As a wife and mother, Eunique draws her strength and inspiration from her biggest supporters, her husband Christopher and their sons, Chase and Amari.

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    Rant Radio: Because We Can Edition

    in Radio

    This is a Speical Rant Radio session this Monday. It's the because we can edition. In the spirit of No Limit Records and Master P.. We just dropping this issue because at the Speak Up Network, we drop when we want to drop. The way it should be. We will be touching on all of the topics you like and want to hear. Just because we CAN!! To call in dial 347-826-9600... 7pm Central!!! Rant Radio coming to you live, direct and correct!! 

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    Don't Be Discouraged Because of Rude Psychic Clients & Free Psychic Readings!!!

    in Spirituality

    I have had a few rude psychic clients and I will help you deal with these different scenarios if you are a psychic or spiritual reader.  Some of them really do need Life Coaching and I will do this if needed.  These clients do not want to accept the way things are which include someone who has children and their partner has to have contact with their ex because of custody issues.  I will be honest with a client who asks if this will continue and I say, "Yes, even when their child becomes an adult as they will graduate from college, get married, have children and so forth."  So, when you elect to be with someone who has children you have to deal with it.  I know I have read for clients who literally are jealous of their partner's children.  This is so wrong.  So, in a sense it does become counselling and the only part that is truly psychic is that I will say if I see that they will be communicating with their ex for the lifetime of their child.  If I saw the ex dying then I woud say that but otherwise there are situations where this will occur and mostly it is a lifetime.

    So, you can go from a 5 star review to a 2 star review on your next reading because a client doesn't want to hear what you are telling them.  I've read for clients who ask about love.  I get visions and I will not sugarcoat my readings.  I will not tell a client they are going to meet this great looking millionaire to appease them.  They are going to meet a regular man if I see it.  It may not happen right away either.  There are times people have to be alone and they want a time frame and sometimes it may be a year when they will meet this special someone.  I lived it and so have most people. They can be very rude because they want instant gratification.  Until they change themselves like I said before it won't happen..

    I will take psychic questions,


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    Drinking Because It's My Day Off. Drinking Because I'm Outta Work. UTwS #159

    in Lifestyle

    During the holidays there are all kinds of parties where there are gonna be drinking. There's gonna be holiday get togethers, happy hours, Christmas parties, tree lighting ceremonies and all kinds of other parties that involve drinking, smoking and whatever else. If you have a decent job but you're a drinker, there probably won't be much of a problem except you still have to be careful. Many people get into trouble with the law around this time of year with drunk driving arrests and other alchol-related troubles.


    Many people are out of work during this time of year and the pressure to get gifts and join in the fun can be a real strain when you just don't have the money. Also if you're out of work and lonely because of separation from loved ones or mourning the loss of loved ones, drinking and drugging may become your means of escape but you may not even be able to afford to do it. It seems to get done anyway though.


    Do these two types of drinkers have anything in common? Are they abusing for any of the same reasons beneath the surface?

    Does holiday depression hide itself among us in ways that we don't always identify?

    Check out the show this Wednesday and let's see what we can find out.



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    Substance Abuse and the Disease of Addiction

    in Health

    Join us with Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor Edward Bognacki for a frank discussion of issues surrounding substance abuse and addiciton.

    Topics will include:

    Heroin, does not discriminate by race, age, or socio-economic status

    Gateway drugs. What are they?

    Treatment vs punishment for non-violent users. Inequities in the justice system by race/economics.

    The marijuana legalization movement (medical, recreational)

    Workplace drug testing: What does it accomplish?

    Alcohol and alcoholism

    About Our Guest:
    Edward Bognacki is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor with 15 years experience in the field. Throughout his career, he has worked with adolescent and adult addicts at the Intensive Outpatient and Inpatient level of care.  He has been with High Focus Centers at several locations in Northern and Central NJ for the past 11 years, and currently works with young adult and adult patients in Freehold NJ in intensive outpatient setting. Prior to High Focus Centers, Ed worked at Endeavor House in Keyport and Kearney, NJ and Comprehensive Recovery Services in Hackensack, NJ.
    Ed holds a Master of Divinity from Seton Hall University and a B.A. in Philosophy from Montclair University.
    A native of New Milford, NJ, Ed currently resides in Toms River, NJ.

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    Commentary On Doing, It Because It's Right !!!

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    Bon-Ton Rising Radio Is Bringing This Show To You Live AndPersonal From As Only Uncle Billy Can Tell It. Portions Of Tonites Show Will Appear On Facebook And Twitter So If You Miss Any Part You Can Catch Up On Your Social, But While I Am Discussing New Bon-Ton, I Would Like To Tell You About Some Very Important People That Helped To Make This Show Possible....... More Tonite At 6 :30 P.M.

     Til 8 :00 P.M. Call In With Your Thoughts And Opinions At 1(323) 870-3963 Thanks From The Bon-Ton Rising Radio Team Doc Morgan, And Uncle Billy We Will See You Soon, Hola !!!

















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    Saturday night Songs just because

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    Playing Forgotten Music of the old 78 records      S3productions

    Patti Page ‎– The Tennessee Waltz

    Henry King & his Orchestra A Fine Romance

    The way you look tonight

    Eddy Howard & His Orchestra ‎– A Penny A Kiss - A Penny A Hug

    I Still Feel the Same about You


     All credit due to the artist, musicians and Record Companies. No profit or income derived from this podcast. Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at: www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or curthahn74@yahoo.com

    Patti Page ‎– The Tennessee Waltz

    Mercury 5534 (3952)

    Composers Roy Acuff,and ??Rose

    Pee Wee King –Redd Stewart

    Orchestra conducted by Jack Reef      

    Year: 1950

    A: A Fine Romance

    Henry King and his Orchestra

    B: The way you look tonight

    Composers Jerome Kern-Dorothy Fields

    Decca, [1936] Recorded in Los Angeles on August 2, 1936

    Side A. - matrix DLA-501 ;

    B: The way you look tonight

    Side B -- matrix DLA-496

    Eddy Howard & His Orchestra ‎– A Penny A Kiss - A Penny A Hug / I Still Feel the Same about You

    Label: Mercury ‎– 5567

    Released: 1951

    Genre: Jazz

    Style: Big Band

    A: A Penny A Kiss - A Penny A Hug

    Composers Kaye-Care

    Vocals Eddy Howard & trio

    B: I Still Feel the Same about You

    Composers Manning & Reid

    Charted 02/17/1951. Peaked at #14 U.S. Billboard

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